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Feb 2019 · 455
Marlo Cabrera Feb 2019
the concept of Death is as solid as mist can get
We see it, we understand it but not completely
and just like mist we can never fully grasp it.

living is too.

It baffles me to this day
of how something
so tangible
can spirit away
never to be seen or heard from ever again

There will be days where you will have things to talk about
with a specific person
only to remember that they are no longer around

You ought to think what they might think of the stories you have been saving
at the back pocket of your jeans.

It hurts not to be able to share things
with a person who is no longer around.

Their voices that were once a treble now have turned into a faint echo
only to be heard in the hollow hole that they have left in your heart
where their glow once stood

Their warm touch are now but a lingering sting on your skin
Seething pain that come and go with every memory that pass through
the tunnels of your cerebrum.

It’s unfair of those who have gone before us to be able to still see us
for them to spectate as the years, months, weeks, days, minutes, seconds pass.

but I recon it must be as painful for them as it is for us.

to be able to see loved ones, loved things and not be able to interact
and live life with them in the present.

But such as all things, this is merely but the passing of time.

and our time will come too.

and maybe then it might not be a goodbye but a sweet hello
as we peer into the void and see them at the other side
A joyous reunion

the concept of Death is as solid as mist can get
We see it, we understand it but not completely
and just like mist we can never fully grasp it.

but one day we will
only when we have crossed to the other side of the twilight.

You won’t be able to understand the rest of the story until you flip to the next page.
Just lost a dear friend.
Marlo Cabrera Nov 2018
Look how far we’ve come.
from an idea, a desire we came from
materialized from conception and now have take form.

Life is fascinating
No matter how much I want to die
existence always amazes me.

Life is treads exactly on the boundary of reality and illusion.
What so real can seem so unreal.
Like the mist in the cold morning.
It exists for us to see but slowly disappears with no trace.

The past seems so distant and the future oh so near.

Sometimes I catch myself asking the questions of whether or not
the things in the past happened or if it was just a figment of my imagination.
Memories that I have crafted for myself.

Makes you wonder
what wisdom trees hold
as they withstood the test of time.
living and dying through the seasons

Memories they have kept as time did not stop.
I wonder if the trees ever miss the people who always pass by them
Their voices, their faces.

How every day must be a nostalgia trip as they live the present and the past at the same time.

Death still boggles me.
How one thing that used to be alive is no longer around.

Only records of them stay.
Pictures, videos, voice recordings
and their words immortalized in things like letters and poems.

How dead beings still walk the living present by nothing but records

Maybe I’m just thinking too much.
Maybe all of this doesn’t make sense.

Maybe this pale form of a poem is just a way to convey a feeling
that we have not come up a name for.

A feeling stronger than Nostalgia
but weaker than being sentimental.

I don’t know.

I maybe be gone tomorrow.
Maybe in a few minutes.

I too will become something that is and will turn into what was.

Who knows.
I guess life really is a mystery.
Oct 2018 · 1.1k
I get sad sometimes...
Marlo Cabrera Oct 2018
Sometimes I get sad
like REALLY sad

Actually not just sometimes but all the time

my chest would feel like an empty grave
screaming for it’s tenant.

The gaping hole that longs for someone to cradle into the night
A lover longing for it’s beloved.

I would have thoughts of the things I have lost
like a tree wondering where it’s leaves have gone in the fall.

I have memories and feelings that I have flung to the back of my head
like ***** laundry that just waits for me to deal with it.
I know one day I will have to pick them up and shove them into the washing machine
but here I am just ignoring it.
I am running out of clean clothes to wear
and have a mountain of ***** clothes to face

I have sorrows that I have coated in caramel
like candied apples
thinking that they’d be sweet but they still taste so bitter.

My heart was burning house filled with people dancing in it
The people have grown tired have left
and the firemen have arrived.

Now it nothing but a soggy dance floor with a shattered disco ball.
A sun that has exploded and have become a super nova
reminiscing what it once was and mourning what it will never be.

I hope day I won’t feel as much sad
that one day I will have enough motivation to face that mountain of ***** clothes.
I hope that one day I will be brave enough to be happy.
But till then I hope y’all keep me company.

