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Nov 2020
dystopian novels and
post-apocalyptic movies
somehow captivate
everyone that I know.

humans enjoy violence.
maybe it's the fear,
maybe it's the power,
maybe it's some sort
of adrenaline rush.
I don't know.

humans spend
so much time focusing
on the end of the world.
will it be zombies?
aliens? an outbreak
of some form of virus?
will we turn to anarchy
and cause our own demise?
again, I don't know.

I can't figure out why
this is so appealing.
I don't understand
other humans.

maybe my trauma
won't let me learn.

maybe my disconnect
comes from the horrors
I tried to leave in my past.

maybe I'm not interested
in the end of the world

because it feels like
my world ended
a very long time ago.
Sarah Flynn
Written by
Sarah Flynn  F/Pennsylvania, USA
(F/Pennsylvania, USA)   
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