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Terry Collett Jun 2017
The two cops
corner you
to a park bench
where you sit
puffed out
after the run
(as much as you
could run
in that heavy skirt).

One cop
takes your wrist
as if you'd resist
after all that.

The other cop
looks at you

Big beefy men
whom once
would not
have looked
at you twice
what with your
dark straight hair
oval face
pale and thin.    

One holding
your wrist
says something
about arrest
the other takes out
his handcuffs
and puts them
on your narrow wrists
and heaves you up
on your feet.

Others gather
women mostly
calling names
offering support.

You walk
as dignified
as you can
walking past
the crowd gathered
men jeering
women cheering.

Not to forget
(a voice calls)
you're a suffragette.
The Dybbuk May 2017
One minute we're walking,
It's a beautifully sunny day.
I can feel her arms already.
Now we're in a cop car,
Bulletproof glass on all sides.
No way out.
This was supposed to be for murderers,
In those ****** crime shows I watch.
Now I'm off to court.
I ****** everything up.
Tay Apr 2017
Are where I roam
Streets are where people disappear
Streets bathed in dark people never return
Streets are where arrests occur and crimes
Streets are where some people lurk
Streets are where I belong
;-) Enjoy!
KathleenAMaloney Dec 2015
Conduct Unbecoming,
False Poet
Traveling thru the Heart of Love,
like a Worm.

Bring in the Court Martial
Commuter Judge has an Appointing

Stance for Freedom
Held By One
Promised to Protect

Slovenly Surveillance
Given without Permission
An Election Year BONUS
made for Royalty..

Get ready for Deportation
1) 1 Soldier
2) 3 Minister
3) 4 banker
4) 2 doctor wannabes
and a Part Dove in a Pear Tree...

Who wants "Orange and Black" ?
After all

Even Mind  Deserve Freedom of Choice
Aseh Feb 2015
My hands were shaking
Not as hard as yours, I'm sure

You almost lost everything and I
was forced to watch,
bearing silent witness to a
destruction not my own
but at which I felt at fault,
thus I digested it as my own

Who knows?

In my mind, I had lived fantasies of
something like this happening--
you, helpless, I hold fast to your life and then
salvaging you, just barely,
scaring us both out of life and then
falling back into something new--
dark, strange, and yet intimate

This has happened to me twice now (for real)
and neither time was nearly as glamorous as
I had played out in my mind

(I'm a stupid girl)

Both times I felt drained of a vital energy I couldn't
call back--ever

I became an echo
of me
and us?
we were skeletons of
the children we once were. Both times
robbed me---
of sleep, and years, and appetite.
robbed me---
of innocence, and soul, and
which always
bleeds out uncontrollably
in times like these

and out with love
spreads guilt and shame

(I'm a jinx, I'm a cursed girl)

across the tar, filling the black empty
cracks with invaluable energy

Full of foreign weight
cargo stored too long
too far pushed down our throats
too removed

My hands were shaking
Not as hard or as long as yours
I'm sure
Anna Vigue Oct 2013
No Money
No Toys
No Books
No Boys
No Fun
On the Run
Catch me if you can!

Door Open
Fly Out
Cops Chasing
All About
In the Car
Driving Far
Catch me if you can!

Turn Corner
Wheels Screeching
Heat On
Freedom Teasing
Made It Round
The Corner Bend
Let's do it again!
All of the work, none of the reward
James Jarrett Jul 2014
I will disappear in fog and night
Subdued in sound sleep
And surprise
Blinding lights
Overwhelming might
They will spirit me away
And charge me with my crimes
They will call me many names
Even some that I may claim
But none will be  my own
Traitor or subversive
Criminal or defendant
Or maybe
Even something worse
But I refuse to swear allegiance
To the police state
And fealty to the men
Clad in black
I will not submit
Nor ever kneel down
Though they may lay me
On the ground
But they don't know
That I stole into the great hall of Valhalla
In deepest dark of night
And took with me
One of their mighty spears
Usurped their valor
And added it to my might
Now they will have to  carry me
Proudly on my shield
Though my burning bier
Be but a lonely cell
It will be my burial
And tonight I will dine
In the great hall of Valhalla
That place that still lives on
In the mind of men
Vertigo Jun 2014
July 10, 2000
I woke up
after passing out
after smoking up
after coming down
from the wa-wa sound
induced by nitrous filled punch balloons

I woke up
after snorting lines of ketamine
coupled with hits of acid and ecstasy

I woke up
after seven people died
from shooting ****** into their veins

I woke up
in a folding camp chair
with a hand wrapped around
a bag of ****
stuffed in my pocket
to a booming voice
telling me I was going to jail.

and I thanked god when they put on the cuffs
that I was one of the lucky ones that woke up.

— The End —