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Jul 2014
Streams and some remains,
Nothing soars around this vessel,
it feels just like blood stains;
reality is just a sick game.

Invisible particles of light
that reach their critical mass;
and suddenly explode outside.
(…and suddenly burst in my mind.)

Wander across barren wastelands,
Drifting throughout burning planets.
Come to me whatever you do,
Wherever you are, come with me.

I can see through an empty soul,
carving the black pits that singe inside;
blending the coldness of your foreign heart,
your trust in me can be my demise.

Stones raining from below,
darkness surrounds my scars;
the glasses of this artificial frigate are not bullet proof.
(…the windows of my ship are not ice-static proof.)

And remain in silence,
and forever believing,
that my love is against you
and my hate is loving you.
Written by
Katzenberg  Mexico
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