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Liam C Calhoun Oct 2016
Tomorrow’s sausage rolled along the road
And just beyond my hasty, tasty want for a drink.

Amidst giggle and sigh, my cohorts,
my companions and others
Muddle the horror, or meal at ends, most likely

Come this little pigs jump from the truck
Leading butcher.

In silence, I admire the –

Entrails on the highway;  jump opposed shank,
Surpassing my seventh mile for a
Seventh heaven,
Leaving me simply seconds prior Shenzhen.

Sure, little piggy’d never made it,
To the market, to the feast of it all,
But he’d met his end, and on his own terms.

He’d met his end and frolicked upon the
Fields lacking pans and bacon grease,
In opposition the role, the role we force, enforce
And devour time and again;

In silence, I admired the escape.
*Note - Moments on the highway to Shenzhen.
Samm Marie Moore Aug 2016
To love her big fat piggy heart
It's almost impossible not to actually
She's so filled with life
And no regret
I sure love her
With my little igloo penguin heart
Viseract Jul 2016
You take the worst of me to make the best of you*
Piggybacking at it's finest
Add this to YipYap too
Do whatever you want
It's all going "unnoticed" anyways
Megan J Parker Aug 2015
Oh, plate of bacon, how you tempt me so
With your sizzle and your crunch I do crave
A gift from Gods wrapped in a tasty bow
There are no leftovers to even save

Why can't I feel myself grow full from you?
There are no others that can be as true
Your fame is unmatched by any before and it's easy to see with such allure

With every new bite, the tears grow stronger
This small plate won't last for that much longer
As the bacon leaves, I fear what's to come
The plate is bare, with not even a crumb

Oh, plate of bacon, I still need you so
With hope, I pray for more bacon to show
My fiance snuck onto my Facebook and made a status that if it got over 20 likes, I would have to write a bacon poem/sonnet. Here is the result... (the status got over 60 likes)
Swathi eruvaram Mar 2015
Two big eyes watching
A mighty spider crawling
A cob web spinning
A tiny lock hanging
The sound of coins dropping
Your first piggy bank
Your first savings
Rahul Luthra Feb 2015
My mission in life is not too complex
It isn't to cause hate, nor is it to impress
It's quite simple, but only if you see it the right way
I try achieving this goal every single day
It's right when they say this world's too small for hate
It saddens me when peace is disrupted among a country or a state
So I try to start small but make an impact big
To get a smile on that face; Oink Oink I'm a pig
A smile on that face is the prettiest thing in this world
It will handle any object your life has hurled
Happiness is contagious; it gives everyone a reason to smile
It speaks volumes about you; way more than your resume file
To make someone smile or get someone's heart burst with joy
Is something I'd do in a jiffy without being joy
So get ready for this ball of happiness, it's coming to you
Together lets change this world and give it something new
So put a smile on someone's face and just see the satisfaction you get
It's like freeing an animal from a cage or a net
It loosens your burdens and makes you feel lighter
How do you think some are cured of cancer? Medicines? No no...Their smiles are the real fighter
So get rid of this negativity cavity
And spread around the positivity
So heal the world and make it a better place
Life is a group activity, not an individual race...
Thanks saachi

— The End —