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Stan Gichuki Aug 2017
Nowadays you see a 13 year old girl
posting "I want to forget everything
and move on" Forget what little sister?
the multiplication table??
Stan Gichuki Dec 2018
-Sufficient God's Grace
-Good health
-Happy family
-Happiness More life
-Financial breakthrough
Stan Gichuki Jan 2016
Movements will stand still.
Silence  will shout,
God am stainless still,
A minute of silence, Holy Spirit is hunting souls stainless.
Death celebrates birthday the moment sin are committed like suicide,
Don’t wish to see tomorrow, ‘cause tomorrow is so painful,
Tomorrow joy will get married to sorrow,Blessing will be overpowered, bravery will be coward,
Tomorrow joy will get married to sorrow,
and Adam will ignore Eve to get married to serpent,
Tomorrow Human will be Evil servants,
Tomorrow Abel and Cain will have illicit *** and give birth to Avatars
....................             .....................                  ........................
....................             .....................                  .......................
...................             ......................                   ........................
“I wanna live forever young, do you wanna live forever?”
Stan Gichuki Dec 2015
Who is a man?

Man is?

A man is a beautiful part of God's creation

A man carries cash. A man looks out for those around him — woman, friend, stranger

A man is wallet

A man is effort

A man is good at his job

A man owns up

A man looks out for children. Makes them stand behind him.
Style — a man has that. No matter how eccentric that style is, it is contrived. It's a set of rules.
Stan Gichuki Aug 2018
Beard don’t make you a reasonable man.. even goats have beards and all they do is meh.. meh.. all day
Stan Gichuki Jan 2016
How come pungent taste of Aloe Vera is  among the sweet ingredients of beauty tips?
How come ***** words  comes form beautiful lips?

Lip gloss, lip balm and lipstick are enough to hide your empty stomach in  public,
But bowel echo of entrails in the  stomach, can't stop protest and whine even if you put on sound proof.

No difference between lips and walls coz are all exposed in the sun
Love of beauty and face when break-up,
Endeavor proper diet coz they cant reconcile with make-up.

We are God’s images
and things we dress send out messages
Stan Gichuki Dec 2015
I fell for that tooth gap,
that fills you with beauty.
Your joyous nature,
Your good heart,
Your generosity,
and each time you smile,
I stare at that tooth gap of beauty.
Stan Gichuki Aug 2017
YOU saw him in a Facebook group:
•U check his Profile picture.
•He Drives A Range Rover Sport 2016.
.He is handsome.
•He inboxes you.
•You reply, all excited.
•You'll want 2 hook up.
•You set a date.
•You dress up that Legging With No underwear.
•Smelling good.
•You put on a makeup - fresh breath and new weave.
•He takes you 4 lunch @ Serena Hotel.
•He Takes you for - Drinks At Java.
•You two have a good time.
•He rubs your hand,
•Makes you laugh,
•Gives you looks and smiles.
•You stupidly fall in love.
•It's like you've known him Forever.
•He takes you to his apartment.
•He makes you feel comfortable and lays u on his bed.
•Kiss you passionately.
•You love his aggression, strength, power and you give in.
•It feels good.
•You know it's wrong, but it feels good.
•You ask for protection, he says it's too late.
•You obey and don't disturb.
•He says he loves you and you don't hesitate to say you love him too. He hits it nice and slow
•After, he goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water.
•He helps you drink it, ooohh man.
•You feel special.
•"He must be the one" you think to yourself.
•You get dressed.
•He takes you to the taxi park.
•He kisses you on the cheeks and says
•"I had a great time,"
•Gives You cash.
•U smile and say.
•"See you tomorrow babe."
• He stays silent.
•Your taxi drives away,
•In the taxi u can't stop smiling.
•You get home and inbox him that you got home safe.
•He is online, but doesn't reply.
•It's unlike him, so you inbox him again.
•He doesn't respond.
•Minutes later you can't find him on ur friend list.
•Days, weeks, months passes by.
•You start feeling sick, weak, loose weight, act strange with sores in your mouth.
•You go to the clinic.
•Get tested.
•Minutes later,
•Nurse walks in."I'm sorry. You're *** Positive and Pregnant!"
•".HOW ?"
•You don't understand.
•Reality hits you.
•You walk home.
•You go to the bus stop.
•You lay, hopeless, emotionless.
•You see death coming nearer.
•You look into the sky & mumble a prayer.
That's the end of you.
Don't be that girl !Live well. Stop Chasing Material Things.
Be A Girl You Want Your Daughter To Be!
Stan Gichuki Dec 2018
The ability to nurture your Mind Body and Soul guarantees a successful life.
Stan Gichuki Jun 2017
I don't know if my daughter will be dark or light skinned,
I won't choose her mother by her skin Colour,
I'm into deep stuff.
The sound of our heartbeats together will be louder than the sound of our skin tone.
But in case my daughter complains about her being dark,
I will tell her not to worry, I'm paying school fees for her to be bright!
"And when she is 16 and in school I'll teach my hand to enjoy saying goodbye when i have to. So i hope she will learn, i hope she will learn that in this world education is key but with dignity, humility and respect you have a bunch of keys"
Stan Gichuki Nov 2022
Dear Women,
If you’re wondering why he’s no longer texting you it’s probably because when he was, He felt like he was the one putting in all the effort he’s the one that sent the good morning and good night text first. He is the one that would ask you how your day was he would specifically check on that one thing you told him you were doing today. It is not because he has all the time in the world and he has nothing better to do he’s busy with his own things he made the conscious decision to make time for you only when he saw over and over again that his efforts were not being reciprocated that he decided to leave.

