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Phil Meup Nov 4
Sometimes when God closes a door
You're stuck in the room

Conception dies
Those heavy hips and light brown thighs
Those bright red lips and sky blue eyes
Have made him look up to the skies
And then he stops and there he cries
The truth gives way as down he lies
He just gave up his enterprise

The grown man is a boy who tries
To love the girl no compromise
Who loves him first without disguise
And lays with him till sun does rise

But then she left him for a prize
He lays in grass and waves at flys
He sinks still lower from his highs
His girl is gone he couldn’t arise
She left him to his own demise

And he’s alone
So far from home
Not one to care
No one to share
He’s still alone
No place his home

So he lays on the grass and he cries his eyes dry
And he wipes off his tears
And he gives up the years
And he stands in the wind and he walks to the door
Opens it up and he looks in the house
Closes the doors now he’s stuck in the room
Sits on the floor as he lays in the tomb

And his fists start beatin
And his heart starts bleedin
Then the room falls apart as he falls on his head
And his tomb opens up its the dawn of the dead
The energy is breakin in
There is no time for takin in
The moment is medicinal
The opening old windowsill
The life he has is underway
There’s no more time to sit and pray
The beast is risin from the grave
Forgetting of the girl who gave
Forgiving all her precious ways
The old man's reached his end of days
The new man he has just begun
And so stands against the flame
the song of him is still unsung


And there he goes
And there he goes
And he goes
And then he’s gone
And then he’s gone
And he’s gone
And he’s not wrong
And he’s not wrong
And he’s wrong
Em Glass Nov 3
It’s possible to love someone
beyond their demons. The devil
was an angel and all that. It’s
possible to stay inside and still
be free men. Please just put
down the monster-- that’s
not your hat.
Day 223...
Strying Nov 3
One last breath.
A moment,
Your face frozen
In my mind
an angel,
fallen from heaven,
and now,
Raian Maruvin Oct 27
A have a guardian angel of woe
Watching over me
He collects my due of sorrow
Pocketing it in black memory
Only when I have been too happy
Will then he a little share
Out of his enormous collection
A carefully measured handful spare
So I am never lost to sadness
Nor ever in happiness corrupt
Living a life in measured scales
Between the two, in his trust
Devoid of bliss, far from infinite joy
Safe from maddening grief and
Claudius Oct 26
Sometimes it’s like a dream in broad daylight
A realization of the blessing I’ve been given in my life
A magical feeling surrounds me- they call it love
Feels like an ecstasy I can never escape
A feeling I tried to escape until I realized I could not find peace with it.
Drowning in devotion, almost as though he has become my religion
A heaven sent energy
I’d let him take slice of my heart if it meant keeping him fed with love and support.
A piece of heaven brought into a living hell
He calls me an angel- little does he know that he’s the reason for my wings
He is everything I haves prayed for and more.
A love everlasting that brings peace to a chaotic mind, a man worthy of forgiveness, acceptance and so much more- a man I’ve been granted the opportunity to call mine.
Grey Poduska Oct 22
And when the pages tore, she was born.
2. Where the cracks between education and determination split, she emerges. Naked and raw. Cheeks wet with tears she is an Angel. Her third eye is wide open and it is ready to observe. To listen to the sound of your chest heaving in the dark.
3. She is not here to be your salvation. She is her own.
4. There is a place where Heaven and Earth meet. Where the sky opens up and expands on forever. Where the clouds hold no rain. There, she is home.
5. When you are lost in the dark, do not go searching for her. You will only find fallen feathers. Her wings shed when you beg her to do the impossible. To save you.
6. If you see her blink you must be mistaken. Her eyes have been wide open since her Creation. Since her Birth. She is not looking for you, however. You are a passtime.
7. Don’t believe you have the power to change your fate. Don’t believe she will choose to.
8. Where raw dirt and sand lay, look for your future. See it in the ever changing swirls, the broken glass. See it in her tears, soaking the pavement. Flooding the Earth.
9. Break your own heart time and time again, but she will not come to mend it.
10. When she is ready to observe you, do not hesitate. She can end you with a breath. You are a passtime, remember? You are nothing in the eyes of an Angel.
imehsahdehahs Oct 22
First Heaven Burned to the Ground

Flood Drowned all that was left

Right around the corner was A King

With Golden Ring

Seeking God, Power & Women

But He Didn't Know

This Sorcery and Magick

was part of my plan

For I am the Angel with one red wing

Nothing would Stop me, King

Melting Your precious Ring

With anguished prisoned in My Eyes

For an Eternity

No Pillar In Air

Can Put Out The Fire in My Heart

nor Stop me form Bringing

Hell on Earth

For I swore I will Devour

Each and every Soul in your Kingdom

Till No Light Left in Heavens

and No Man on Earth



Kitten Yvad Oct 21
The other dream
the one where we have
tangled tanned limbs
and you have a shaved head

Did it happen yet?

and we are 14
at an antique wooden table
nestled in an alleyway
tucked within my suburb

tearing flower from stem
body euphoria from all within
placated and saccharated with
Creme honey in a
****** passionfruit sunset

we are home
i nuzzle the tail
at your neck
you tell me stop being scared
but I  have already

and its just permission I wait for.
you know, express consent
Maybe I have so much
to learn before then

Still discovering what it means
to be a queer friend
And if I could acknowledge
how very far I've gotten..

all the pain that im not in
right now incase ive forgotten

Baby maybe I have
so so much to learn before then

I'm still learning how
to be a good queer friend

im fine to dream of your skin
if i could just acknowledge
how far i've gotten

better dreams. There are nightmares and then there are their equals and opposites.
sab ariana Oct 17
in a field of babies breath
i see my anael, my angel
her emerald glare bestows upon me
the end of my despair
beauty and love are mine
and i am hers
and through her fire
in magic chains to bind throw mad desire
in this waste land
i can feel her grace and
oh anael, oh my angel
Sydney Oct 16
Eyes like a green field
Flickering between
Good and Evil
Bad and Good
You wonder why you fall for her
Because she's evil
But good
At the same time
Almond skin
As fresh as dew
Blonde hair
A halo
Of darkness
Perfect curves
A succubus?
She's a demon
Black wings
But an angel?
You'd ask
But she's
The only one
The hybrid
Succubus angel
Sydney ©2020
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