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Steve Jan 18
Because there's emeralds
In your eyes
That lift me up
To paint the skies
It doesn't mean
Though envy's green
I'd swop a star
For who you are
Whatever beauty
There may be
Fades to grey
Compared to thee.
Colm Istoirm Jul 2017
Like a crown of red
Six Emeralds in the sky
Rubies really
Burning each with its own pair of eyes

I mention this
Both because it is and will be
And one day someone else will see
Be it not in the same exact way

Which is fine

But thankfully at least they will see
Or so I hope
That is if, they permit me to show
Run and wait.  The story of my life.
ryn May 2017
If I said
that your eyes
sparkle like emeralds...

Would you widen them
so that they could
usurp the sun?
Angelina Aug 2016
How do I put it?
Your eyes
Crystal clear emeralds shielding utter mystery
I'm trying to find the words
To compete with your beauty
Bear with me for a while
Delights reflecting the sun rays
Incompetent habits of mine trying to serenade
Everything you've ever planted inside of me
Can't you see?
Oceanic pearls hidden under the sea
Driven wonders of destiny
I'm talking to you
No no,
The magnitude of astrology couldn't put into words
Your dazzling pair of stars glazing elegance  
Can't you see?
How you blind me...
Just Melz Apr 2015
There's just something* about the way the light shines off *your eyes like emeralds in their purest form just dug out from the ground.

There's just something in the way the words flow off your tongue like the wide array of colors that flowed off of Picasso's brush onto his canvas.

There's just something about the slow and steady movements you make in life, like it's a game of chess but you're the knight,  I'm the Queen and you're always a dozen moves ahead.

There's just something in your smile that radiates laughter, hope and joy like it's the sun and if we all didn't see it at least once a day, we might just **wither away.
aj Dec 2014
somethings can't help but be looked backed at,
reminisced upon, though forgotten, a different kind of broken

like when i threw my jewel into the sea,
knowing it never loved me

and everyday the tide brought him back,
like some god-sent, torrent of a smack.
leaving me a bruise beyond pain,
amour's unforgiving, incessant strain.

sometimes i feel as if the words are going to shy out of my throat,
but i only find myself swallowing hope
enough said ?

— The End —