"I don't like texting" yet that is all they do when I am with them 😂

How hard is it to fully form a sentence.. 😂
Stan Gichuki Nov 2016
I'm drinking for evolution, so that my children will have a stronger liver
Stan Gichuki Nov 2016
Don follow me home naah!
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Stan Gichuki May 2018
People Write Because No One Listens


Stan Gichuki Jan 2016
Africa was for dark people,
but it attracted white people.
Let’s fly back to that land where women breast fed their kids without the fear of losing the shape of their bust
where we never exchanged services and goods but gave good services.
Let’s pack and go where prostitution, lesbianism and homosexuality was a bad omen
let’s pack and go to that land where children respected elders
let’s pack and go where men had natural six packs and biceps, needing no gym
where women needed no high heels
but felt like they were on mountains or high hills.
Back to where girls grew into ladies,
Then mature women ,not big babies.
I am home sick, let’s pack and go back home,
Let’s fly back to Africa,
let’s go back to black paradise.
Stan Gichuki Jan 2016
My mind, my soul, my intuition was dead,
Woke up this morning and found a letter that read;
‘I rise, in the depth of solitude I am who I am,
In the spirit of humility I am who I am,
In the spirit of togetherness I am, Nelson Mandela.
In the face of revolution I am Dedan Kimathi,
In the wake of National Pride, I am Kenyan,
I am Bantu by Origin,
and in the face of love, I am weak.’
A letter written by me, for me!!!
Before being human, I am POET,
I strive to lead within the legion of wits,
To dissent decency and embrace love,
I cry for my people,
I serenade my fear to give birth to courage,
Fuse language and my soul in this verbal marriage,
I shine when gloomy,
I blend in when glowing…
I heed to the untold tale,
and when on stage,
I need to unfold a spell,
That cultivates in the mind,
These words are but a feeble extension of my might,
I say what I want to say and you listen,
You applaud,
I do not want your claps,
I don’t want your cheers,
I want you to listen,
I am sharing myself here,
I am telling you my painful secrets,
Letting you feel my joy…
Can you hear my silence?
Do you see my memory?
I have stripped myself bare for you,
I have swallowed my pride and I am struggling with constipation,
Hi there beautiful young lady,
Do you like what you see?
Are these words an extension of my skin?
For even when naked, I still hide an aura of mystery.
When you make love to more than one person,
Every moan bleeds poetry,
Every touch aches for a punch line,
Every ****** begs for a harder ******,
and when your eyes roll back,
and you splash your words on the walls of their minds,
Every skin begs to cuddle with your lyrical prowess,
I turn a blind eye to social injustice,
Yet I pray my people are treated well,
Do not look at me with that suspicious eye,
You don’t know who I am,
I did not bomb your brother,
I do not fight for any terrorist group,
I am not a representation of a stereotype,
You cannot blame me yet I fear just like you,
Hurt just like you,
I hide from the jaws of terror just like you,
You struggle to understand me,
I understand you,
In the face of fear, you know no human,
Your eye sees only who it suspects is friend or foe,
I understand you because I know,
On the third blow of the trumpet,
Even the son will abandon his mother…
Why judge me for the shade of my skin,
Texture of my hair????
I am who I am.
I love those who love me back,
In the dark caves of solitude,
Hidden on the platters of eternal euphoria,
I then found a loving embrace,

So I march on clinging to what I don’t understand,
Get confused by what I strive to understand,
Stand under my weak heart,
What attracts me I don’t know?
We find beauty in non-existent things,
Show me beauty and I will give you the flowers when you can still smell them.

