Marya123 12h
This world is made up of English words
Everywhere I see, they're all renowned
With meaning, with purpose by themselves
With tones of their own, with unique sounds.

I'm a letter from another language
If I could change, I would do some good
I remain lost, as I can't be applied
If I use my voice, I'm not understood.
My silence is deafening but my screams are unheard
In a crowd full of people
My armour's made of stone
When I want to shed my tears
I still remain alone
Among them it cannot *****
I will not let them see
The depth this sadness reaches
My helpless misery.
So I find a quiet staircase
Away from all the noise
I let them out, silently
Hopefully with some poise.
Yet how I want to be loud
To relieve this heartache
But there's no one who'll hear me
To hold me as I break.
I wish I could be stronger
I wish I'd never cry
How tragic I've made this life
I don't know how or why.
When you need to cry but cannot tell a soul
Marya123 Nov 30
Each time that I assume
I've reached life's rock bottom
I discover new depths
With each new,tough problem
I sink once more, further
With each soul-crushing blow
Can someone hear my voice?
I'm suffocating below.
When will it ever stop?
I'm so done with it all
When I try to stand still
I continue to fall.
Marya123 Nov 25
It's something I will never be,
I'm a laptop among PCs.
Closed, reticent, quiet and private
Amid typhoons, peaceful climate.
They say I won't ever belong
They feel that something must be wrong
They don't know why I am this way
They think I'll never be okay.
Maybe I'll always be alone
Remaining attached to my phone
Maybe, somehow, I will get by
Without ever finding a guy
Not that I need one to survive
But it'll be nice.. to feel alive.
Don't laugh, as you read my weak words
Please don't think that I'm sad or weird
This is where I can fall apart
With poetry, I can pour my heart.
I do write much better, you know
But right now, I feel a bit low.
Forgive me for not being brave
The world is loud, and I have caved.
Very badly written poem. Needed to get the words out. I'm so sorry.
Marya123 Nov 20
I wonder if the tree knows
That even if it has no leaves
Its dark facade simply glows
It's a marvel Nature's conceived.

How come we don't understand
That we're all trees of our own kind
That we are not dull or bland
That we somehow choose to be blind?
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