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Yemaya Jan 23
Does crying out
in a blank world
make me selfish

Selfish to want someone
just so they can hear
my screams
Word farer Jun 2020
What have I turned into
Even my mirror has stopped giving me a clue
Getting disturbed even at the slightest noise
Only dark room and silence has become my choice
Irritation and secrecy has taken place
With just unbearable pain in my heart's case
Tearing and swollen eyes
With a smile that is just illusionised
Tightened lips which have no desire to talk
I have understood it's just path of misery on which I have to walk
One corner sitting alone with headphones on
Wasn't the thought I even thought of when I was born
Today I find nothing that could help me enjoy
I'm just stuffing in all the things in myself  just as cotton in a soft toy
Pain can neither be expressed in words nor in paint
It's just an emotion which with time NEEDS to FAINT!
How had this happen? How I couldn't feel anything I couldn't understand what was going... ONLY ONE ANS TO THESE QUESTIONS...I WAS IN LOVE DAMID!!! I WAS ******* UP IN LOVE SOO MUCH I COMPLETELY FORGOT :- MATERIALISTIC IS THE WORLD I'M LEAVING IN..🙆
Thomas W Case Apr 2020
See all those people?
They're real; they feel,
they think, they aren't
I know this may come
as a surprise, but there are
other people in the
world with problems.
And by the way, the fact
that you can't find your
tweezers isn't a catastrophe.
Oh I know you need them to
perfect your eyebrows.
Just in case you forgot,
we are having a pandemic.
Oh, you want me to leave?
I make you uncomfortable.
Never mind it's freezing out,
and that crisis I mentioned, is
at it's peak.
And lets just forget that it's
late at night, and I've nowhere to go.
Just a small reminder, we have a
two year old daughter, and
I have been taking care of
your son for eight years.
Oh, it's your house and it's
not your job to put me up.
I wouldn't live with you if
you paid me.
I had a place and gave it up when
you called me, begging and crying
for my help with the kids, because
it was too much, and you
couldn't multi task.
So now I get why you don't
have mirrors in your house...
Even though you're a narcissist,
it's too painful for you to see those
reptilian, vacant eyes starring
blankly back at you.
Andrew Layman Mar 2020
Polished in the mirror,
I shine.
There's evidence
everyone who knows it
now knows of ME,
and has liked my image repeatedly.

This is my good side
quickly, capture that twinkle,
sparkle and finesse;
from every angle imaginable,
and photoshop it
until my form is pleasing and recognizable.

Stare at ME entirely
but only after I have given consent,
after you subscribe to the content.
Please don't bother ME
while uploading my deep thoughts,
I am trending now;
but yesterday I lost a follower
for ME it's like losing a limb.

Such stress makes ME lose focus
I forget to breathe or eat,
such a price for the framework;
I'm not just a vessel, I'm an idol.
I'll rise and steal the moment,
little snares for captive time.

Look at ME
don't lose interest,
stop texting when I'm talking to you.
That's annoying
that's rude,
pay attention to ME for once.

Automatic flash goes off
set for selfie, now filter applied
something is missing here,
a selfie born without the self.

Don't pity ME
the phone doesn't lie;
imperfection can never be
I'm immune,
ME indeed,
addicted to the social feed.
BILLBOARD OF THE WEAK, Copyright © 2020
Andrew Layman
All Rights Reserved.
The Faithful one Oct 2019
They note leaves /

But not people /

They seep tea /

But don't sɛw
Response to

You see the sun but do not mention the son. How then do ye proclaim to be one?
The Vault Jul 2019
Half way through the year
And what have you did,  oh dear...  
Have you gave to people in need?
No,  you stay in the way.  
Like a ****.  
You focus on your self hoping you never delay
But the year isn't over.  
You still have time
To change the fate of the world
Even if you just have a dime.
Thinking a lot about the world lately.
Her face was like an auto
While being struck by an auto.
And the driver?
Well, the driver just laughed.
“Thanks god my car isn’t damaged;
I stole it yesterday night.”
I made myself laugh so much, but basically my dad always says “you look like an auto” when someone’s face is like 0_o.... yeah, it’s not that funny but **** it.

I might post another ACTUAL poem before I go to sleep.
Amoy May 2018
Take take
Take it all
No give back
Fill your cup
Never fill mine
Feel the sunshine
Let me stand in the rain
I care, you don’t
Push but no pull
Receive but never give
Salute but never stand
Selfish, that’s your brand
Sean Achilleos May 2018
Oh glutton of sorrow
Nothing is ever sorrowful enough
One sorrow on another
Give me something to be sorrowful about, she cries!
When all is well ... All is not well with the sorrow glutton
Simply because there is nothing to relentlessly complain about
In her little corner of the world
Forever the victim she paints
Anyone willing to listen to her songs of sorrow
She will surely pull down with her
Into the depths of despair
A bottomless darkened pit
Virtual vampire of energy
Too lazy to live on her own fuel of life
To live off other people's sympathy
Oh it makes her thrive
Never does she utter a trusted word
For it is surely someone else's thought she stole
Blank canvas without a frame
Forming a collage
A collage of other people's personalities
Yet none of her own
The sympathy card she will play
Time and time again
Until you shout ... Game over!
Only then will she look for another to continue her sorrowful game
Written by Sean Achilleos
14 May 2018©
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