I still rise,
For I am who I am,
A son who loves his mother,
Is driven by ambition,
Even Grisham knows,
it is past the time to ****,
onto the time to heal,
You do not need to understand this painless persona,
My words are my impractical scheme for social improvement,
I do not curse,
Because when it hurts so badly, humans’ mistake the truth for profanity …
I have hit my poetic falsetto,
I spill the last few drops of this ink…
I live you with this poem,
A temporary forever,
You do not need to understand this hopeless persona,
You don’t see the poem. It was not written for your feeble intellect.
I take center stage,
My words, my halo,
I speak,
I speak because I exist,
I said I speak because I exist,
You will always find me next to your conscience,
My words echo, my rants roar,
My whispers soothe, my cry begs for your embrace,
I sing to fallen angels,
I am who I am,
I speak because I exist,
Before I exist, I am POET
I Am Who I Am
Stan Gichuki Feb 2016
The first time I saw you, was the birth of the goosebumps my skin raises today
I have never known a moment like when it hit me, I would take lessons to speak your heart language.
This world is not meant for the weak, but I’m meant for the times my knees lose strength around you.
When I call you at night, you tell me about work, about your workmates.
I have never been to your workplace but I picture how you sit, where you sit,
and sometimes, the shoe you’re wearing.
I have been struggling to know exactly how you feel about me.
I want to know you inside out,
know where you hang your clothes so I can see the labels you hide on you.
I know you go to church on Saturdays
but are you a front row or back row kinda girl?
When no one is watching,
do you secretly dance in the kitchen?
And have you ever been with a boy so shy
the only way he could corner a queen is if he had a chess board in front of him
See, for many years this ship has sailed
This is the first time in a long time I’m stuck at the dock-
This captain, this ship,
this sea beneath me betrayed by your waves
I’m not moving and it only makes sense;
I have fallen for someone who lifts me.
We cropped a photo to be together and it still feels right
You asked me the difference between dating and being in a relationship
so before you ask me about love
I will tell you what my grandmother would say;
to love, is to have the courage to be kind,
there is no fairytale in a real world,
no prince charming in ponds, just frogs whose skin will make you sick to the stomach.
But if you ask me to describe you,
then I will tell you…
I think you are intimidatingly strange
and crazily stunning
any girl who asks for my heart will not appreciate that you signed your name on it
or that you found the edge of my soul, folded it into pages and filled it with your handwriting.
I have known fire to burn and I’ve known you to be a flame because it is hot in here
and if my heart is not a clown for you then how do you explain the circus in here?
But tell me about broken parts.
Tell me who to blame if you don’t feel exactly how I feel about you.
Tell me how many mechanics have worked on hearts that stopped when you said no to
and do they work anymore?
Tell me why it’s taking you too long to learn how to lay your head on my chest
or don’t you like how my heart misses beats for you
Tell me how to know I’m the one when you look at me because I feel light in my head I can let you carry me with your stare.
Tell me to wait,
and I will wait for you
I’m not saying there’s no one like you
I’m telling you today,
I will fall for you just as hard,
10 years from now.
Stan Gichuki Aug 2018
I have come to notice that people have forgotten to live and enjoy their lives. People let their moods rely on what they feel when they wake up, focus on what happened on the road to work, focus on what their bosses did, on how bad the food was and how it started raining before five. We have all forgotten to appreciate that we are alive, that we have the capability to love and to feel love, the ability to enjoy the taste of food, to breathe in fresh air, to walk. All this gets me sad but

I choose life, I choose laughter, I choose love

I been let down way too many times that I don't even look forward to ****, I just be like "Yeah, we'll see “it’s a terrible thing (I think) in life to wait until you're ready. I have the feeling now that no one is ever ready to do anything. there's almost no such thing as 'ready.' all we have is now. and you may as well do it now. now is as good a time as any

