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3.4k · Jun 2013
Sweet Pear
A pear is a seed my darling dear
And if You, my sweet pear, was a sapling
it would take a thousands years
for You to be as wise as the young redwood tree
in the forest by the salty sea

You don't pick the buds off the rose bush
expecting them to blossom in Your possessive hand
You wait for the perfect moment for the bud to open
sharing her beauty with the sunlight
only then allowing You to gaze at her full glory

And a whole year has gone by for the tree
in which You call home to bloom,
The tree that provides a safe haven for You to ripen
in a burrow between her leaves
protecting You from harsh nights

My dear fruit, You are not ripen yet
You have a couple more months
bloom my sweet pear
if You are too hasty
and allow the nats to gorge on Your splendor
then You will no longer be of value to anyone

I will discard You
my lips will never kiss Your gorgeous skin
You will never be chosen at the market
tucked away in a basket
given as a precious gift.
You will be thrown
mixed into compost
to live the rest of Your days
rotting, unhappy, until You die;
A spoiled little fruit.
3.3k · May 2014
Maya Angelou
I don’t want to read anything about or

or from Maya Angelou

I don’t want.

I don't want to be sad

I know she must have been an amazing person

No, she had to be an amazing person

but I only heard her name once or twice

once or twice

in my life time, in her life time

So I don’t want to be sad that she is gone

That I never knew her

I don’t want to be sad

I don't want to be sad about not reading her material when she was alive.

Not knowing

I just don’t want to feel that way

Not knowing her

Rest in peace, beautiful human being.
Love is beautiful
Patience and kind
Movie star kisses
Making passionate love
Paints a pretty picture
But lets get down to the nitty gritty
*** is ******* good
Rough and passionate
But the next day can be filled with regret
The next ******* day is plan b
And why don't people *** after *** on the television?
Thats a urinary tract infection waiting to happen
Or yeast infection
What the  televison doesn't t tell you
you can get hpv with a ****** on
Hpv leads to cancer
(but not all strands- you still got hope)
maybe a chance you already have hpv
Because almost every sexually active person will have it at one point in their life
What the television doesnt tell you
after **** some girls will have to take a huge ****
And most girls don't like ****
It hurts every ******* time
What the television doesn't tell you
how to use proper protection
That you can be rubbed raw
Get a hernia during ***
Sometimes its pretty ******* bad ***
Its not pretty
It can be awkward
It can be silly
and you do not need to act ****
What the telly doesn't tell you
Is how it doesn't matter about the age you loose it but when you have the emotional intelligence to go through with it
Even then you do not know that you have opened Pandora's box
You do not know what you think you know
The specialist are still figuring out ****** hygiene
So the next time you watch the television and you see the **** stars or teen lovers
It is not so easy
*** is complicated
But can be good and worth it with the right person
No matter what age or relation
When the walls started closing in
and my brain turned to syrup
I slid down into a stupor
My mother makes me strawberry/mango Italian soda
the sluggishness liquefies
my brain becomes active
the bubbles floating my thoughts to the top.
When my vision is narrowed
and the fire is lit within
burning the inside's out
pass me some of that pop
and its the little things that matter

Observant servant to the soul
Not even owning your own body
glitch glitch glitch
all over my face
can't say a word without a fight
stuck in my head, can't get out
Maybe if I keep talking the words
will sometimes maybe came come from my mouth

My thoughts suffocating me
My head aches
Please please no more
I want to step out
looking outside the bagel shop
calmed my mind
2.0k · Nov 2013
My boyfriend told me


he thinks I am the sexiest


when I just come out of the shower


and my hair is slicked back.

I think its nice because

I think I am the ugliest


I just come out of of the shower


and my hair is slicked back

and he doesn't even know


1.8k · Jun 2013
Romantic Comedy
I feel like my life is like a romantic comedy,
except without the romantic part
or the comedy.

*Just a bunch of *******.
1.6k · Jul 2013
So silly of me
I am putting on a good front
numb, drowning in the sea
a lullaby and a wish good night

Lying on the bed listening to slow murmurs
watching the wind blow through the old tree
hear the howling, banging on the tin roof

Cold winter afternoon
hiding in disguise
mind in a daze
pleasantly my demise

relish the sweet sound
the creaking of a door, somewhere in another room
soft foot steps on floor in the moon-lit room
A melody I hum
a song from me to you

a solo dance with no audience
the sense of content from being alone
a smile that no once sees
a secret whispered to the empty house

The sight of dandelions
spin me in the past
picking flowers for my mother, on a hot summer's day
screaming, crying, scratching from the hives
it was worth it just to see her smile for a while

Accidentally impinge a memory
seeing an old face on stranger
the smallest though so valuable
sending me into trance

So silly of me
I am putting on a good front
numb, drowning in the sea
a lullaby and a wish good night
1.4k · Dec 2013
Do you ever blush so hard that you start to cry?

