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nika May 2016
you are the chaos storm
that I've been waiting for
for a home to
taste the lips of a love
loving me in all of my forms
for the love of god
stay with me and never leave
my sin behind without
but the bite marks in my skin
will not be lost
to the chaos under yours
your teeth drag the chaos out of
spend the rest of your eternity
eternally within my grasp
to truly grasp what I mean
when I say I am yours
sincerely and bound
to your soul by mine
to a perfect fit
that's fitting to your tastes
marry me
your answer into a chaotic forever
where I never have to be without
nika Mar 2016
Kiss me
On the lips
And feel
My love
For you
Then wander
Down my neck
To where
My heart
Stutters and
An uneven

Touch me
On the cheek
And feel
My love
For you
Then drag
Your fingers
Down to my chest
To where
My skin
And my *******

Hold me
In your arms  
And feel
My love
For you
Then press
Every inch of me
Against you
To where
My need
Your need

Wet me
From the inside out
And feel
My love
For you
Then taste
My depths
Wave by wave
To where
My ecstasy
As a moan
Your cue

Want me
Every inch
And feel
Your need
For me
Then kiss
Your way
Up my body
To where
Our eyes
And we become
The two-backed beast

**** me
Like you love me
And feel
My being  
Then wait
Move closer
Lean into me
To where
Our bodies
And we become

Make love to me
Bare your soul
And feel
Our love
As it burns
Then I'll whisper
I love you
As you move deeper
To where
We shake with
In our

Embrace me
Skin to sweat to skin
And feel
My breath
Across you
Then keep your thoughts
On your tongue
For some time
To where
You find the words to
You love me

Kiss me
On the lips
And feel
My love
For you
Then reach
Across the sheets
In the dark
To where
Your hands find
Waiting for round
nika Jan 2016
It's all just you now
I love you, you know
And I just
I just want you
Now and
And tomorrow
The day after that too
When I'm forty
After that as well
Just you
And me
Also lots of those moments
You know
Those ones with sunlight
And crumpled sheets
Messy hair and smiles
And kissing you
Kissing you a lot
Just you
And me
Loving you
And your eyes
Because they're beautiful
And you're beautiful
I want you
Just you
For as long as you're you
And I'm me
And hopefully that's always
Even though always isn't a thing
But I'll love you always anyway
I love you
Just you
Because, well
I don't know
Because you're you
And I'm me
Loving you because
Every inch of you is for me
To love
So yeah
It's just you
And me
So just know that
That I love you
And I want to be with you
Just you
And me
Loving your voice
And laugh
Your laugh is my favourite
It's the happiest sound
Your laugh makes me happy
And you
You make me happy
So happy
You know?
I think you know
I do have a point
And my point is
I love you
Just you
A lot
That's all
It's all you
nika Dec 2015
Taste the time
Between each
To waste
The waiting
Before birds
To strip
Night's darkness
To imminent

The space
Between skin
And bone
With tenderness
We are
Broken still
Not yet
Revealed by
The unkind
Rising sun
In silhouettes
Of shattered

For the
Salty sins
Of lovers
Lending sugar
To the sour
Lives of
One another
Under covers
Woven out of
Cosmic whispers
That murmur
The word
Of morning

Kiss the thoughts
That chase
That smile
To the corners
Of your
Senseless lips
Numbed by bitter
Bit back
Before the harsh
Light of
The sun showed
The lies told
And heard

Wander through
The passing
Weaving words
Of silent
A sussurus
Of unlit streets
Telling tales
Of your small
Bare feet
Leaving little
Footprints on the
First light's breeze

Smell the desire
Caught in
Dewdrop sentiments
The madness
In the dampened
Minds of men
****** to be
Unsatisfied with
The cold moon's
Movements across
Unforgiving skies
Towards an
Carved horizon

Crawl at last
Into the light
And rest  
The remainder
Of your
Sweet sanity
That has tasted time
Untouched by shivers
Or kisses that wander
The breezes that
Smell like
Insomnia or a
Fear of the
nika Dec 2015
I am in love
With the freckles
In your right eye
The islands
That keep me from drowning
In your depths
And ground me to reality

I am in love
With the scars
Across your shoulders
That have no story
And might be burns
Familiar to my fingertips
At a single touch

I am in love
With the blue ink
Across the right of your chest
A quote from some film
About an existential crisis
Printed on skin
You're my favourite book

I am in love
With your love
For clichéd things
Like pictures of moons
And quotes that are lame
But most of all your thoughts
Of moonlit oceans and love

I am in love
With the way
You give without regret
Of the loss of money
Or time spent
Without ever expecting
Anything back

I am in love
With the mess
That you're always in
Your creased clothes
And your car
And the chaos that is
Your daily routine

I am in love
With the curls
In your ***** blonde hair
I like when its short
And looks tidy and good
But I love when its long
So I can run my fingers though it

I am in love
With the smile
You have just for me
The slightest little curve
Of your lips to the left
That makes me smile
Whether I want to or not

I am in love
With the way
That you see me as someone
That I'd like to be
As someone worthy
Of the love
You've given me

I am in love
With your hands
And how they fit every inch
Of my body just right
Like a piece of me
Just wasn't there

I am in love
With your promise
That bloomed out of silver
That you'll stay for a while
Like a drop in the ocean
Caught in a hand that might
Be able to hold onto it

I am in love
With you
Your chaos
Your flaws
Your promise
Your love
nika Nov 2015
maybe lungs were built for floods
and maybe
just maybe
that's enough

maybe hearts were built for flames
and maybe
just maybe
love is tame
nika Nov 2015
I've learned a thing or two
that I was never taught
and no one ever told me
things I picked up
along the way
like burrs stuck to the end
of my sleeve

If you don't want them to know
that you kissed that boy
then don't wear red lipstick
(or any dark shade)
that might leave a mark
across his pretty little face
or on his rosebud lips

Don't put out a cigarette
and then light it again
it'll have a bad taste
(no matter how recent)
the same goes for old flames
don't light them again
it will never feel the same

Some people are friends
and others are not
try to come to peace with this
(if you succeed tell me how)
try not to try so very hard
to impress the indifferent
with who you are not

The very best company
will always be your own
so get to know yourself
(even if you don't like yourself)
take yourself out for coffee
and catch up on the events that have
transpired since your last moment alone

Start a coin jar
to keep on your shelf
and empty your pockets into it
(everytime you get home)
keep it there for minor emergencies
like greasy takeout at 2am
or a sorely needed pack of smokes

Have a plan for the future
don't wait till you're there
to map out your journey in a hurry
(though nothing will happen as you plan it)
your ideas will change constantly
but you will always be moving forward
towards a destination

Do not ever in your life
leave an empty milk carton
in the refrigerator
(this applies to all things in life)
just simply replace it
do not make it a problem
for the next person in want of milk

Don't ask questions
you don't want to know
the answer to
(don't be curiosity's *****)
know your mind enough
to know the things
you do not want to know

Don't be with someone who
doesn't think you're beautiful
first thing in the morning
(and tells you so repeatedly)
you will never be content with
one another if coffee is the only
thing that makes you feel alive at 5am

And finally
paint with the big brush
outside of the lines
use every color you can find
do so with passion
and you will be unstoppable
and content
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