I choose life, I choose laughter, I choose love, I choose Peace
Stan Gichuki Dec 2015
The words I speak are unpopular, unwanted and uninvited
Oh Lawd, pray I not be misunderstood
But then if I am, that too is okay
For I speak not in the vulgarity of this regime
This regiment armed with ******* extensions calling me a renegade
To insinuate that I am dangerous because my body speaks from a position of anarchy

As though anyone was what they looked like
But then again, I am dangerous, deliberate and afraid of nothing
Praise the Lorde, the Audrey Lorde!
**** what I look like!
I don’t care that I look like I was hit by a speed train at the bend
I don’t care that my hair sits on my head uncombed and unruly as though it owns me
Because then if I do I will let you **** me over again, did I say again?
But if you can’t figure me out here please accept my apology for not being obvious
Take from my hand words for your Language Acquisition Device
And devise for your ilk ways of seeing, new ways of seeing me
This is the end of normal, arm yourself
Here an extra pair of eyes
Now drop the pretense and straighten the frown on your face
To act like ‘****’ is too sensitive a word to your senseless sensibilities is hypocrisy
The problem is, I said it and I ain’t no Rick Ross or Lil’ Wayne or some other brother
Whose ‘****’ comes to you as an endorsement to objectify women
To call her everything: a *****, a ****, a ****, a *****
To call a woman everything, but her name
And when you call a woman by name you mean to shame her
Assata Shakur, Angela Davis, Wangari Maathai, Martha Karua
Kingwa Kamencu, , Audrey Mbugua, Wambui Otieno-Mbugua, Sojourner Truth
And this is the truth, black women have not even began to be resentful
of the rise to power of black men but there is a problem
A certain school of thought crafted by Slave masters on the colony
Teaches Black men that for them to be strong black women must be weak
Fallacious reasoning! This here is a product of gross miseducation
And Black men have not even began to unravel their role in the empire

Their counter-revolutionary exertion of a “manhood” that tells women to step back
As though to break off from our colonial oppression, never meant the total involvement
of every man, woman, and child, every-*******-body
As though for us to get here didn’t take the breaking of a woman’s back

Women whose labour terms in developing political consciousness were cast in stone
A time ranging from I-can’t-see in the morning until I-can’t-see at night
O Lawd bless Malcolm X
So this is your to do list for every man
Every man who acknowledges 'Wangu wa Makeri' and Bi Mswafari
in the same sentence with no sense of irony
Every woman who joins in the patriarchal laughter of our television
making fun of the nameless woman in 'Budalangi' begging 'sirikal' (Government) to help
As though her pain wasn’t real and the state hadn’t ignored her, three floods later
Please do yourself a favor, stop laughing
and teach yourself something on capitalist oppression
Stop laughing at the propaganda being pushed around as the truth
About men having *** with cows and hens because it will not be marked in history
that in two thousand and thirteen Kenyan men became intimate
with their food, pets and *****
And stop wearing Christianity as a beautiful coat that covers  your hatred
Because I don’t care how many verses you have memorized to make your hatred effective
For you have a verse to pull out of your pile of cards to justify the way you treat women and gays and Muslims and atheists and people
You see the truth is if Jesus came back to the world, you are the type that would still **** him
Because Jesus was a rogue, a rebel, and a revolutionary who refused to conform to any laws
Your hatred, judgement and self-righteousness must disgust him
because you are the worst thing that ever happened to my poetry
Stop condemning women for abortion and teenage pregnancy
as though there weren’t rapists and ******* priests who still oppose the use of contraceptives
Stop passing down your hatred to your children and other people’s children in the name of Jesus
So look yourself in the mirror and imagine what would happen
Imagine what would happen if we were to be honest in this conversation
and for a minute tried to speak about love as though we invented it
Take off your prejudices as though they hang on your shirt and again,
again and again ask yourself  ‘Who am I?’
And when you take to the streets before you tweet jokes that humiliate real people
Please stop, instead, try to talk of the revolution of love
Like our mothers did, and their mothers before them
And when you raise your hand to hit a woman STOP!
She has been beaten before and your hand shouldn’t touch her the same way
Keep your hand mid air and in that breathe ******* thank a woman
Stan Gichuki Jun 2017
Wait. who is a hero?
Coward? Nah... I know.
Hero is that’s who takes care and looks after Your child like her own kid
Hero is Nanny.
Woman of courage
Stan Gichuki Jan 2016
I have lost my self in the great battle of Troy,
I dream girls, singing, singing Dream Girls’ latest hit,
I search myself to find the last drop of nectar,
Inside me, because I cant understand why girls call me sweet,
“Oh, he is so sweet”