Do you ever blush so hard you forget where you are at?

that you are even walking?

because you feel like you are floating?

Do you forget to stop staring at their face?

It can be a stranger or the person you hold dear

It happens all the time
956 · Dec 2014
Nameless over Namesake
You asked have you ever abandoned me as a mother
How about the time I told you about the abuse my sister but me through and your response was "thats my daughter too amd you are attacking her and I have to protect her"
My emotions mean nothing to you
An exact replication of you
My emotions are not real if they are your emotions
My thoughts do not matter if they are not your thoughts
I am not your favorite so you disregard me
Blame me for everything
Its all my fault
My anger and sadness is not important
I am not important
If I killed myself I would not deem it selfish because my life is not yours and my feelings do not matter to you
But my body does and my namekin to you
909 · Oct 2014
When I die
I'm going to sigh with relief
(And if there is no after life
then I already accomplished what I want)

If the higher being asked me what I wanted to do
I would say "too sink into oblivion"

But thats too selfish
So spread my soul out thin
like you are scadering my ashes
Throw my soul out into the ocean
I will comfort all the sunken ships
Or lay me in the dirt
I will be compost for the grass to grow

Just please let me be a part of nature
I want to become a part in something that is bigger and beautiful than humanity
758 · Jun 2014
Peas from a Different Pod
Its like forcing a puzzle piece
that don't fit.
I love you
but your from a different pod
It was easier when we were young
when we were in college
and only had each other
We were so lonely
I cried myself to sleep each night
we got drunk to pass the time
watching classic movies
Falling asleep in each other's arms
soothing embrace when the nightmares came
now, I hardly sleep next to you
embracing you does not feel right
I love you
but I feel disjointed
You no longer need me
we are on two separate paths
that might never join again
We will never get married
I wont ever carry your babies
And it breaks my heart to say this.
652 · Jun 2013
Under The Fig Tree
want   like   sorry  
untitled   people  
pair   feel   touch  
just   comedy  
true   romantic   dream  
bed,   sweet   tired   child  
day;   life ;  path.  
young   mundane  
small   wise   sea  
bad   cold   years  
moist   forest  a mess  
thought   having   ripen  
mountains   far   unhappy  
the rest   looked   sad  
woke   outside  a  person  
brother   reached   dew   pines  
wind  weather    going
dear   fruit    felt    bloom        
foreseen    city    
Dark    green­    soiled    arms
protecting    slight    girl    
sleep    mind,    dreams    know­    night    
longer    morning    
good    bare    crush    
vis­it    budding    cramps   
shiver    months    haven    
ankles    underwear    shorts    
­provides    pictured    salty    
thrown    temperament   allowing   
chosen    freezing    clothes
639 · Oct 2014
Its the reason I stayed in that relationship
So mean. Abused and and used,
But I thought I saw the light
I thought "I don't know when I will see you again but I have hope."
Cried for all the world to see
It was a lie

Its probably why I believe in one night stands
There is no hope at an end of an organism
Thats probably why;
When you said I was beautiful
I stradled your body
called you a liar in mid moan

I don't believe in anything anymore
I don't believe in the future
I don't believe in him
And I sure as hell don't believe in hope

At least as a good thing
Its trickery and mischievous
Its a preempt smile
And a downward spiral
Its a lie
574 · Jun 2013
Darling Dear
Darling dear, your face is what I see
before I fall asleep
Darling dear, your face is what I see
when I wake.
I protest to thee
I am not in love
merely bored and your lips were the last I taste
Believe me darling dear,
I don't want you
just your touch
your hand on my thigh
stating "she is mine! Not yours!"
But I am not yours
I just like the color of your lips
and the way you bite your lower lip
before you grab my neck to kiss me.
Darling dear this is lust.
I hope it is that much
563 · Feb 2014
I walk the halls
I am a ghost
I barely eat
I love you
I miss you
you tore  me apart
I can still stand
but every breath
I take
its like there is
a slit in my heart
and the only thing
holding it together
are the veins
on the outside
536 · Nov 2015
I never felt like kissing another person like this
It is like I am searching
Searching for your warmth
Searching for the enclave that I can rest my body
I want to caccoon myself in your love
And I pray to God that my love radiates off of me and your skin will absorb it
I am crossing my fingers in hope that I finally found a good one
I want this love to be successful

