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Tay Jul 2017
How Do I begin To explain
What happens to me when I write poetry
I'm on a merry go round
And I can see my thoughts unravel as we go faster and faster
See all my past events
How Do I begin to Explain

To People
That Poetry is a part of me
They Roll Their Eyes
Yea right they would say
That inside poetry is what softens me

How do I begin to explain
That On The Merry Go Round
How I think

How I breathe
How Do I Begin To Explain To Others
That I'm
This is my favorite poem I wrote please enjoy this!
Tay Jul 2017
All colors coming together
Mixing and matching
That form one
A masterpiece has been formed
And it is formed again and again
For the whole world to see
Its so beautiful the sunset is so calming and it can be wild But I love it.
Tay Jul 2017
Some are born to their natural mothers
But oh not me
Some are adopted that is me
But the hardest thing is
When your birthmother gets married
And is ready to have a child
Thus want more to say when she has a child is force a smile
And say congrats what do you say
You keep that child but yet not me
You were young and foolish and
You went
Too far
But now suddenly reality turns harsh and the whole thing goes too far
That's the thing they will be my half sibling
Which is
Quite hard for
Whenever I visit them or see them after they are born
I will be reminded
That they were lucky keeping their mom
While my half sibling is smiling I will be crying
For in Grief And realization hits me
Now she's ready to have a child
She actually keeps
Every time I will see that new baby
It is like a knife embedded in me
Unlike me
Who was adopted
Treasure It
Sometimes I am proud of being adopted sometimes I want to curl up in a ball and cry
Tay Jul 2017
Walking Away
From what matters most
Blending in like others
Walking away and being like others
Walking away
and be like most
Walking away alone
I have done this too many times to count
Tay Jul 2017
We are a princess inside and out
Drawn to perfection
No matter what we cannot be stained
For we are a special
And belong where everyone can see us
We are beautiful everyone is
Tay Jul 2017
I'm running out of reasons of life
Even though it's just the beginning
Should I give it a chance
Even though I know it's the end
Should we give a chance knowing
That either way we are
Just Starting
Just Ending
I wrote this poem and just got around the publishing it
Tay Jul 2017
Free like a bird
Surfing the air
My feathers fluttering in the breeze
I'm free from my cage
I'm a free bird
See that tree there thus I can go there
See that flower there I can fly there

My chain is broken
I am a free man
No one owns me no more
I do what I please
I don't please no man expect myself
I am free
I have freedom
And no one can stop me

See that bird over there flying to that tree
and flower
I can pick it up if I please
My time is golden
I will enjoy it day by day
I'm a free man
Sometimes you have to fight for the thing you want the most
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