I lost myself trying to find myself, myself is looking for me,
Argh!!!the torture!!! I’m lost in this verse, curse me with cursed curses!!!
What am I saying??? I told you I’m lost!!!
I see dead people, showing me the tongue face.
At least corpses have a sense of humour,
I have none,
I’m lost,
Lost picking fruits in the Amazon jungle,
Lost listening to my crush flirting with her man,
I’m lost trying to man up,
I am so sweet????
I’m lost in good taste.
Stan Gichuki Jun 2017
Your MCM is only flirting with you because he's bored and his WCW isn't replying .Sorry
Stop Reaching For My Hand, Your Boyfriends is Getting Cold.
Stan Gichuki Jan 2016
I am a man, I have few strands of hairs under my jaw, I have a baritone voice, I have few whiskers above my upper lip. Again, I stand up to urinate. Finally, I have erections every morning when I wake up.
Stan Gichuki Dec 2015
People are the most important aspects of anyone’s life because people have the ability to change us in ways nothing else can.

#People #important #life #change
Stan Gichuki Dec 2015
poetry is  story
that is so good,
it doesn't need
complete sentences.
Stan Gichuki Oct 2016
Being rude to men
will only earn you
more days in your
father's compound!!
Stan Gichuki Dec 2015
If every child says his father is a hero,
then why is the  chances for defending her daughter zero,

if animals do know what the abuse of young one entails,
it shows how humans are worse than animals
what they lack is long ears and tails.

Real men are those one who can sing a lullaby to their daughters an till they fall asleep,
not the one who sleeps with them........
This is a fight, a battle, a war!
None of our daughter will, again, be called, a ***** or a *****.
Stan Gichuki Mar 2016
The skies look like they are going to cry tonight.
Stan Gichuki Dec 2016
Some girls will be like: "I cannot cook, my mom didn't teach me"
Well, my sister tell me who taught you *******???
Stan Gichuki Dec 2016
Around what time do dudes stop lying?
Around what time do women stop complaining?
                           2.Around what time will women stop believing the lies?
        "we continue our conversation after supper"
Stan Gichuki Aug 2017
Some people aren't really all that they 'post' to be.
Stan Gichuki Jan 2016
I let the pain ooze through my veins,
To scribble words of shame,
Unto the forgotten scriptures of love,
Corroding my tissues,
Letting the rain wash away hope,
Of my dreams.

Let the bad guys forever taste the tasty fruits of the garden Eden,
Let the good guys taste the fruits of their tools of labour,
Let the reckless women get devoured past the gates of Hades,
Let the lucky women joke on the privileged embrace of appreciation.
Let hearts ache let wounds heal,
Let the moon hum the soothing tunes of despair,
Looping the rhythm of empty souls,
Let the stars swing their hips lustfully,
Let the earth weep and swallow its trickling tears,
Let the calendars roll back to thoughtful years,
Before I confess my feelings again…
To you, and you, and you!!!

I am hurt, I am lost, I am banished,
My story told is etched in stones of lithography,
There is no memories of yesterday, no longings of tomorrow,
******* son of the plains,
Poetry… My Heritage,
Your lips,
Architect of my pedigree,
Your tongue… Forbidden,
Your scent… alluring,
Your breath…. Distracting,
Your heart, echoing with every beat,
Your sweat, moist, I imagine it, salty.
You say, ‘Don’t kiss me’, I do,
You kiss back, you stop, I kiss again… You cringe!!!
I am hurt, I am lost, I am banished.

You always tell me that actions speak louder than words,
So I tried to mime dance my feelings,
I tried to explain that this is real but you put up Van Gogh’s ear and stared at the ceiling,
It’s killing, me inside, it is sealing me to my pride, its drilling me despite…,
My strength, my character!

I am a DJ and the moon is my deck,
Spinning the world.
I am a pale face, the stars, my ornaments,
I am a gladiator sent to the afterlife,
This crust my home,
I am the waters: Your photographer, endlessly capturing your reflection,
You easily now see why I mean it when I say,
‘You mean the World to me’
I am hurt, I am lost, I am banished.

