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I hear the trickle of fickle murmurs as they tickle past my ear,
Their intent is ill, but to what extent should I indulge such a thrill?
Fickle tickle, still the clock's tick-tick-tick 'til time stands still,
Leave it all behind me, but never stop lest it catch me in the rear.

I'm here to remind you there's more than just time out there to ****.
You strive to stay alive; others die--what's left for them to fear?
They're escaping all the hassle you're then left to commandeer,
So can you really celebrate when there's chaos for you still?

The fickle murmurs of their vocals squirm about my ears,
They tickle--sure--but nothing greater than a trickle 'cross the gills.
All their malice could fill a chalice (but no room for fuss or frills).
So while the dead are free I'll trickle on as a tickle in your ear.
Something that started off as playing with sounds that quickly became something more preachy than I was expecting. C'est la vie, right?

Enjoy ^_^
Megan J Parker Aug 2015
Oh, plate of bacon, how you tempt me so
With your sizzle and your crunch I do crave
A gift from Gods wrapped in a tasty bow
There are no leftovers to even save

Why can't I feel myself grow full from you?
There are no others that can be as true
Your fame is unmatched by any before and it's easy to see with such allure

With every new bite, the tears grow stronger
This small plate won't last for that much longer
As the bacon leaves, I fear what's to come
The plate is bare, with not even a crumb

Oh, plate of bacon, I still need you so
With hope, I pray for more bacon to show
My fiance snuck onto my Facebook and made a status that if it got over 20 likes, I would have to write a bacon poem/sonnet. Here is the result... (the status got over 60 likes)
Megan J Parker Nov 2014
As we collide together in the wage of war,
I’ve become star-stricken by the betrayal of beauty.
The frozen lake’s depths beckon for me to fall into their dark grip.
And while I watch as metal clashes and cries ignite the night,
I find myself succumbing to the lake’s seduction.
The flames of torches envelop me in their warmth,
And the last tree in an otherwise frigid tundra,
Births its final sign of life as the tree sighs its final exhale and falls into winter’s embrace.
Lying back in a puddle of my last breath of life, I greedily take in the sights of beauty.
As my comrades fall beside me, I stare up into the full moon’s bright gaze,
The moon offers only a wicked wink towards me, as my sight grows darker.
No more can I see the final petal,
No more can I even feel the lake’s call to me.
And, with my last thoughts but a mimicry of the beauty around me,
I let my last breath fall upon my frozen lips and allowed the darkness to envelop me.
Megan J Parker Aug 2014
As I stood above the others, looking down upon their plea,
I felt the lies that shook from me and cried out blasphemy.

The strength that holds inside of me is not amongst my own,
The dirtiness that’s filled with me can’t find itself a home.

As I lay before the altar side, a knowing smile within,
The punishment they gave to me was only the first therein.

As I step outside the ashes, to send my challenge out,
I feel the chaos rising in and know there is some doubt.

A loss, a gain, the angst, the pain.
They all remain the same.

For I was not the one they hailed,
To lay beside the king.

As death decays my jaded soul I’d healed before I thought,
The agony I felt that day was something they had brought.

A gift they said, to scar and curse,
The words I made were in reverse.

Irreversible to those I know and those among I love
I realized then, what I must do and gave myself a shove.

For it was now my time to go,
To rise above it all.

And what I did could be so low,
So cursed and evil,
But I can see their wicked eyes,
And knew it was my call.
Megan J Parker Jun 2014
While the flames of passion freeze in your mind,
I’ll be wrapped behind you, cloaked in the sins of the flesh.
Jaded whispers of lustful promises filled with deceitful gazes,
I offer you not sanity, but madness.
Always beside you but never there,
my presence is the churning chaos of scars long lost forgotten.
I play upon your innocence, crushing it in my grasp,
I feed your existence the fermented embryo of society.
Your screams are in vain; I am you: a cocoon manifested from your decayed tears.
A memory surfaces to a mirrored abyss, reaching but never grasping.
Allow the jagged ice to crawl across your skin, inching, creeping, crystalizing a self you once believed in.
I claw at your chest, burning, burning, burning, the existence of your past is frail.
I feed upon your weakness.
Feeding you ******* Sins off Diverged Tongues
Megan J Parker Jun 2014
I fear the words left behind,
I fear the wrongs left to right,
I hate the lies left from my kind,
I hate the days beyond the night.
More so than this, I can’t describe,
The life which died before my scribe.
Beyond the days that disappear,
Beyond all natural things I fear,
I can’t explain what can’t be known,
For it just wasn’t left to be shown.
Megan J Parker Dec 2013
Let the quiet triumph come
As the darkness starts to drum
Seeing metal as it clashes
As the days turn into ashes
Love had been so bright
On this dreadful fate-less night
What happened to that day?
As we all began to pray
For our lives to meet the latter
Watched our time begin to shatter
In this life with no defeater
As we listened to the meter
As it began to dim so low
As we thought what we didn’t know
As our time turned the bend
We knew this was the end...
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