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Nov 2020
Airn an’ Thundir!
Ere ye sune an’ syne ***,
Wi’ verra Storne orra!
Frae my Burnan’ Rage o’er ye,
Downe, downe!
Moorlan fiery grass flyin’,
Dinna Daur!
To my Roaran’ Bellum
Not to baith listen!
Nor to set foot, again Ah say,
Wi’ thy ain dishonorable duds,
On noble Glamis’ Hal’,
Kingdom of Scotland,
Robert the Bruce,
Ironclad, her Ruler,
For, ne’er, ne’er Ah say,
Ah Unco Wadna!
Ah Unco Wadna!
Wi’ bleezan blade o’ war,
An’ verra, verra guid Targe,
Auldfarran, just twich ye,
Whene'er, an’ fore’er
Intae Red Hell steel-fechtin’.
This poem of mine refers to an ancient Highlander addressing his enemies before Glamis Castle, in Scotland. "Unco Wadna" means "I prodigiously would not", whereas "Airn an’ Thundir" "Iron and Thunder", the latter intended as a proper start, I reckon.
Hermes Varini
Written by
Hermes Varini
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