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Laura Haze Apr 16
I fell asleep in my bed and woke up in the rain
I sit up and watch it, I cry in your name
I dragged my body down the street last night,
bled outside your door.
nobody saw me
Laura Haze Aug 2018
there is a ghost in your room, gum on your wall
you hit me, bruised me on your bed.
i get lost when i'm alone at night,
no pain to guide me home
no blood to feed my soul.
show me to suffer,
devastate me with your hands.
i'm nothing without you to hurt me
hurt, pain, sad,
Laura Haze Aug 2018
i fall out of my head
when i don't know where you are
you could not have been an angel
you never got that far
but i still don't know where you are
Laura Haze May 2016
I crawl out of my skin
My bones crack open
My desires leave my body
My heart is volatile
My blood fleeting from my veins
If my skin was a mirror
I'd shatter violently
I am unknown, faceless in the dark
Laura Haze Dec 2015
All I see is copper toned flesh
Your saliva tastes like cherries that are just about to burst

I know you like me in white,
Crying over your body as if you were a deity

Your hands unravel on me like peach ribbons
My pores ooze desire

The night shade smothers us like a blanket
Our hearts blackened by tenderness

I get lost in the curvature of your mouth
You are found under my skin
Laura Haze Oct 2015
The sun boils over me
Hot flesh never smells sweet

There's still a God
He stares at me in streets
Burning my feet under asphalt

I don't know his name
But I'm sure he could take the swell of our star
And lick salty sweat

Your heat creates blisters in my skin
I'm feverish now;
The steam only rises higher

The sun never ceases creating craters in my layers
Laura Haze Oct 2015
Stop darting your eyes lover,
Believe me when I lie to you.
This is not blood on my hands,
Just cherry ridden love.

Let me spread you apart against my body.
I leave you purple;
Wondering how lips could have such depth.

You are the color of the moon
Pure in complexion,
But I am ravenous, lover
My hands are harsh on the skin.

I might be black and blue,
But I'm pink and gold for you.
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