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 Apr 2016 Rachel
Allyson Walsh
I never wished for my feathers
To catch fire
Unsure of who made me
This way

Losing my brilliance was never
My desire
My finale was

Someone once told me
That fire heals wounds
"To cauterize is to
Stop the bleeding"

This new discovery
Completely consumed.
Becoming anew
Was intriguing

The time then came
For the heat and the haze
These moments both petrifying  
And exhilarating

I touched the dark
Before I embarked
Forming from embers while I

I am reborn
For myself

I am a phoenix.
my beautiful sister,
what made you plunge so deep into the darkness?
was the high just so enticing?
was it a craving for the sting of the needle
as you shoved it through your porcelain skin?
was our love not enough for you?
was it not enough for you to stay?
I wish I knew
why you hated yourself
so much
that your demons forced you
to crave the numbness
and you willingly listened.
I hate you for making my thoughts race,
Is she still alive?
Was there anything I could have done to
prevent this?

But I love you for leaving me with old childhood memories.
my beautiful sister,
I am begging
for you,
to return home.
i have been placed on to a pedestal.
for every one to gawk at and be repulsed by.
I do not hate these people for judging what I've done.
I'm an animal
trapped in a cage
but understanding when a finger is pointed my way and the booming voices shout
And what tears my insides apart
is that I have not only
my friends,
but also myself.
I despise what I see in the mirror;
even the existence of my being.
how can the unforgivable
be forgiven?
Forever will never be enough.
Time will never last long enough.
I was never strong enough
to keep you safe.
I was told I would never be good enough,
you proved them wrong at first.
Holding my hand, while caressing my heart with your passion of life.
But now you've ruined it all.
By using the hands you held onto mine so strongly with to end your own life.
Now I'm told that you saw the real me,
and wanted no part.
I can see right through the lies..
but oh
you selfish ******* you.
You left me, alone and confused.
all the while of never
thinking to hand me back my heart
you ruined me.
completely and infinitely;
I will always remain broken.
 Mar 2015 Rachel
Laura Haze
20 mg
 Mar 2015 Rachel
Laura Haze
I swallow 20mg a day
I stay quiet next to you
I don't tell you you're the most beautiful thing I've seen in months
I know you're hungry
You don't eat your mother’s dinner
You eat me instead
I'm trying to find a way to tell you that your a heaven sent angel with a fat halo
But you grab at me and I can't speak clearly
My life with you have been episodes of this:

Departure, love, destruction and departure again
I scream you want it
you asked for it
you stood in my doorway wanting me
drawn to me like moth to a flame
Just come here again
Let me turn you over and hurt you again
my mind has gone to depths
no normal person could even comprehend.
some things aren't meant to be thought,
they should be kept
hidden in
the darkest caves of your membrane.
never to be spoken to others.
because if those words were to be spoken,
people would then know
that you are different.
and to society, different is bad.
drowning in my own sorrows,
tender heart shattering at memories.
skin breaking open,
because isn't that what he wanted?
tear drenched face,
no hope for tomorrow.
I'm doing this for him,
he told me to do this.
he told me to end myself.
I'm following my orders.
because it's a sin
your father.
and now I know you were never a man,
you always will be something much less than that.
with the devils heart in your chest; a black hole.
Your tongue is a roaring fire. Reminding me that you are in control.
With snakes for arms,
Gripping my throat;
Unable to breathe,
Unable to speak.
You are a parasite.
One that seems to always come back,
No matter how many times
I say 'No.'
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