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Sweet, sweet morning aroma,
A daily gift many know well
Rich dark grains trickling down
From Ground Black Gold early in the day
Captured in the palm of the filter
Sweet water, heated just right
Turns the grounds in to Black Gold, liquid delight.

Anxious addict waiting for the fix
As the black magic weaves its spell
Desperate, hand clutch the cup
Straight to the lips,
love ....
and peace abide
Trembling hands,
and gain rest

A new day has begun,
Good morning to you all
My mother said Good Morning, I replied not good until I have y coffee
RamblerOnTheGo Mar 2020
With  that one smooth stroke of the blade
He knew it was over.
The love they had shared
Was history now.

As the petals fell to the marbled floor
His knees buckled
And he knew his heart would bleed for eternity

His breath stopped,
Watching as the greatest love he ever had
Walked away
Not even glancing back. inspiration
  Dec 2019 RamblerOnTheGo
Lil Lalo
You asked
What is the scariest part?

I answer
The scariest part
is not the feeling of loneliness
or the darkness that fills you
despite the looming pain
of emptiness

The scariest part
is the realization  
that you have lost yourself
sinking in as you lay awake
at 2 AM
because you lost the ability to sleep
and you can't even cry
because you don't even care
  Nov 2018 RamblerOnTheGo
Dave Legalisa
when i tasted your kiss, i sort of felt an air of jealousy coming from a sugar that slept inside a bin my mother gave to me some years ago. it was sweet and unveiling as if your soul just clung to mine and they talked and had their own romantic contact through the abyss of our love. it was eternal too, when your lips met mine like a ship anchored on an untouched shore, i knew i was no longer pure and i felt our saliva waving and mixing with all those forces you plied on. i felt our tongue too, dancing waltz, only the music that stood were songs of our mouths that moaned.

when i tasted your kiss, honey just became insipid that bees were even disappointed and jealous of how lucky i was to have tasted your sweeter lips. your saliva was sticky and thick and, well, probably the sweetest thing i have ever tasted. it swam through my veins. it traveled my body until it left a stain on my heart.

when i tasted your kiss, i should have known in that very moment that it would be the first and the last one. i should have tasted the salt on your tongue, how it was mixed perfectly with the sweetness of your mouth. i should have tasted your goodbyes so my eyes would know when to start streaming the tears, so i should have cherished every stroke your lips made, so i should have let you ******* tears while it flowed down to our mouths.

you became part of me. it's clear that no matter how hard i try to convince you were just somebody who happened to come and go, there are areas now in my body that still long for you, your touch and your kiss.

and my heart, i hear her complains how the stain you left bothers her every night.
is it okay to post a prose here?
  May 2018 RamblerOnTheGo
Some things don't end smoothly.
It's not the slow braking of a car,
A seamless transition from driving to a standstill.
Sometimes you need to slam on.
And it never happens silently,
There's always a screech or a thud or a gasp,
It takes you by surprise and it lurches you forward.
You have to hold on for dear life.
The unexpected nature of it wreaks havoc on your insides;
Butterflies are woken up from your stomach and become nausea.
You check to see if all your limbs are intact, or in fragments.
Then you do the same for your heart,
Searching to see if it went through the windshield
Or if it managed to stay held inside by your unyielding ribs,
Only ever collapsing under the strain of breaths,
Hyperventilating into an airbag.
Some things don't end smoothly.
It's not the steady sigh of relief,
It's the jagged, shaky breaths that never fully extend
In or out, and there's no calming halt afterwards,
Just a process of continuously hitting the brakes.
  Jan 2018 RamblerOnTheGo
Dave Legalisa
I was haunted
by the scenic beauty
of the three a.m. sky
under the halfmoon's light
silver and bright,
upon the algid stone
where I sat alone.
There was an odd feeling
I couldn't begin
putting into words
as they were like a twinge
upon my skin.
It was a pain
like a dust in my brain,
like thorns in my lungs,
and an acid in my tongue.

I was haunted
by the sadness and guilt,
remorse and regret.
For the Earth is so kind and fair
and all I did was pretend
a happiness no one
could comprehend.
I'm so sorry 2017 for being fake happy. I tried my best to be happier than I truly am but everyone just keeps on giving reasons why I should not. I'm sorry especially to myself for surrounding him with people he barely knew all throughout the year.
But HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!
Have a sweet, wonderful, fruitful, and smashing year!
  Dec 2017 RamblerOnTheGo
Dave Legalisa
Your satin lips against mine
like dungeon lit with fulgent fire,
like lonely seashore kissed by ocean,
and a flower plucked by a sweet hand.

I stood still in numb shape,
moved only my dull raw lips,
and wimpy hands around your neck
tasting the coffee you always drink.

Like a dream turned into reality -
pure fantasy ever my mind made.
Like an empty delicate paper
but spilled by boldness of an ink.

I was a fragile and empty canvas
yet you painted the meaning of love
through a simple smooch of your lips
that stood as precious brush thereof.
i was daydreaming
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