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Closer until his breath tickles my skin
Sending a shiver down my spine from deep within
Closer until I can feel his smile
Tingling, Tickling, for quite a while
Closer until he whispers in my ear
Something sweet, something intriguingly dear
Closer until he's holding my chin in his hand
Staring into my eyes obeying his command

Closer until his lips touch my nose
Causing me to blink, but not lose composer
Closer until I can feel his heart beat
It's hotter in here, I feel the heat
Closer until he strokes along my face
Now my heart begins to race
Closer until he wraps his arms around my waist
Holding me close, squeezing me tight without haste

Closer until he lifts me higher into the air
Spinning me round in circles up there
Closer until we don't make a sound
Peace and quietness all around
Closer until our minds intertwine
Closer, he comes closer til he's all mine
Note: Written to Inspire You.
Maximus Tamo Aug 2016
Closer closer,
I can't feel you yet,
Please save me,
Come closer,

Sitting alone passing time,
Keeping it all together,
Put on a bright fascia,
Tell myself your almost home,

As minutes to to hours,
And mind running wild,
I cannot connect with you,
What could have happened,

Closer closer,
I can't feel you yet,
Please save me,
Come closer,

The phone rings across the table,
Summons me to the hospital,
Arriving to find you asleep,
Sleeping but alive,

The nurse gives us some space,
Saying you won't last long,
You turn and look,
Broken and forced you whisper,

Closer closer,
I can't feel you yet,
Please save me,
Come closer,

Never will I love again,
The pain cannot subside,
Love can only come once,
All else is hollow,

Life drags on,
Laying on my deathbed,
I can have but one thought,
Looking at you and whispering,

Closer closer,
I can't feel you yet,
Please save me,
Come closer,
I still have a tender heart
A heart which burns and aches for you
In your skin I see the heavens, in your eyes, the stars
When I am near you, I tremble with reverence
For my queen, I feel your power; I see no body
Only one-word flutters about my soul; love, and this love
I have never felt like this before
Deep in your thicket, you are the woman I cannot resist
I have found true love in the deepest oceans
I long to drown inside your waves, my Siren
The more I dive, the deeper riches of love I find ---
So, I dive as if I am made of stones
A sea of love flows from your eyes --- into mine
In my dreams and on my hands and knees
I pray to God to keep you safe for me
For Him to allow me mercy I cannot bear to miss you so ---
Or give me the power to withstand all these fantasies
Will you return to me, my capacity to see the world?
for what it is - to see your exquisite beauty ---
To tell me this isn’t a dream and comfort me
I love you...I love you before my lips say it
And my heart shouts it a thousand times
O’er the burning desert which grew a thousand fruit
All just to impress you, my dear
From you I am learning what hurts, and fulfills ---
In your eyes a wide ocean dwells
Show mercy to my heart and to my sails
My heart only knows how to stay alive for you
To pump blood and exist, despite the ache of waiting
Just give me one gift - one word from your succulent lips
One word from you, for me to feel alive
One word from you, will turn my sorrows into life
My heart melts and my ribs are opened wide ---
I can hear the echo of your heartbeats in my soul
Don’t ask me how to bear life without you
For you have become my tomorrow and yesterday
The strong wind of your love carries me home
Please be gentle with me, as I belong to your heart
I came to you to escape from this cruel life
I came to you for shelter from my storms
And I found everything deeper than love could mean
With your love me all my wounds close and heal
Come closer… much closer to me
Weep all the pain and sadness away
Come closer… much closer to me
I don’t need anyone but you
My lips only know the language of you
Come closer…I don’t want to remember myself before
When I was alone
Before I knew the taste of your kiss
Come closer…lean into my arms
Come closer…much closer and feel my embrace
To forget the taste of sadness and worries
Come closer...much closer, hold me
Come closer and never leave me
Come closer, I need to hear the whisper of your lips
Please never leave me alone
My feelings flow over your skin like the rain
They cannot be stopped, for water knows no end
Was I alive before you?
Or was life so cruel to me?
Forever together, I pray to God
We will be my love ---
It became so sweet after being so hard
You gave life to my heart
And helped me to forget all its agonies
If I say I love you, it will never be enough
Even if I glance away, my eyes will resonate my feelings
Your love appeared like a ray of light
Like the seafloor lit with the sun’s rays
Appeared like a dawn that cut the night’s pain in two
Rainfall ending the years of drought
Come closer…much closer, I need to feel your happiness
Come closer, please my love, and make me
Feel alive
My first Arabic poem in English thanks to Elisabeth Horan
Angie May Feb 2014
Find me in the forest
hiding from the rain
I'm closer to my God here
I'm closer to my mother