Cause sometimes, most of the time
One of the main reasons I sad is because
I am lonely.
Man depression is such a ***** to deal with.
here's a very candid poem reflecting what I am feeling at the moment.
Apr 2018 · 912
Marlo Cabrera Apr 2018
When she leaves
she will take every bit of herself
stuff it inside of her suit case and leave the front door open
all that you will be left with is a faint essence her,
the wrinkles and the weakest scent she left on your pillow.

when she leaves
she will leave nothing but strands of her hair on the floor
like a trail of bread crumbs
it reminds you that it is finished
that it’s done.

Tho she is gone and took everything with her
you will remember her.

The hoodie that you lent her will ask you where she went

The blankets that used to keep the fire that was once
you and her, will ask you why it has suddenly turned cold.

The cup she used to drink her coffee from in the morning
will have traces of her lips,
it keeps it safe, as a reminder
that all good things come to an end.
An excerpt from a poem in the works.
Oct 2017 · 653
Marlo Cabrera Oct 2017
Darkness will slowly fall into the land,
The sky will glitter with stars,
The planets of the solar system
will turn in their places like ballerinas performing pirouettes in an astounding show of beauty and grace.
But my eyes will standstill in the direction where you are.
You are more beautiful than they will ever be.
May 2016 · 5.3k
Marlo Cabrera May 2016
Eto ako ngayon,
nakahiga kama ko
isipan ay walang laman kun’di ikaw.
nababaliw sa bawat senaryo
na kasama ka.
Ilang beses ko na naisip
at na plano ang gagawin
sa oras na dumating ang
panahon na kailangan gumawa ng desisyon
kung pagpapatuloy ba natin
ang ating pagsasama.
at ilang beses ko na ding
nasagot ang sarili na

Kase wala lang naman akong
hihilingin kung’di ikaw
na nag papatibok ng puso ko.

Ang taong pumupulot sa mga basag kong piraso,
at binubuo ako, gamit ang ginto.
Kase ang mga hapon ay may sining
na kapag ang isang bagay ay nabasag
ang ginagawa nila dito ay
ginagamit ang ginto bilang pang digit.
Para sa kanila,
ang bagay na iyon ay mas maganda at kabighabighani
kesa nung eto ay hindi pa nababasag.

Ikaw ang ginto
na bumubuo
sa mga basag kong piraso.


Mahal kita.
Kintsugi = The Japanese art of repairing with gold.
Mar 2016 · 1.0k
Star Sailors
Marlo Cabrera Mar 2016
It was back in 2010,
when our first big bang occurred
I remember the first few encounters we had,
and how it was like 4 untamed interstellar hurricanes converging and forming a mega storm.
We were heading for a land fall,
in a galaxy where they have yet to know what real friendship is.

But in all honesty,
we were much more than just hurricanes.
we were cosmic storms.
sweeping across the universe,
so intense and fierce some,
but gentle not to break a single star.

we were also supernovas,
bursting at the seems,
creating new galaxies,
new frontiers for us to wonder yonder.

We were blackholes too,
******* in every single lonely thing, person,
and then crushing it with the weight of our love.
Something far more greater than gravity,
we had compassion.
Love is our greatest weapon.

But somewhere along the way,
we developed fear.
The fear of the universe,
and how we might accidentally drift away,
to the other sides of the spectrum.

Maybe the only thing we are afraid of
is not being able to see each other again,
but that the next time we do,
is that we would have changed so much.

That our constellations no longer align.
that we will only be seen in photographs,
and in the museums of our memories,
that are embedded in our cerebrums.

Only to become stories told by the ones who,
witnessed the phenomena,
and those who have experienced it.
a phenomena called brotherhood.

Just like space,
it is ever expanding.
stretching from one infinity to another,
our love for each other will remain the same.

You are all,
God’s masterpieces,
scattered across the cosmic plane.

It was a great pleasure,
sailing this wide and vast,
ocean of stars, and planets.

But each voyage must come to an end,
or perhaps take a break.

or even disband to cover more waters,
uncharted seas.

But also like each voyage,
there will come a point
wherein we must return,
to our own harbors.

When that time comes,
we will meet each other at the docks,
where we first met and left for the seas.

Till that time comes,
I will continue to write you,
telling you the stories of daring do’s.

But till then,
I will see you soon.

