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neither a friend
nor an enemy;
we are two strangers
with some same set of memories.
For now we act like we don't know each other, strangers from then...
Once again,
As I crossed the road
By your house
The air-
Bathed in some familiar scent,
Kneading the outgrown grass
To *******
To then
When once,
The rainbow was you
And colors- I called them mine.
But I resisted and took the road straight ahead...
Vargov Saikia Feb 11
Take a time
And look into the mirror;
Find the deeper you.

"Why are you lying to yourself?"
Vargov Saikia Feb 11
"You are the one who live in my poems"
Vargov Saikia Feb 11
to my nightsky,
you are the moon
and the stars
Vargov Saikia Feb 11
started to
you happened

— The End —