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Skyler Ruen Jul 1
shapes materialize
as the darkness envelops

my mind’s inventions
Skyler Ruen Jul 1
Your hands are weapons that know no mercy
You bring them to your face and draw a map
I trace the ridges, the bridges, the mountains
The clumps of skin that crisscross on your mouth
Skyler Ruen Jul 1
We can’t keep loving each other through other people.
Skyler Ruen Jul 1
I’m holding on to specks of dust
of what remains of my weakened self
And I hope when I cry, you’ll hold
on to my tears
‘Cause little sailors will be sailing on their tides
Skyler Ruen Jul 1
she kissed him under no roof,
no thoughts could spring to mind
no code, no written proof
she told him she’s undefined
Skyler Ruen Jul 1
broken is his design, a world of possibilities
‘now I’m fully mine,’ a mind’s
Skyler Ruen Jul 1
The prince of the
A land whose up is down
Had a hammering heart
A noise that won’t quiet

Shunned and despised by
the rest
He clawed endlessly at
his chest
Until his heart gave its
Last beat
And he slept forever in
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