Quettevio Jan 4

because we are
living poetry,
breathing words
walking the street of songs
feeling the essence of life
in between our fingers,
at the tip of our tongue,
at the top of our lungs.

Quettevio Aug 2017

when i made this promise, the silver linings are surfacing;

or so i thought.

then things happened, harsh words came time and time again
between careless tongue and restless mind and regret
that came a little too late.

and that's how the heart gets hurt.

so here they are, twinkling in my hand like cold stars--hello again,

--it was a nice three months and i thought i would never have to
hurt you again.

here is for another promise i broke.

                           - for every inch of skin i have slashed in attempt to
                                                             ­                        make myself pay.

Quettevio Jul 2017

and when they ask you what was i in your life tell them i was the sun. tell them i gave life to your mornings and you could not live without me yet you turned your face away because my light was too strong.

Quettevio Jul 2017

three years,

and you thought only people

could leave.

Quettevio May 2017

i passed a bridge today.

there was a lake below, green and sparkling and tempting; promising peace and solitude.

the bridge was red and long, and i was stomping my feet;
trying so hard
not to jump.

Quettevio Apr 2017

embrace your scars,
wear them proudly like bracelets on your wrist,
kiss them like a lover,
they are just like you;
they want to be wanted, to be seen
by you.

let them know you are not ashamed of them
let them speaks your worst nights and thoughts,
your scarred past,
your helplessness,
for you.

Quettevio Mar 2017

i watched her suffer when the first one was going to a medical school,
knew she would spent years ahead in hell trying to defend her,

i watched her suffer when the second was going to college
and she couldn't afford a proper addition course to make her feel more confident,

i watched her suffer when the third was going to follow the others,
and she was slamming herself bones by bones to make sure she had all the sources,

i watched her suffer and suffer and suffer
for everyone but herself,
and if that doesn't enough to break me in every way possible,
i don't know what else will do.

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