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Alaska Jun 2021
I have control over this

I tell myself as I open the same drawer eight times in a row and reorganize it in the same way over and over

I will be on time

I think locking the door only to unlock it the next second to check if I put everything in the right place before leaving

I am going to get a full night's sleep today

I assure myself whilst rushing through the flat with already another seven tasks in mind that need to be completed before going to bed

I do not need to be worried

I answer myself regarding my reoccurring thoughts of thread and fear of losing control

I've got this

I whisper collapsing on the floor after excessively cleaning the apartment at three in the morning
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Alaska Feb 2019
She told her
about the way her words
make her actions way more reasonable.

About the feeling
she gets when leaving the room
but taking the words with her.

About the thoughts
spinning and spinning
but never stopping.

She wanted to tell her
about the importance
of her words.

About the meaning
her actions have
and will always have.

About the cold
that gets a bit warmer
every time she looks at her.

About the courage
and faith
that she restores in her.
Alaska Sep 2017
i'm seeing a psychoanalytic therapist
they want to analyze me
because my so called life has turned into the scariest
and somehow in a country of freedom i can't be free
they want to analyze me like a mathematician
analyzes the graph of an unknown function
psychiatric ward it says in the papers for my admission
i'm not crazy somebody please give me a definition
how do you think you can analyze a human
you can't look inside my mind
where all my thoughts are blooming
creating my emotions, feelings or something of an other kind
why do all my actions need a reason
how do you know i didn't write that poem
just to show them how i see the world
it doesn't necessarily mean i'm broken
just because you do not understand
doesn't mean I suffer from some unknown disease
why analyze a masterpiece
cause that's what every single human is
Alaska Sep 2017
Words stuck in my lungs for months
Suddenly became butterflies escaping my mouth
And I didn't have to be afraid
Because you made sure to save them inside of your head
Every single one of them

You encouraged me to cut the flowers
Growing in my lungs, preventing me from breathing
Like weeds I unplucked them
And you made sure to save them

You dried them between the pages of your book

Took once or twice a look
But never ever dared to throw them away
Alaska Aug 2017
How long has it been
since I last left my house?
Didn't let anyone in,
didn't go out.

Day after day
I sat in silence,
tryna find a way
out of my shyness.

Tried to get back some energy,
but all I found
was apathy
so on I drowned.

Swallowed by the darkness,
unaware of my surroundings.

It could've been a day
or a year,
I wouldn't be able to say,
how long it's actually been.
Alaska Dec 2016
and now
my nightmares come true
and now
i'm actually losing you

thank you
for your part in my journey
i say
as a tear rolls down my cheek

thank you
for keeping up with me
i couldn't even stand myself

without you
i wouldn't be here anymore
without you
i wouldn't have hope anymore

but now
that you leave
i'm stuck here
trying to believe

trying to survive
Part of an imaginative good-bye letter
Alaska Aug 2016
and suddenly
i realize
you are my little star
which sadly
i'll only see you from far
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