2 years later . . . it was all a joke
I never loved him.
He loved to sit in his depression while he thought I was just a poor foreign girl- child.
**** THAT
525 · Jan 2014
Hello, Please
Hello, please
pleaded the wind
Hello, please
said the wind as it ran his fingers through your hair
I just want to be loved
I just want to be touched
but have you every touched the wind?
Do people ever love the wind?
Hello, please
cried the wind as the stranger ran by
into the warmth of the it's shelter.
No one ever wants to play with me
sobbed the wind
wont you be my friend?
Asked the wind, reaching out as you shut the door.
Hello, please*
pleaded the wind.
500 · Jun 2013
Walking Thoughts
Its cold but not bad, I said.
Yes, She said, it looks it outside.

The cold was not good, but neither bad.
It was a temperature that I could weather.
The slight breeze licked my ankles
whirling up my two bare legs
up my skirt, shirt
giving me a shiver down my spine
I no longer bothered doing my hair
because the wind very much liked to play with it.
it was a mess.
I was a mess.
I like myself enough, I would tell myself
I pictured myself in the fetal position
with my arms wrapped around my torso
like an Armadillidiidae protecting itself from a curious child.
Only a slight pinch of  two small fingers would crush me
life is fragile
and we are all delicate beings
we are like this wind
Neither good or bad
A temperament I can weather
481 · Jun 2013
I'm Sorry
I am unhappy.

I am sorry.

I am a jealous person.

I am sorry.

I am frustrated with myself and the people around me.

I am sorry.

I am tired of putting people first.

I am sorry.

Just kidding I am not sorry.

I am tired of this *******.

I am the person who puts myself through it because I just want people to be happy.
432 · May 2014
No More
My heart is quaking in my chest
a walnut resides in my throat
I feel my emotions tremble
my eye sight quivers

No more
no more
I dwell on my secondary life
Nostalgia creeps behind me like an intrepid ghost
Never more
never more

My bones feel hallow
my feet ache from their travels
my hands grow wrinkle and worn

Please no
just let me be
the vines surround flesh
Swallows me into darkness
No more
no more

I miss what once was
Yet never can come to be again
I want to go home
Home is no longer home
412 · Jun 2013
I have been having these weird sensations
where I want to reach out and touch what I am seeing.
I see the snow-capped mountains in the background of the lushes green pines.
The path is dark soiled, moist with morning dew
I want to reach out and feel it all at once
I want to feel it brush through my finger tips and down into my palm
I even dream about it
Cities and landscapes; I want to touch it all.

I am mostly sad in my dreams
My wrist cramps up
My arms ache for the feeling
but I can't touch a whole city
and I can't touch a whole forest.
403 · Jun 2013
In The Front Seat of A Car
You fiddled with my shorts

my underwear that was underneath

You told me you would visit

and you never did

I knew this lie was coming

I don’t know why but it troubles me

that there were forty before

and there will be forty more after
386 · Sep 2015
There are two kinds of mentally ill people
people who get ******* high off of this sick ride
like it is some kind of beautiful
It is like they get off on being ****** up
like ******* over someone has some grace to it
your ******* sick; cut and dry
that is all that is your reality.

and  then there people who are holding on for dear life
just waiting
waiting to die- waiting for the ride to end
it is like life is one big breath being held
When will it end?
It will never end

Mental illness feels like a penny that is stuck in your ear
an eraser eternally stuck up your nose
and itch that needs to be scratched?
do you want me to go on?

I do not like waking up on the bathroom floor every weekend
I do not like being suicidal every other year
I do not like being an nuisance to my friends and family
I do not like

I wish I did not want feel this way
I wish I was  more in control
I wish I did not see the shadows in the corner of my eyes
I wish I did not cry as often
I wish I was strong
I wish

I feel like a schizophrenic who only gets solace in music
but I am not,
I am just a person who is sad all the ******* time
no matter what is going on in my life

I think I will sleep now,
I am too tired to sleep.
381 · Jul 2015
I lost my job
Why is everyone getting black steal fences?
Is that like how the asphalt plant is hot topic in this stupid little town?
In the back of my head I stand screaming
"Nothing ******* matters! Nothing ******* matters!"
I would rather be in my own imagination
In my cognition
In my subconscious
It's better than this **** show called reality

