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For My Aunt
The woman who is my mother’s sister is also my mom.
She has whooped me as well as helped me escape, and showed me to be calm.
She snuck me snacks; cookies, chips, and things like that.
Helped with homework, spoke up for me whether right or wrong
The love we share is beyond the measurement of strong.
I will keep our memories alive well after you are gone.
My auntie. My auntie.
I just want to say from me to you thank you for being my.
C. E Cheatham
Father, Dad, Old Man titles of the man who loved me his way.
Who showed me how to stand tall and to play.
He taught me strength and values.
He may have not loved my mom I understand, the two were not one.
But he loved me as his seed, as his prince, as his son.
The love I have cannot be compared to none.
He took me to the park, he may not have been super in your eyes.
But to me he is my super guy.
I will give all he has given me to the world.
When I look in the mirror I see my dad.
Pops I know things I've done may have made you mad.
Some of the things you did made me sad.
But, no matter what I will always love you
My Dad!
C. E Cheatham
As I am longing for your embrace and gentle kisses dreams of making you my wife and mistress.
Engulf my thoughts and actions leaving me with quite confusing intentions.
Shall I pursue aggressively to show my way of being passionately caring and loving or.
Shall I tip-toe with a shyness approach with small laughs muted giggles while remaining a riddle?
To unveil a package with enthusiasm and actually being what you could only fathom as a dream.
Self-esteem keeps my drive going my confidence allows me to stop wandering what could or can be.
By the twinkle in your eye I am willing to give you much more than a try.
Happiness is the joining of you and I.
C E Cheatham
America the great, America the fake, history says our past was filled with mistakes. Maybe it was all that could be done, possibly they didn’t know their actions would cause us not to grow? Peace and acceptance is all we wanted, all we received was violence. Demonstrated with peaceful protest and was attacked by man and beast. Groups were formed to show unity, quickly the opposition infiltrated the groups with no impunity.  Using trickery to cause division, and murderous plots against all black leaders, or buying their voices to control black people, and made them black people steerers.

With this format in place it allowed them to do what they wanted to. No resistance just acceptance not willing to go to war, but stay quiet and take some more. We have held every possible position but look at the spot we are still in.

We teach our youth to stand up against bullies, all the while we are being bullied. Our fathers, our sons, and even our mothers are being killed, yet and still some black leaders will come on TV and ask you to be quiet and stand still. We will fight one another to the death about respect. It is time to show we won’t lay down and be checked. Be willing to protect yours and the brothers who are willing to stand on your right and left. Enough is enough and truth be told the pressure we feel is from our on hold. So it’s time to take your hand off your own throat. Time to show we are not taking no more. We want our respect from shore to shore.

By, C. E. Cheatham
As the sun slice through the night sky, the twinkle of the stars begins to die. The songs of nature starts the daily melody, it is a new beginning to yesterday's past. Now enjoy to the fullest, starting with smiles and laughs...
C. E Cheatham
Sitting here.
Looking over there.
Needing to move but.
My mind is so stuck.
Wondering how to get out this rut.
Keep thinking and feel as if am pressing my luck.
The light has finally changed.
And now I can move my truck.
For there is a storm a coming
Clouds litter the sky
Over yonder, the masses scatter even a few are running
Foresight is not a sense
And not listening to the sounds
Being rumbled, is what keeps the young from being solid
To a crumble
Two ears and one mouth is key
So youth listen two times more than you speak
By C E Cheatham
A poem about entering adulthood
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