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Tanya Louise Sep 2021
Left by my own self,
stranded in my quilt of despair.
Countless threads drag me down,
and all I can do is gasp for air.

Succumbing to this war,
I've thrown down my sword,
raised the white flag.
for this pain, I can't afford.
Tanya Louise Sep 2021
i'm in love with you and it *****
why can't you leave me alone?
everywhere I go, you linger
the memories, they linger

i'm addicted and it *****
Tanya Louise Aug 2021
The pain you caused
I'll never let it fade
The ache that
makes me feel this way

Don't forget all you've said
regret what you've done
I'll remember how you made me hurt

Not just emotionally
Your hits caused all these troubles
You've turned our family to rubble

The love you have for yourself
Let it fade
For if it doesn't
No space will remain

The way you glared
When you said those words
They are not of GOD
They are not of the principles
You always speak of

This is the true you
worldly you.
You are so against evil
Yet you embraced it today

Day by Day mantra
Left you as you did your actions

In the presence of public eyes
You made a big mistake
Your mistake

Whatever you feel,
Regret or remorse
I don't care.

All I want you to know,
This will not be forgotten
Not by me nor by others

One day I'll forgive
One day I'll forget

But remember
What you've done
and remember
He was watching.
Tanya Louise May 2021
why does my heart fail so?
my mind in endless distress,
as I wander and drift off into this infinite darkness.

i have moments like this,
dreary dramatic days,
where my mind won't stop racing.

i can't keep this up I've realised.
so how long will this go on?
how far can i go broken and in pieces?

i constantly ask myself,
can you commit suicide,
if you fear death?
TW: suicide
im in pain lol
Tanya Louise Jun 2020
It's funny how something can seem so right.
It's funny how you shook my life.
Now I'm stuck with the reverberation.
Wondering and wondering what we could've been.

Lately my thoughts don't connect.
Not sure if they ever have.
But my state of mind felt different with you.
Well now everything is a jumbled mess.
Hello humans it's been a while :) hope y'all are staying safe...
Tanya Louise Mar 2020
don't get me wrong
even if I'm just a dream
i'll be by your side
through thick and thin

do you know?
there's blindness
in everything that dies
and maybe that's what has kept me from leaving

i fear the darkness
it sticks to me while the weather holds
and that fear amplifies
the more time draws near

don't get me wrong
i don't want to leave
i think
Tanya Louise Nov 2019
this silence breaks at everything.
eyes shake my every being.
little did he know, what we'll be.
I tried haiku for the first time. I think I need a lot more practice, lol
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