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CeilingStar Jan 2019
Cutting up pink paper. It crumbles between my fingers. I throw its balled up crinkly form into a used bowl. Stomach balled up. At the table. Sickly light, illuminating more than the table. Half eaten lamb, bones sticking up. The paper rips in tune to the stifling hurried frantic talking. Choking sobs, I am as strangled as the bound up meat. Lid on the cream. Lid on the situation. Please let it end, I would wish the ground would swallow me up, holding my crystal wine glass, but it already has. Foundations of my life have cracked and crumbled. Balled up like the pink paper roses I made, tossed into the used bowl. Tossing them like the feelings I wish would be torn off the bone like new years day lamb. Tossing them into the bin and watching as they scatter away from each other forever.

Short short story
CeilingStar Dec 2018
And when you utter those words
The ones I placed in your mouth
The ones I asked for
The ones I long for
It's still just as reaffirmingly sweet
As the times you wrap them around me
Like a brand new silk shawl
On my shoulders quivering with vulnerability

You'll do anything for me
CeilingStar Dec 2018
Slather me
with all your colours

Brush your rosy pinks
into my cheeks

That glowing
suns kiss yellow
that you stole
from the sun
to add a glint
to my smile

The tangerines
you squeezed onto
my soft cushioned lips

An ethereal blue
that you took
drop by drop
from the oceans
to trickle into my
flirting eyes

Your warm olive
brown skin that
you let seep into
my insides

The blood red
that you let
pool around me to
keep me warm

I'll hold onto them for you

  Nov 2018 CeilingStar
Ariana Bagley
I love him
I tell myself
I know that
We will be together forever
I don’t believe that
We could be separated
My thoughts tell me that
He’s the love of my life
Sometimes my heart lies and says
I could live an eternity
Without him
Like my friends say
“We’re perfect for each other”
And you can’t tell me
He’s not the one.

Now read from bottom to top.
CeilingStar Nov 2018
Intwined and ornate
Your hand a permanent fixture on my starving hips
Decor draped
Blanketing my cushioned lips
Flowing over curves and angles

Our own knitted home
Featuring every blush and brown tone
Tears crystallized into ornate pillars poised
Our light breath like a foggy void
Blurring up the windows, a spreading shimmer
In our home we live like comfy sinners

CeilingStar Oct 2018
You are like ivy creeping and embedding yourself in spirals around my limbs

Poison slowly creeping into my very flesh, my very being

What is it about you that makes my lungs heave with distaste

You are a wolf in sheepskin

Your soul a grotesque knarly fungus, toxins settling around you like a shield
But your exterior a brilliantly bright red

You invite others in, only to realise your glowing, vibrant colours have been forged from using and discarding others
******* those around you dry
Forcing yourself into every little crevice

I hate growing next to you, stealing all my light, all my nutrients, all my life

And I bet when you no longer require my prescence you will give absolutely no second thought to tearing me limb from torso to feed that rabid wolf inside you

I bet it's lonely on that 'moral' high ground you keep telling me about, looking down at the rest of my humble flock

I bet one day you will realise you are actually growing on top of an ants hill, not a mighty moral mountain

Enjoy your own company, since you're clearly too good for anyone else's
Since you would rather poison everything around you

Everyone hates poison ivy

P.s. tried to use the combination of juxtaposing two different metaphors here, kind of switching between the two, hope it worked
CeilingStar Oct 2018
At this exact second
someone, somewhere
is so elated
they could burst
into dazzling fractals
of every colour

Right now
a polar bear
lays it's wearily
weighted head down
on the ice
to never
get back up again

At the same time
a simple soul
is laying in bed
unable to sleep
restlessly but contentedly
writing a poem
curled up
in the small
of their partners back

This very minute
someone sent their
last goodbyes
tied to a loved one
on a burning pyre
sailing swiftly
into the horizon
along with
their own happiness

And at this hour
a whole person
lost a piece of themselves
so largely irreplaceable
that they couldn't
possibly ever
fill that empty hole
except with a
salty sea
of tears

As one sun sets
another one rises

As one dims and wobbles
throwing it's last
lowly tendrils
of dull grainy light,

Another sun is rising
strong and high
shining beams
so piercing,
shards of light
so blinding,
that you couldn't
hope to hide
from it's warm
content embrace

Right this second
someone bellows with laughter
while others weep and bleed

Every single event
is happening
right now

So maybe this
will get better

When I'm taking things for granted I like to remember there's people with a lot less
- it puts things into perspective
And likewise, when I am sad, i like to imagine someone somewhere is having the happiest time of their life
- it makes me feel better knowing the world isn't always a sad place
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