Let the rivers glide across the mountains of ***** men,
Past the forests of ****** misgivings,
Past the fateful decisions, humans call choice,
Between the thighs of Athena,
Into the vaginal walls of pleasurable gains.
And I will be here waiting…
I am hurt, I am lost, I am banished.

I seek solace, on the tip of cupid’s arrow,
He is aiming for your chest,
I seek to land on your heart,
Swim in your arteries,
Seek refuge in your brain,
Jogging, panting.
Now feel how I feel when you are always running in my mind.
You ask me to take a walk in your shoes,
I can’t even tie my laces,
You are a rare blossoming flower,
I can’t even hold you like vases,
I wear my heart on my sleeves,
For protection.

I feel like the foetus aware it will be aborted,
Because I am dying inside,
Stan Gichuki Dec 2015
Of our years rises, thinly, ominously—profound. We
Are flames holding tallow truths, keeping guard
Over these sleeping futures. Grahamstown

Rises in pylon energies. I levitate,
Broomstick as afflatus, and galvanize
The unsullied words of night. The virginal morning

Comes in whispers. Earthworms dread the gawky
Commuter. As students shout FeesMustFall,
Billowing abdominal surges bawl as bitter abiku.

These truths are milked from noted black holes,
Where Fanon’s skins wipe the tears from the eyes. I
Tremble, having anointed more than my restive hands.

Hidden things are not the soul of the stars—somewhere,
Somewhere over the mocked rainbow. Rains fall
On stuffed human throats. And ours is to peck
At the interstices of welt-ridden memory.
Brother, the cigarette touches the lips;
And this life is wrenched from the tongue,
As torque taking its toll on treys.
Stan Gichuki Dec 2015
the everyday
should not seep
through the walls

it is behind these walls
that truth undresses
then lies
Stan Gichuki Nov 2016
I am not my mother’s tribe I am her pride.
Stan Gichuki Jun 2017
These days’ people see the end of the relationship before it begins.
We break up for the fear of breaking up
Stan Gichuki Dec 2018
Too much jealousy
Too much fear of the next persons success.
Too many unnecessary gate keepers.
We must be the change we want to see!
Stan Gichuki Nov 2018
I fall in love with souls not faces
Stan Gichuki Jun 2017
See, once in a while, when I find a pattern in someone's heart that matches my beat,
I become a hunter.
But my hands are too empty for me to say I gather.
And cupid has this thing of pointing me to girls who are already taken, girls I call by name while another man calls them mine.
I'm still searching for a girl who carries the whole solar energy in her eyes.
Then in my life, I will fear God, and the fact that one day she will stare at me too much, I will burn.
Stan Gichuki Aug 2018
It just hit me that I’ll be playing timeless hits from the 2000's and it will **** my kids off just like how I hated my folk’s oldies. can't wait.
Stan Gichuki Nov 2018
Sometimes, you tell someone never to call you again and then the phone rings and you hope it’s them. Its the most twisted logic of all time.
Stan Gichuki Feb 2019
If you ever feel left
Just remember that's where God placed the Heart.
Stan Gichuki Jul 2018
Your boyfriend is out here  promising you the world yet he still owes it to his ex.
Stan Gichuki Mar 2019
I didn't come into this world willingly,
Stan Gichuki Dec 2016
I was born into a Kenyan home and I'm
constantly reminded that some kitchen
utensils are older than me
Stan Gichuki Nov 2018
I'm not the Thank God is Friday type,
I'm the Thank God am a live today type.
Stan Gichuki Jun 2017
We spend our lives disliking people
who like us and loving people who will never love us
Stan Gichuki Jan 2017
What lies before us doesn't matter,
What matters is,
What lies between us,
What lies within us,
There is no life without us.
Life is a Marathon
We shouldn't give up on human Race,
We are wildebeests in crocodile jaws,
Don't tell us that we are not going back to Egypt,
That's where River Nile flows.
If this planet was a police and it says FREEEEEEEZE!!!!!!!
The whole world would be at MELTING POINT.
Stan Gichuki Jan 2016
“I bargained with life for a penny,
and life would pay no more,
However I begged at evening
When I counted my scanty store.

“For life is just employer,
He gives you what you ask,
But once you have set the wages,
Why,you must bear the task.

“I worked for menial’s hire,
only to learn,dismayed,
That any wage I had asked of life,
Life would have willingly paid.”
Stan Gichuki Jun 2017
When you EXCEL, they start to
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