Every step I take
is sacred
every breath I borrow
full of life
I'm happier than I've been
I'm happy here with you
Water running
birds singing
frogs calling
as the wind teases my hair
I'm closer to my God here
I'm closer to my Mother

Watch the sun set
and paint the sky
pastel shades
the stars come out
one by one
and the full moon shines down
I'm closer to my God here
I'm closer to my Mother

I could stay
on my roof forever
I could watch dead stars twinkle
until my last breath
is returned
when I'm up here
I'm one step closer to home
When I'm here
I'm closer to my God
I'm closer to my Mother

I'm closer to my God
I'm closer to my Mother

I'm closer to home
I'm almost home
Writing about my spiritual beliefs today
Linn Hernried Apr 2018
falling                                                          ­                                              




closer                                                           ­                              .
               c                                                             bird
                   lose                                        a
                                 r                      like
                                         and  fly
birds nr. 1
Jayd Green Apr 2015
come closer, boy
taste yourself in my veins
come closer, boy
to the edge, hold my reins
hold my throat
in your fist
a damaged soul
colouring those lips i kissed

come closer, boy
close your eyes close your eyes close those
******* eyes
you can only see me in the half light
come closer, boy
only when you're lonely at night
i'll take it upon myself to leave you

gasping for breath
weak, and undressed
until you call me closer
closer and closer still
with your blue eyes
those ******* eyes
and you read me
your writing

so perfect,
come closer you say
to whisper the prose in my ear
i have to come closer still
to hear the murmurs
of your poetry
while you stroke my thigh and
call me pretty
come closer, boy
and then its me that's weak
Courtney Gaura Jan 2015
This is a day
Of new beginnings
Or so they say
Of fresh starts
But what about yesterday
Of new hope
In any way
Of forgetting the past and looking forward
Do I forget those who didn't stay  (alive )
This is a day
Where it is just one more day
Closer to death
Closer to pain
Closer to love
Closer to loss
Closer to hate
Closer to joy
Closer to the end
So yes this is a day
But not one that means anything to me
This is a day
I think it's true when they told me I'm a cynic. ...........
s u r r e a l Jun 2016
For you knew of the girl whose cheeks were so pink, they'd be mistaken for sweet peas.
And whose skin could be misplaced for dogwood.
Tongue as innocent as the boy that cried wolf,
And eyes as golden as yore.

You knew of that girl, count every school day,
Where she walked through the door, head bowed and heart prayed.
'neath those bangs, whose color is as dark as our breaths, and as shiny as false tree,
Whose eyes--exotic--bluer--bluer than a thumbtack and bluebells set out by sea.

Whose eyes are mismatched by plentiful lips--small as the silver spec on my shoe,
And shimmered 'neath sterile light, as if she kissed the face of Mt. Rushmore, too.
With those high lips and V-line chin, which connected with her pencil neck to her petite body,
No ******* or bottom, with legs as thin as stilts and as blinding as our phones,
She holds the body of a cradle, and sings like a tongue-less canary.

Always kempt and proper--her hair tied back with a lovely noose.
And shoes worry not of dirt--for she never played outside.
Resting 'neath maple-wood trees like a bunny--face and knees tucked by arms, and that's where they reside.
Many boys had asked for her hand in play, but that bunny went deeper--deeper into the flesh hole she burrowed.
"Painfully shy, she was." They said.
And that pain was her devil.

For you knew not the cause of those florid, pink, cheeks.
Whose purpose means nothing but dead machines.
Whose eyes rung bright--struck the world alight,
Yet, they themselves could not see.

For you knew of the girl whose cheeks were so pink, they'd be mistaken for vintage bust,
And whose skin could be misplaced for bile.
Whose eyes mistaken for lust,
And face mistaken for tile.

For you knew of the girl whose cheeks were so pink, they'd be mistaken for heat,
And whose skin could be misplaced for bleach.
For again and again and again, the belt beats.
And hello to endless ******.

For if you drew closer and closer--and closer, you see,
Blue waters and purple veins clash--wash again and again 'gainst land--and befit the word: queer.
For if you drew closer and closer--and closer, you see,
Innocence knows no bounds and eyes no longer see flavor,
For if you drew closer and closer--and closer, you see,
Exotic eyes bled--rained--pink--and pink--and pink with grand fervor...!
For sometimes it may frighten you to know,
Not all persons are truly healthy,
even those who you hold truly dear.

— The End —