My Nakamas.
For people who sailed the milky way with us.
Arigato ne, Aishiteru.
Alex and Jeff. I love you guys.
Jan 2016 · 2.7k
I hate you. (Haiku)
Marlo Cabrera Jan 2016
I hate you, I said.
But so little did you know,
that I'm a liar.
Yep, pretty much sums up everything.
Jan 2016 · 747
Marlo Cabrera Jan 2016
Dec 2015 · 1.7k
Marlo Cabrera Dec 2015
If the world were to end today,
I’d probably say to myself.
wow, looks like I only have 24 hours left in this world huh?
I’d spend the 1st half by grabbing my family members, give them the tightest hug I can give, and tell them that I love them, and thank them for everything. I’d probably apologize too.
And I’d probably start to shake, like a child craving for sugar.
All jittery, shaking from the thought, that I will only have 24 hours to figure out,
how to muster up the courage to tell you the things I’ve been wanting to say.
I’ve already done the math, and I’d be spending 2/3rds of my remaining time here, just getting to your house a midst the traffic.
and 3/4ths trying to bring you to the nearest mountain for us to watch the sunset, as the world crumbled away beneath us.

If the world were to end today.
I would grab my heart, whisper all the things I love about you,
seal it and then bury it into the depths of your existence.
In the hopes that when God is digging through the mine cave of your heart, he'll find it, and then open it like a time capsule, filled with all the things that we enjoyed, like cheese, long walks, spontaneous hangouts, and like our memories.
That when God opens it,
He’ll see a yellow sticky note, requesting Him to read it to you.
attached to a letter written in orange ink that I wrote specially for you.

If the world were to end today,
I’d like to get lost, In the spirals found in your eyes.
Your eyes is the number 1 thing in my list of favorite things.
Because they remind me of space, and galaxies that I would never ever get the chance to explore, knitted together by constellations that spell out your name.

And dear,
Our kiss will be like 2 galaxies colliding against each other,
Giving birth to a new galaxy.

But you know what, that got me thinking.
And I remember that when the big bang happened, or when a super nova happens.
That wasn't really the end of everything.
They all seem to signify a brand new start.
So I guess
The idea of the world ending, wouldn't bother me as much anymore.
Cause with us fading away,
Our molecules, atoms whatever we're composed of, will eventually find it's back to us.
And when that happens,
I'd be like a brand new star.
Because I know that i'd be able to see you again.
Like God saying again, "Let there be light." And there was light.

And for me that's like God saying again "Let there be you." And again there was you.
Inspired by Sofia Paderes' work "A To Do List: End Of The World Edition"

Written as a letter for someone who used to be special.

And was performed at the last open mic of Sev's Cafe "Ang Huling Kabanata", before they closed their doors indefinitely.
Nov 2015 · 8.5k
Ngiting Tingi
Marlo Cabrera Nov 2015
Bilang mga pilipino
Nakaugalian na nating
Bumili ng bagay bagay ng
Pa tingi-tingi,
Tulad ng
And marami pang iba.

Bakit nga ba natin ginagawa ito?
Ito ba'y dahil
Tayo'y nag titipid,
kaya tayo'y dumudukot lang
ng pa-pirapiraso,

O baka naman,
Ayaw lang natin
Na may mga bagay na nasasayang

Pero kahit ano pang
Aspeto ito,
Nadala na natin ito
Hanggang sa paglaki.

Nasanay na tayong
Umasta ng patingi-tingi

Pati sa pakiki-salamuha
Natin sa kapwa
Tingi-tingi na din,
Tingi-tinging mga ngiti,
tingi-tinging mga halik,
Tingi-tinging mga kwento,
Pero ang pinaka masaklap
Sa lahat ng ito ay,

Tingi-tinging debosyon
Sa panginoon.

Na dinudukot lang natin
ang mga pirasong,
Tugma sa
Sa ating mga problema

Ang mga piraso,
Na nagpapasarap
Sa atin piling,
Hindi natin ito kailanman
Hinahayaang turuan tayo,
At itama sa ating mga

Tulad ng mga bersiculo
Ng biblia

Tinabas-tabas natin ang mga
Na banal sa libro.

Binulsa lang
Natin ang pagmamahal ni Cristo,
Dudukutin lang
Pag kailangan.

Kapag tayoy nalulumbay,
Sabik na sabik
Sa mga bisig
Ng iba.

Si ay ating
Sa panahon
Ng kaligayahan.

Lang siya
Kapag tayo'y may

Na sa oras ng kagipitan,
Sinisigaw ang kaniyang

Sana matandaan natin

Na tayo'y
Binili ng buo,
Gamit ang buhay
Na hindi binigay ng
Pero binigay ng buong buo.

