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Scott Walker Jan 3
"We need to talk". These four words turned my gut into a hamster wheel and spun my mind like a dryer full of bricks. My future ex-girlfriend's knock on the door was morse code for “you failed again”.  

We wielded silence like blades trying to cut away and hoard the few good pieces left of our now failed relationship. But unspoken words are not weapons and vulnerability is not an arms race.

When the hammer finally fell, I felt an odd sensation rush through me. I was visited by a seldom-seen yet beloved patron of my brain I hadn’t seen in months. It was visceral relief like I had just scratched an itch on my face I had been fighting off for 6 months.

Cognitive dissonance is a subtle thing but it was practically slapping me in the face repeatedly until I was confronted with the realization that I have agency in my own life.
They say words create worlds and I have been the architect of my own prison for a long time.

Love has been a wound barely concealed, and intimacy is the bandage that I’ve tried to staunch the bleeding with. But I’ve ripped off my own bandaid so many times the wound has never healed.

It’s an odd dance the mind does when both craving and simultaneously fearing the very same thing. Like burning down your dream home because you got cold in the middle of the night and wanted to warm your fingers around the burning remains of your best intentions.

Every time I say” this one will be different” “I will force myself to be content.” But that works about as well as watering a plant with cheap ***** and wondering why it’s not growing. I've come to terms with my romance delusion. I am self-abandoning myself on an island to merely occupy the space.

“I need to find my better half,” I tell myself, but I severed the better half from myself the second I thought I needed someone to complete me.
Harley Hucof Oct 2019
We are bound to the people and things we love before life.

Words Of Harfouchism.
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2019
तेरा चेहरा खोया खोयासा देखा
सिर्पm एकवार मेरीे तरफ पाउ बढाकर देखो
दिलकी सपनोसे  भरेहँे रौनक तेरी आखोमे ——२
आइना नही अभी आखोमे मेरी देखो
जो कभी संझा नसकाथा तुझको मे माही
आज तुम पहेचान लोगी वही मन्जिल

तेरा खामोसी  अभी कमहे लोगोसेँ  मेरे माही
सिर्फ  एकवार  झुपडीमे नजर फिराकर देखो
दिलकी दर्दसे भरे हेँ आसु तेरी आखोमे
आइना नही अभी आखोमे मेरी देखो
जो कभी संझा नसकाथा तुझको मे माही
आज तुम पहेचान लोगी वही मन्जिल

तेरा चेहेरा उझला उझलासा देखा ——२
सिर्फ एकवार मेरी खातीर गीत गाकर देखो
छुपाइ खुबसुरती भरेहेँ रंग तेरी चेहेरोमे ——२
आइना नही अभी आखोमे मेरी देखो
जो कभी संझा नसकाथा तुझको मे माही
आज तुम पहेचानलोगी वही मन्जिल

तेरा शहेर आज सोया सोया देखा ——२
सिर्फ एकवार बाहर घरसे निकलकर देखो      
झुमेगी दुनीया फिर कङगन पायलकी धुनमे ——२
आइना नही अभी आखोमे मेरी देखो
जो कभी संझा नसकाथा तुझको मे माही
आज तुम पहेचानलोगी वही मन्जिल
Genre: Gazal
Theme: The Reflection || The Perceptions
Alaska Aug 2016
there is this thing
in your eyes
that not even a philosopher
can describe
Alaska Jul 2016
And every single day, I'm sitting in the bus, my head against the windowpane.
Watching the cars passing by, following the raindrops running down the windows with my eyes.
Listening to those beautiful words coming out of my earbuds and the mouths of my favorite artists.
My eyes are closed and people might think I'm sleeping, but really, I'm just thinking of everything you said to me and how you looked me in the eyes.
I'll try to remember the moments when I felt safe, because they're so rare, remembering is a very special thing to do.
Alaska Jul 2016
it's alright
i need you
but i don't love you
i love you
in a way you love a close friend
and i know
my attachement might seem a bit too much
but you need to know
i'm not a person that feels love
in a way most people do
i do not fall in love
like the way you love a partner
i don't need a boy or girlfriend
i was born this way
and maybe
because i do not love
it is that when i get attached to people
it seems just too much
Fayez Mar 2015
I don't understand this world
I felt broken when a friend
Became my enemy
I don't understand.

I felt broken
When the love of my life
Walked away as if nothing existed
I don't understand.

People tell me not to get attached
To simply let go
They find me weird, even weak.
I don't understand.

I do not understand
How people just "let go"
Like people are balloons
Ready to drift away.

I do not understand
How people find it normal
To not be attached
Who do they live for?

Am I the only one
That feels this way?
Do I exist to be alone?
Then why do I crave for attachment?

I do not understand
How such  mentality
Can be considered normal
Rather than sociopathic.

I do not understand
How a world where
Not being attached
can be nothing but ****** up.
I honestly don't understand. I know you need to be strong when you let people go, but to never be attached to begin with? This is a concept I could never fathom.
Eleanor Rigby Feb 2015
It's not love that leads to disappointment
But rather attachment.

-- Eleanor

— The End —