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You're supposed to only have water in my school
But soda is water too with a color
So what's the hassle?
 Feb 2016 nika
Julia O'Neary
Women that are like water are
afraid of men who are like mountains.
We move freely downhill toward
the ocean and get carried away
by the tides, swept away by
opportunity, and circumstance,
not stopping to think of the
stability that rocks can offer.

When I see a mountain I
only see the ways in which
we would torture each other.
I would seep into his cracks trying
to know the in's and the out's
of him only to have him
freeze me out.

Water when it freezes
becomes solid.
Love when you freeze it
becomes solid,
expands and breaks that
which tried to contain it.
Please don't try to contain me

I can't change what I am
I do not deserve your strength
you do not deserve my indecisiveness
Please do us both a favor, walk away
Save us both from this sadness.
I'm not sure if this is finished but I like the similes.
 Jan 2016 nika
Thunder and the lightning it heralds ravage the earth some distance to my right
Rain will soften the blow    

Up and to the left
A waxing moon shines high and bright

Despite the clouds
it makes for a gentle night      
I think of oceans and sisters
and childhood dreams
Oceans and gems
and bottomless stairs
Trees and fruit  
The lightning could be above my shoulders
and the moon could be inside my chest      
The rain could be her touch    
and I could be in love

So think of me when you fall asleep  
Because I may be thinking of you
I'll hold you in every dying light
and against a torrent of thoughts    

I'll breathe you in        
and you can breathe me out  
I don't know how to tell you about the lightning and the moon and the rain and the clouds and the thunder
Except to say      

I ******* love you
 Jan 2016 nika
Brushed Forest
 Jan 2016 nika
I can't hear him over the sound of his own weak resolve
I can't hear her over the chasm of years gone by and years to come

I lied.
They thought the problem solved.

At night I would trace lines on angels' hands
Three times

I ate of the jungle and slept by the river
He breathed in the fire and kept in the sick.
He listened
He had a story for every scar
But I did not
I would have carved roses from bone and skin
and given them to her
He'd face an army if they tried to take the same from him

And her  
Eyes now dry of that which once stained them
A witch with no wish
save for those for herself
A mountain out of a molehill, who painted her lips with sin.

Then there's the people outside of myself

A man with broken knuckles, handing out toffeed sweets.
Parents with cigarette stained lips
and mother and father
caught in their game.
Without and within
Et fin

Because I want to spend more of my time
drinking water from glass bottles
and asking her to tell me about the weather.
 Oct 2015 nika
Mike Essig
my soul
and let me
drape you
in the black
silken lace
of my heart.
  - mce
rp weezy
 Oct 2015 nika
heed over heels
*** over ***
I fell for it
Written August 4th 2012
found while scrolling through my Unlisted poems
it made me laugh over 3 years later so I finally made Public :)
(more likely I just forgot it was there) :D
 Oct 2015 nika
raine cooper
 Oct 2015 nika
raine cooper
some doors shouldn't be opened, but humans have such a violent need to be loved,
so we break the locks and let the demons in
 Oct 2015 nika
 Oct 2015 nika
I was high on flowers
But ready to inhale winter
 Oct 2015 nika
 Oct 2015 nika
it took
the smell
of coffee grounds
and smokey burnt wood
13 days
to finally escape
from the thick fabrics
of my favorite sweatpants
and I promised myself
I'd never let you
burrow away
into the deepest parts
of me
just to keep warm;
23 nights from November
and I'm still digging you out
from underneath my skin.
and that Sunday night
at 12:37 AM;
remnants of
melted rouge kisses
from the surface
of the birthmark
on your left shoulder-blade
when I traveled across
the terrains
of every inch
of your back
with my bottom lip;
than the sugarcanes in my tea
sending chills
up every bone
in my body
and I knew you
had finally found your home
for the winter.

Copyright ©  2015 Alyssa Packard
All Rights Reserved
if only I knew I'd one day have to stop loving you
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