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Sofia Oct 2021
Do I wanna leave?
Or do I just wanna stay with you?
What’s the point of this whole thing
if I don't know what I’m gonna be?
What do I do with my life?
Where would I be without you?
Think my health’s important,
but how important could it be
if they’re shoving homework
down the throats of kids at 17?

I know I’ll regret staying in this whole thing,
but when it ends they’d all love me.
Doing it all for the wrong reasons.
Maybe one day I’ll know what’s right.
But what if it’s wrong
to leave?
What if this is what I’m meant to be
but I might come out of it dead.
Just wanna see what it’s like.
Could **** me just to save time.
It’s not worth the time if it cuts out years
of my life, due to stress.
The only reason to stay is for the "what ifs"
and nothing else, so maybe I should leave.
Not that that would be saving my mom any
But it’s whatever, I suppose.
I’m better than I used to be,
but I wasn’t built for this life.
Is it self-hatred to say I wouldn’t make it?
or is it protecting myself
from death by mental illness?

I’ll think it over, I still have some time.
Just feel like I’m misleading everyone,
not that they thought that this thing
was for me.
But what if it was?
Not that it has more positives than the opposite.
They asked me if I’ll leave
and I said maybe.
I just turned 15, and I think I might leave ib.
it's a really hard decision
Indigo B Apr 2018
Sometimes I wonder if this will be the cause of my demise. I cannot fathom such an incessant desire to see the good in all things; grant nations the benefit of doubt. I am blind to all but intent, intrinsic nature, and heart. I create euphemisms out of people.
-Indigo B
chris May 2017
my thumb runs along the thin line
between a thirty
and a thirty two
like the nonexistent pages in my textbook
a hundred percent out of reach
Ben Dutkin Apr 2015
Bad jokes, strong opinions, attention ****** galore
Brown nosing, over-reacting, annoying and more
Glorifying their actions, they're very self-centered
Extremely sheltered with no sense of adventure

Striving for A's and everyone knows it
But they have a big mouth, and they need to close it
They think there's a big conflict between AP and IB
But they can't just make friends, from what I can se

High school won't determine your life, wake up
One bad grade won't make you start begging from a cup
They think they're always right, and will never agree
But they're bound by ignorance, and will never be free.

70% of them really grind my gears
But I'm only here for one more year.
This was solely made by me, other people can have their own opinions on IB
Meagan Marie May 2014
Some days,
most days lately,
I hate it!
Or at least I think I do.
But it isn't so bad,
I think,
just maybe,
it's all in my head.
not just my head!
I'm surrounded by these thoughts.
We all,
more like a lot,
of us think it is so bad.
But how hard do we really try?
It just comes from our tongues
right into our ears
then straight
into our

Would I do it all differently?
I would.
But not that kind of differently.

— The End —