Hindi lang isang
Patak ng dugo,
Pero buong pagkatao,
Ibinuhos para lang sayo.

Tigilan na
Nating ang patingi-tinging asal,
Tigilan nalang
Natin ang pagpapakipot
Sa taong
Nagmamayari satin.

Tayo'y hindi tingi, tayo'y buo.
A poem written for Logo's "Sulyap", held at Pintô Art Museum.
Inspired by Paulo Vinluan's "Ngiting Tingi"
Marlo Cabrera Nov 2015
Para sa Gobyerno:

Walang halaga ng pintura
Ang kayang takpan
Ng kalagayan ng inang bayan.

Walang halaga ng tamis ng mga pangako mo ang kayang
Magpakalimot ng mga
Kalapastanganan na ginawa mo sa kaniya.

Para ka lang isang puta,
Na Nag nagsabi akoy iyong mahal,
Pero pag gising sa umaga
Wala ka na.

Iniwan mo lang akong
Umaasa na tayo'y
Magkakaroon ng magandang kinabukasan.

Pero wala.

Akoy' niloko mo lang,
At pinagpalit sa iyong kabit,
Ang pera.

Ikay' walang ginawa
Kung hindi gahasain
Ang walang laban na

Siya ay Ibinugaw mo sa iyong mga kaibigan,
Kapalit ang kakaonting piraso ng pilak para makamit ang
Panandaliang kapayapaan.

Siya ay hinalikan mo sa pisngi,
Sabay tinraydor ng tulad ng nangyari kay Cristo.

Parang awa mo na.
Umayos ka na.

Para sa kabataan*:

Rizal, Bonifacio, Luna,
Ang kelangan isakripisyo
Para lang
Magising ka
Sa masakit na katotohanan?

Ilang rebolusyon pa ang kelangan
Para ikay tumayo
Sa iyong trono
At gumawa ng pagbabago

Ilang buhay pa ba
Ang kailangan ialay
Upang ikay
Maistorbo sa  
Pagdudot ng iyong telepono.

Parati mo nalang sinasabi,
Na wala ng pag-asa,
At kahit anong gawin natin,
Hinding hindi na kailan mag babago ang lugar na to'

Ikaw pa ang may ganang mag reklamo,
Tungkol sa mga perwisyo
Na naidudulot sayo,
Ng mga opisyal,
Na nakaluklok sa puwesto.

Maawa ka naman sa kaniya,
Nanglilimos siya ng pag mamahal
sa sarili niyang

Kaya may tanong ako sayo,
Sa inyo.

Ayaw mo ang nakikita mo?
Edi, baguhin mo.
A poem written for AComm's Vocal Youth. My thoughts about the government and the youth.
The Philippines have been personified as an abused wife and the government as an abusive partner.
Sep 2015 · 863
Marlo Cabrera Sep 2015
You were the biggest hallucinogen
I ever took.
I see you everywhere.
Sep 2015 · 1.4k
Marlo Cabrera Sep 2015
You know
they say that
you should be careful
of the
things that fly out of your mouth,
because you never know
how how it might land.

Just like
how airplanes
try to land on
gusty airports,
trying to
land on the tarmac.
There are chances that it might
just instead of landing
like a kiss of a woman on
the lips of a man she loves,
their teeth and nose get in the way.
Your words,
can land improperly
the airplanes that carry the best of feelings,
turn into dynamites.

Exploding violently.

Misguided missiles
that does nothing but destroy,
just like how the army promised us,
that this will bring us happiness and safety,
only at the cost of the nation its bombing,
leaving its soil,
and produces nothing
radioactive plants,
we have come up
with a classification for it,
we call it

So don't ask me if I'm ok,
if you did nothing but
toss explosives at my feelings
cause clearly
I'm destroyed.
So no,
I'm not ok.

cannot stitch
back together,
after being sliced into two.

a sorry
will not be a substitute
for superglue,
using it to stick back
broken pieces of me.

So remember this,
the next time
you release statements
that you have the
the person receiving them.
Watch what you say.
Aug 2015 · 9.7k
Marlo Cabrera Aug 2015
Siya ay parang ulan
Kay tagal **** hinintay
Sa panahon ng tag init,
Na sa pag dating nito
Ay maiibsan ang sakit

Na dala ng sunog
Sa iyong katawan.

Na dala ng init
Na nang gagaling sa kaniyang mga halik.

