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Nature, Mother Earth
Always indulging us with all her worth
Take from her, we have no fear
Unheard cries we choose not to hear
Remorse we will soon come to know
Extinction we will soon come to sew
perfection is a myth that we try to overcome
anytime, we can do our thing without pressure
certainty might not always be on our side, and
it may take time to gain strength, will, and courage
nevertheless, let perfectionism victim none of us; let us
grow and succeed within our own ways and time.
in this times, let this be a reminder
written 24 apr 2020
ms reluctance Apr 23
C – me, slumped over in bed,
       tousle-headed, still half-dreaming.
O – the yawn, long as it is wide,
       accompanied by copacetic stretches.
F – a familiar pose,  
       bent over my phone, browsing.
F – the faucet gushing,
       my toothpaste dislodged unceremoniously.
E – the stack of banana pancakes,
       doused in honey, decimated briskly.
E – the coffee maker beeps,
       the ****** to a routine morning.
NaPoWriMo Day 23
Poetry form: Acrostic
(with each letter visualized according to its shape)
Daisy Greene Apr 15
How many times do
You remember the
Light touch of
People loving you?

Dancing in the starlight
Asking for your hand
You always laugh,
Lazily standing and spinning
Intriguing me enough to chase after you
Galloping through the clouds.
How are you always just out of my reach?
Teasing me with your eyes, as we do it all again.

Just watch, I beg you
Killing me slowly, with your brightness
Entranced within your holiness, has
Taught me the best way to love is to
Beat the haters at their own game.

Begging is never enough for you
Always pushing me to the edge of
Salvation, how is it you can survive the
Hate that courses in your veins?
Every single one of these stanzas is one that I created separately and then realized they fit together.
Peyton Sparks Apr 11
Interestingly enough

(I miss you)

Mayhaps love
Is not the
Solution to all the problems in the world but the,
Specific cause, creating a problematic

(I miss you)

Yearning of the soul that creates issues as dark as
Obsidian, or could it be that love will never be

I miss you
Secrets of Wysteria flow in the vessels of my brain
And so I do not hear, nor comprehend the calling of my thought’s train
Vowing to never be held again in constrain
Eradicating the rotten fingers pointing to my disdain

Muses of bruises, callouses, and roses
Excuses the clueless, hung in ruin’s nooses

Flagitious tongue sharpens itself with sprawling centipedes
Rusted teeth from perilous mandibles bleed as it feeds
On the oozing, ****** veins of the wicked ****** as it pleads
Maybe these are too much for one’s avaricious needs?

Mindful, careful, piercing the syringe of refrain on plump flesh
Yeuking as the substance flows on blood so raw and fresh

Amid all, the past and future gather in Sheol’s pavilion
But missing is the presence of present in emblazing vermillion
Yet fleetly missed as the siren descanted her composition
Somber statues of ivory pretense witness with volition
Saints and snakes tear each other’s throats in a languish cotillion.
Day 9 of #NaPoWriMo 2020. No prompt for today, but I tried making a certain type of poem---acrostic poems. These spell out phrases or words with the first letter of each line of the piece. Enjoy reading!
Passion Apr 7
***** to be me
Understand that I am tossed on the sea
I cannot find peace
Can anyone help me
I cry for help
Does any one hear
Even if I cry all night I’ll never be heard
Steve Mar 28
Actively house BOUND
ELUSIVE AND down the line
MADDENINGLY out of time
I’ts ONLY A lost aroma or is it the
Apparently loss of smell can be a symptom.
Dez Mar 23
Today shall never be
Opposite of yesterday
My how we some times wish it to go away
Older still it grows
Reborn again at twelve
Relive today again
On this cycle never ends
When is tomorrow going to show?
Tomorrow will never be today, but we learned that yesterday.
Dez Mar 23
Does it ever swamp you?
Arrive in your drams just to haunt you?
Remember it is not truly tangible
Knowing this is not comfortable
No it is not pleasing
Even if you know it can't hurt you
So what do you do when it comes for you?
Sorry to be honest but I run and hide; do you?
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