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Tanya Louise Mar 6
In that moment we are hopeless.

When we seek attention.

We are devoid of the fact that we'll never be seen.

We'll get to explore the unknown with thoughts that make us sin.

We expose us to gain.

In the end all we get is pain.

We seek attention.

Believing we'll be noticed.

Constantly wanting the fame.

We forget what we wanted to get noticed.

In the end, all respect is lost.
Tanya Louise Dec 2018
My ears were ringing, the pimple on my upper lip stinging.
The words they were saying, drowned in the harsh love they were playing.
I know how lovely you are, how kind you can be.
Oh! How I want to believe.
The large weight on my shoulders made my eyes and nose run.
Tick tock went the clock, reminding me of how wrong I was.
Internally my heart stopped for a second, a second too slow.
Her wisdom baffles me all the time, his warnings ******* me time and time again.
While rope around my neck gets tighter and tighter, the days go faster and faster.
Their advice I would take, hoping and hoping its not too late.
Tanya Louise Sep 2018
i will keep on
the write
the fight
bleeding from my pen

i will question my sanity
till the very end
not missing a thing
i will discover my being
Tanya Louise Aug 2018
endless weight
and the stars still shine

sickening pressure
yet my heart still beats

deep down
enslaved raging butterflies

its too much
anxious heat

no relief
it goes on and on

a dramatic end?
endearing yet frightening
Tanya Louise Jul 2018
we love you, you *******
but curse your ****** inability
and reverent ignorance

we're the heart and ******* brain
and we're finally in sync
funny how the first time we're in agreement
is because of you

we're crushing hard, bits to pieces
but you even ******* know us
argh! just see how we can't stop
thinking about you
beating for you

the worst of all this
you're in love with someone else.
Tanya Louise Jul 2018
thoughts in endless swirling
like a storm
and un-rhythmic beats of my chest
distract me
i should be listening
but my head is lost
far, far gone
deep, deep it's sunk
maybe its your ****** smile
or your uneven words
i should be listening
but the sparks are distracting
they'll surely be a second date
Tanya Louise Apr 2018

the questionable truth
will always hunt you down
fill my lungs
in pressured parts

note the love
oh ****** parts
ponder the affection
creeping up on me

foolish lungs
they fail me
the touch to fear
too much my dear

my scream will be heard
drowned in silence
we will be feared
not knowing the tear

i laugh and laugh
wishing in your parts
we'll delve in the stars
my lover, my wonder
hello fellow wanderers of HP...
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