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My mother, the queen of my heart
Eternal love that will never depart

You gave me life and soul
Your name is on my heart wall

I see the world with your eyes
You are the true love that never lies

You feel my pain before I say
I love you more every day

Whenever I feel lonely and desperate
You're always there, you're never late

Your love is always there for free
Without you, I would never be

Mom was the first word I said
The first thought in my head

You have every beat my heart sends
You're the backbone that never bends

When you smile, I feel secure
When I am sick, you are the cure

Stay with me and never say bye
Without you, my heart will die
The Nile has been running here for millions of years
Carrying all the good and removing our fears

I built the first great civilization on earth
I eliminated the world thirst and dearth

I was born a soldier defending my land
Sacrificing my life for a grain of its sand

Anubis and Horus are forever ready
Protecting Egypt and always steady

I am a pharaoh and here is my fate
Teaching the world how to love not to hate

The Nile is my blood that flows in my veins
Look into my face to see Egypt's mounts and plains

The map of Egypt is carved into the wall of my heart
I taught the world the first writing, music and art

I am the sleepless eye that protects Egypt from any harms
Who dares to get closer and Egypt is between my arms

I command every Egyptian to stand upright
To defend our beloved by day and night

Pharaohs become lions in battlefield
Right and faith are always our shield

The Nile is life artery in time of thirst
That's why we always put it first

Egypt always seeks for peace and justice
Always make them her regular practice

Egypt never seeks for war or conflict
Egypt is the land of love you all expect

If war is imposed on Egypt and its land
Anubis is carrying his spear in each hand

Horus is above fluttering his wings
Celebrating the victory he always brings

Egypt can protect herself against devils of hell
Ask the Hyksos, Tatars and all those who once fell

Ahmose, Mina and Hatchepsout are always there
Sending to the world all the love, peace and care

Peace has always been our first call
That's why Egypt will never fall
Beyond the far cloud in the vast sky
I built you  a palace of stars so high

Where your eyes lighten the universe
And spread love hearts can't express

Let's live a legendary love with no end
Help me fix a broken heart and mend

A heart waiting for you before life
Tasting every pain and endless strife

Looking into your eyes pushes life into my vein
Like a desert  that first tastes drops of rain

Your hair is like waves of a very calm sea
Into my soul your love  is a deep rooted tree

I will always water our love tree with my soul
Each leaf carrying our names and will never fall

Beyond the far cloud I have been waiting
For two souls that will always be mating

You shone like a bright sun ending my night
You will be always there in front of my sight

Away from you I no longer exist
Between your arms I find my rest

With you life smiles, stars dance and sing
I owe you the happiness you always bring

Beyond the far cloud I offer you my heart
It is just the beginning, it is a simple start

Will you accept the present my dear
And end my pain, suffering and fear?

Waiting for you beyond the far cloud
My heart is calling your name aloud

Don't be late, don't let my heart down
Into your sea, I am always ready to drown
When you smile to me
I drown into your see

A smile wipes away the world ugliness
It settles down my heart's mess

It gives my life a meaning
It stops my heart's bleeding

It makes me alive again
It gives the desert rain

It makes me forget anything bad
It makes me happy after being sad

It lightens the darkness of my night
It gives the sun much more light

It stops wars and hurricanes
It eliminates all people's pains

It creates a unique state
It brings the best fate

It makes the sky in joy fly
It makes the rock in joy cry

Your smile is the secret of my happiness
Keep smiling, it is truly priceless
All my life,  looking for my soulmate
Sent straight from my good fate

Carrying eternal happiness in her eyes
Having a tender heart that never lies

Her smile lightens the whole earth
Her eyes are the world's wealth

On seeing her, I forget my name
My breathing stops and can't blame

Because of her, I forget every pain
Her love flows smoothly in every vein

With every beat, my heart calls her
Saying her name, longing for her care

When she shows up, birds swing
My heartbeats dance and sing

Opening my eyes, seeing no one
Her beauty exceeds the warm sun

In a very cold lonely night
Her eyes hold me so tight

She is the the love I always wait for
She is the love I never tasted before
Walid Abdallah Dec 2020
أنا نخلةٌ العظماءِ جئتُ وها هنا بيت فسيحٌ ضمّ فيه نخيلا
قد أودعَ الربُ في قلبي محبتَهم والعشقُ للقلب كم أرداهُ، كم قيلا
سقاني العُرب ماءً فيه حبهُمُ فكأنني لِحياتِهم صُبحًا وقِنديلا
أنا مَورد العزِّ - بل إن قلتُ - عزهُمُ أنا صِحة القومِ، ما صاحَبتُ عزريلا
غربت جذوري للأعماقِ عُمقًا ليس قَليلا
كَنَفٌ للأعرابِ من الإجدابِ حتى صار الجوعُ مُستحيلا
وهيبةٌ للقاصِدِ والمحتاجِ وكلِّ من كان دَربه طَويلا
وأوراقي وقشي في خدمة الأنعامِ، فهل رأيتَ بديلا ؟
وكم أخرجتُ رطبًا وتمرًا وكم أنتجتُ في الدنيا فسيلا
أنا صامدٌ صلبٌ متينٌ، أُقاسِي الدهر، لا أغدو قتيلا
كم عِشتُ في الوادي، ومر دهورُنا، وحِصنًا كنتُ لهُمُ دليلا
فلتذكُروا القرآنَ، ها أنا قائمٌ، فلتذكروا التوراةَ والإنجيلا
قد كنت سقيفةَ العلماء ولعوائد الأعراب نيلا
سأبقى للصحراءِ رمز جمالِها فقُطُوفها قد ذُلِّلَت تذليلا
لا رونقًا في الصحراء يمكن أن يصير لي بديلا
An Arabic version of my poem Palm tree 🌴
Walid Abdallah Dec 2020
I am a palm tree in the vast space
The desert is my home, my place

The Arabs are my folks everywhere
They water me with love and care

I am the symbol of their glory and wealth
I am the source of their dignity and health

In the middle of the desert standing upright
Witnessing every moment of joy and fight

My roots go down to the deepest earth
I protect Arabs from famine and dearth

I feed everyone passing by and every astray
Every animal feeds on my leaves and hay

I am the first food Arabs ever know
I stand still whenever storms blow

I have saved people of desert through the ages
Read history books and tour religious pages

I have been the shelter of the different prophets
I have been the wealth of Arabs and their profits

I am the beauty of desert, I am the palm tree
I am the absolute beauty man's eyes can see
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