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  May 2018 Yasmine
Akira Chinen
She was a plague of desire
a dance of syllables
just out of the reach of his tongue
a name that was a prayer
written on the skin of his heart

a language he couldn’t speak
except when  lost in the trance
of a dream boiling over
with the lust running mad in his blood

a fever burning inside his bones
to feel her tremble against his lips
and wandering fingertips
that travel the forbidden paths
along her spines skin of pleasure

the quite hush of gods making flesh
to be blessed with the secrets
of honey and blood
to be poured over
and flow from the pulse
and the rhythm
of the lost art of making love
while dancing in beds
made out of the shadows of sin

a quite lullaby roaring
from under his pillow
that made his ears desperate
with longing to hear
the songs that play
from within the cage of her ribs

a place of hunger
that could only be satisfied
when left with wanting more
of the blood and the flesh
and the body of her rapture
when lost in the euphoria
of finding love under blankets
woven from lust
and where no pleasure
is stained with the guilt
or definition of sin
Yasmine Jan 2018
I took a shot at “I love you”
but the bullet hit me instead
somehow, it split in half
and hit both my heart and head

my mouth was a trigger
and my thoughts were ammunition
the weapon was fully loaded
but there was no warning for caution

once the gun was fired
there was nothing I could do
the shot was heard around the world
but my whole world was you

I collapsed onto the floor
and nobody sounded alarms
I just wanted to be held
in your bare arms

you had so much anger,
enough to fill war tanks,
I tried to engage in combat
but I was just firing blanks

you gauged the aftermath
and claimed it was collateral damage
but the war was never fair
you always held the advantage
Yasmine Jul 2017
the only things we share
are mutual hatred and air
  Apr 2017 Yasmine
i wrote a lot of great poetry when i was in love
i wrote even better poetry when i was in pain
i wrote the best poetry when i realized that the two emotions were actually the same.
Yasmine Mar 2017
through words,
I heal my wounds
by completely exposing them
Yasmine Mar 2017
like an ocean,
you appear to be warm
because you reflect
the sun's light
but truly
you're so cold

like an ocean,
I can't be quite sure
of your depth
until I have dove in
and sunk
to the bottom
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