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Athu Mar 2020
All the men in the world
One hot summer day,
Find that their mustaches have run

The heavely bearded men wailed in nay,
The clean shaved men had a pecuilar stray,
For they, on the hot summer day, had grown hair,
Hair on their lip that made way
For their mustaches to run away.

The world had turned upside down.
What will all the mustachless men do?
What has caused the hair to run away?
Stan Gichuki Aug 2018
Beard don’t make you a reasonable man.. even goats have beards and all they do is meh.. meh.. all day
Invocation Apr 2014
I love you for your laughter
your soft hair
the morning routines I tried to adopt, that you have down to a science
the way you gaze into the abyss
with tender expressions
the careful footsteps
the blushing falseness
the pretty lace and ribbons
the black eyeliner and studded collars


beards and hunting and fishing
flannels and strength and handsome fellers
truck stops and smoking
whiskey and bonfires
g i joe and spiderman

but most of all batman and joker
the complications of comics

gaming on friday nights with bottles of bud
I love men and boys and women and girls and ladies and gentlemen
I can care for anything with a real soul.

— The End —