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Julia O'Neary Jan 2016
I don't write about the fall,
Only about hitting the ground.
Imagine my surprise when
He caught me instead.
Julia O'Neary Oct 2015
I never had someone touch me like
I was made of glass and his touch
Made me feel like diamonds.
So sweet and it made me cry,
Tears hot and full fell down
My check, over a smile.
Resurrected, by his kind soul,
I am alive again.
Julia O'Neary Sep 2015
I've named this pain after you.
An ache in my belly, it burns,
Simmers below my heart that
Keeps beating in spite of it.
**** I wish this was a metaphor.
Julia O'Neary Sep 2015
I miss him the way lilies
Miss the Sun at midnight,
And I long for his return
The way the tides long for
The Moon when it is full.
Julia O'Neary Sep 2015
The Black Cat watches
me with green eyes,
***** it's head to one side.
I stare back blinking,
fumbling over my footing.
I let him cross my path,
and feel the pain of
nostalgia as he slinks away.
Julia O'Neary Sep 2015
You make me stupid happy.
So happy that I can't write
smart poetry,
I can only speak in cliches.
I can only see red roses
and blue violets, but
your eyes are bluer
than I ever thought
I deserved to look at.
When you sleep,
I can't see them,
but I feel your arms
wrapped around my body,
and I feel safer than I ever
thought I could with a man.
I'll gladly give you everything
because you have given me
the greatest gift.
Not love, but trust.
Julia O'Neary Sep 2015
For 116 days you
occupied my heart and
most of my thoughts.
My skin was branded
when you left on day 83.
Every familiar sight, sound,
touch, smell, taste reminded
me of you...

Last night (day 117),
I kissed someone new,
and none of him
reminded me of you.
I let his hands wander,
let him steal my
breathe, but
not my heart.

Today I set my calendar
back to day 1.
My days belong to me.

I am free of you,
and I miss the feeling
of missing you...
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