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Sofia Oct 2021
Do I wanna leave?
Or do I just wanna stay with you?
What’s the point of this whole thing
if I don't know what I’m gonna be?
What do I do with my life?
Where would I be without you?
Think my health’s important,
but how important could it be
if they’re shoving homework
down the throats of kids at 17?

I know I’ll regret staying in this whole thing,
but when it ends they’d all love me.
Doing it all for the wrong reasons.
Maybe one day I’ll know what’s right.
But what if it’s wrong
to leave?
What if this is what I’m meant to be
but I might come out of it dead.
Just wanna see what it’s like.
Could **** me just to save time.
It’s not worth the time if it cuts out years
of my life, due to stress.
The only reason to stay is for the "what ifs"
and nothing else, so maybe I should leave.
Not that that would be saving my mom any
But it’s whatever, I suppose.
I’m better than I used to be,
but I wasn’t built for this life.
Is it self-hatred to say I wouldn’t make it?
or is it protecting myself
from death by mental illness?

I’ll think it over, I still have some time.
Just feel like I’m misleading everyone,
not that they thought that this thing
was for me.
But what if it was?
Not that it has more positives than the opposite.
They asked me if I’ll leave
and I said maybe.
I just turned 15, and I think I might leave ib.
it's a really hard decision
Jamie Rose Dec 2018
I remember it like it was just yesterday
I'm happy at the beach
I get a call
They say you left us
While I was too busy having fun
Too involved with myself to save you
You were my best friend
My first love
My human diary
My shoulder to cry on..
But what did I do for you?
I didn't save you
I wasn't there to catch you
I wasn't there to hold you and remind you of how much I love you
My heart will forever hurt for you
gina Mar 2018
But who am i?
Just another name on the list?
Someone you saw it's not worth your time?

But you?
Who you really are?

For me, you were the one who said too much
And did nothing
Who promised too much
Who made me feel too much
Who gave me nothing but empty hopes
And leaved me with nothing..

You were just another person
Who made me feel like i’m special
And saw all the holes
And still thought it’s worth it to make some more damage

but for real..
Who you are?
And who you thought I were?
...’*** all you said was ”it’s not worth it”

— The End —