Like this is how life really is?
Living in this dysfunction?
I wish I didn't have this personality
I wish I had a different life
I wish I was born in a different month
Or a different person
With a different smile and a different face
With a different body and a different job

This can't be what it's like?
I am so alone
I don't want to be alone
363 · Nov 2013
Myrtle melted into the mattress
moments ago
from time to time
you can hear her murmur and moan
for she mourns the minutes that were mountains ago.
Her melancholy melted her
and she will never let go
332 · Jun 2013
A Place by the Sea
I had a dream that I lived by the sea

and I woke up in a comfortable bed

but it was just a dream

and I woke up in a make shift bed

and it was raining outside
320 · Aug 2015
My heart was not broken
it was my sternum
it was never set back into place
the scar tissue surrounded the unattended bones
and now it will never mend
The two pieces forever shattered
with their shards cutting into muscles

I have never felt love
I do not know what it feels likes
but I know how it feels to love someone
and be disappointed.
I never had a love of a mother
I never had a love of a father

And all I know how to feel is
hurt and pain
I am all alone.
307 · Jun 2013
The day my mother died,
I left the country.
I had nothing in mind for my journey other than leaving this mundane life
in this mundane town with these mundane people.
I hungered for adventure,
and I was going to have one.
302 · Jun 2013
My Mind Says to Me
“Go back to sleep young child.

You are tired and went to bed late.

You might have an infection.

It’s going to be a long day

and you will get worn out,

Young child was it wise to drink that bottle last night?

Was it wise to jump into that freezing water with no clothes on

in the middle night

when it had been pouring all day?

You silly girl.

Go to sleep and rest your head.”
284 · Sep 2018
China: A rebirth
I went to China
to find independence
Instead I was reborn

But I don't know,
I have weird sensations
that I am struggling with the problems
Problems I already solved

Or maybe I am just trying to censor myself
While all I want to do is-- me.
260 · Sep 2014
Drinking away my sorrows
Not mentally healthy
Does anybody want to give me attention
Does anybody want to **** me
A relationship end
It does not change you
You are not loved anymore
I am sorry
247 · Apr 2014
I love you
I'm sorry
but you brought me down.

I miss you
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you

I have to move on.

I love you
I'm sorry
but you brought me down
237 · Jun 2013
I like seeing all the cars at the churches.
It doesn’t matter what religion it is.
I think its nice that people still have faith in something.
169 · Oct 2019
No one’s person
I let myself be in love once
Giddy and gleeful
Not butterflies in my stomach
But warm milk in my belly

I was devoted
I was obedient
I was his.

Until I decided not to be.
Because when you give all yourself over
You lose yourself
And now I have been gone for awhile
I have forgotten how to live

And at times I don’t want to live
It sits on my chest
Weighs down my heart
Until I no longer want to be present
Or have this present from the melancholy king

But I am growing again
And I feel my soul stretch
Like a cat after a cozy afternoon nap
And I am ready
And excited
Oh so excited for what will happen

But for now (and maybe for ever
-fingers crossed)
I do not want to be in love
I do not want to have a lover

For if being in love is a debt
I do not want to be in the business of it
It has nothing to do with me
94 · Dec 2019
She is gone
Sometimes I wish I married the first person I dated
And he treated me nicely
And I knew what it was like to be taken care of
I wish our first kiss was my first kiss
And it was sweet and simple
And when it came time for ***, he was gentle
And he didn’t mind when I got a little nervous in crowds or in the car wash
And he knew what to do when the rain cloud decided to show up  
He knew what would make me smile, he wouldn’t care if it took awhile
He wouldn’t care if I was quiet or loud or silly

I wish I didn’t have to go through what I did
I wish I made better choices in men
I wish my first kiss wasn’t sexually charged
I wish I wasn’t hurt the way I was hurt
I wish I didn’t flinch when any man nonchalantly raises his hand
I wish that I didn’t have to pick the pieces up and reassemble with some new additional pieces
I wish I didn’t have to continuously reintroduce myself to me
I wish they didn’t try to control, manipulate, and put me in a box
I wish they just accepted me for me

But they didn’t
And now I have some stories
And quite a bit of baggage
Now I know better
But I didn’t have to go through that
I didn’t want to go through that
I just want to start over
The thing is;
I don’t think the first person who dated me would want to date me
Because I am not that person anymore
She is gone

— The End —