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Thoughtful Apr 2016
I have never felt more alone then when I'm with you.
Thoughtful Nov 2015
I wish we lived in a place
where the sun never went under the horizon
because you said you’d leave at dark
and I don’t think my eyes can adjust
I wish we lived atop a mountain
because when I told you to take a hike
I didn’t really mean it
I don’t want you to leave
I wish we lived in a tree house,
because when i told you that you were childish
it was more out of jealousy than disbelief
I wanted to be childish with you
I wish we lived in a castle
because you are always on your high horse,
not meaning that in anyway
other than you’re the one that lifts me up
I wish we lived anywhere other than here,
because here isn’t here anymore,
without you.
Thoughtful Aug 2015
I’m so tired, not even pills help me sleep anymore.
Thoughtful May 2015
we so easily pluck weeds from the garden
because the look unruly and don’t go with the tulips
but in life
we don’t segregate the suicidal, emotional, and unstable
because they are that way
from the steady breathers
we are a world of dandelions
with a rare tulip
because even weeds can be beautiful
Thoughtful Apr 2015
stop telling me it’s going to be okay
as if some phrase can make me feel better.
that if i use red colored fabric to cover
the holes in my heart
that it would beat the same as yours.
Thoughtful Apr 2015
my sexuality has nothing to do with your traditional ways
my sexuality has nothing to do with your religion
my sexuality has nothing to do with your sexuality
my sexuality has nothing to do with your morals
my sexuality has nothing to do with what you think is gross
my sexuality has nothing to do with you
Thoughtful Mar 2015
Bruises are supernovas under your skin,
Your lover likes to experience life to the fullest.
you don’t stop them when they get angry because they’re all you’ve got.
Scratches on your face are asteroid belts,
They hit you last week because you got home late.
You don’t say anything as you cover them with makeup and move on.
Busted lips are solar flares,
they make a mess and irritate you.  
You don’t move when their arms start flailing.
Broken bones are the time-space continuum,
In the hospital you don’t say anything,
they say that they won’t touch you like that anymore.
The drug addiction is a **** blackhole,
It’s ******* the life out of you,
They stay out late. They don’t look at you.
Cutting is the stellar nursery,
welcome to the end yet beginning of your new life.
Your parents know they’ve done something to you.
The expansion of the universe loses a star or two.
But the abuse just like the universe,
hard to imagine.
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