Tandaan mo, siya din ang sumunog sa iyong dibdib
Pero siya padin ang iyong hinihimig.

Eto ka nanaman, nakatayo sa kalagitnaan ng bagyo.
Nakayuko, sinasalo ang bawat patak ng ulan.
Umaasang na siya'y iyong mahahawakan.
Pero wag kang magpaka tanga.

Siya ay tubig, lumulusot sa mga singit ng iyong mga daliri. At humahaplos sa bawat sulok ng iyong mga sanga. Pinararamdam kung anong piling ng kasama siya.

Sige, pwede kang umiyak, walang makaka halata, sa bawat pag bagsak ng mga luha na nanggagaling sa iyong mga mata. Iyak lang ng iyak. Maghihintay ako sa iyong pagtahan

Pero tandaan mo, wala kang karapatan magselos. Kase hindi mo naman siya pagaari,

Siya ay pangpataba ng lupa.
Wag kang maging hadlang,
Sa pagtubo ng mga bunga ng kanilang pag mamahalan.

Pero wag kang magalala.

Hindi ko ba nasabi sa iyo
Na ikay isang puno,
Na paparating na ang tag sibon.
At ngayon mo lang mapagtatanto
Na sa kabila ng lahat ng ito, siya ay nasa tabi mo lang, patuloy na binubulong sa iyong mga tenga,

"Mahal, nadito lang ako. Akap akap ang iyong mga braso. Hinding hindi ako kailanman maglalaho"

"Halika tayo'y muling mag simula."
Ang ulan ay para sa mga halaman na atin ng nakalimutan, at inakalang patay na, pero mayroong pang tutubong bunga. Parang puno ng kalachuchi.
Jul 2015 · 34.2k
Marlo Cabrera Jul 2015
Jebs na jebs na ako.

Dumudungaw na siya na parang isang taong kagigising lang umaga,

gustong buksan ang mga bintana,

para lumanghap ng hanging bukang liwayway

Malapit na siyang lumabas,

unti uting tumitigas sa paglipas,

Ng bawat, segundo, menuto,

kung babae ako, dysmenorrhea na ito.

Pero sabi ng mga kaibigan ko,

wag ko daw pilitin ito,

baka naman daw kase

na imbis na ito ay tae,

mauwi lang sa utot.

At pinagmukha ko lang ang sarili kong  tanga.

Umasa, nasapag upo ko sa inidoro na lahat ng pagtiis ko, ang piling ko ay giginhawa.

Pero wala.

Para lang siyang damdamin ko, ang tagal kong kinimkim, ng taimtim sa pag-asang pag ito ay pinakawalan ko, na sasabihin mo na ikaw rin.

Na ang nararamdaman mo ay pareho din sa akin.

Lahat naman tayo dito nag huhugas ng pwet gamit ang tabo at tubig hindi ba?

Pwera nalang kung galing ka sa mataas na estado ng pamumuhay. Ikay gumagamet ng tissue paper o bidet.

Pero ako hinuhugasan ko ang puwet ko, kase ito ang turo saakin ng nanay ko.


Bago ko natutunan ito, ang nanay ko ang nag hugas ng pwet ko.

Para saatin, wala namang espesyal dito,

Pero ngayon ko lang napagtanto, na ang pag hugas ng puwet ko ng nanay ko, ay puno ng pagmamal.

Sino ba naman ang gustong mag hugas ng labas ng butas kung saan lumalabas ang pinagtunawan pagkain.

Kaya kung sasabihin **** hindi ka mahal ng nanay mo, tignan mo lang ang sarili na nakatalikod sa salamin. At sariwain ang mga alala ng mga sandaling hindi mo kayang linisin.

Pero bago iyon, kung sa tingin mo na ang tula na ito, ay hugot lang, nag kakamali ka... Well actually, medjo lang.

Puwera biro.

Kung tutuusin, di' malayo ang pinag kaiba natin sa Jebs.
Kung iisipin, ang mga ginagawa natin araw araw ay mas masahol pa sa jebs.

Kung ipipinta ko ang isang imahe, makikita mo na ang jebs ay nakapahid ang tae sa buong kasuluksulukan, at kasingitsingitan ng katawan natin.

Pero may Isang tao na gusto padin yumakap at humalik sa pisngi natin.

Sino siya?

Siya ay ang Pagibig.

Araw araw lang siyang nagihintay, na ikay' lumapit sa kanya, magpalinis.
Ang gamit niya, na pang hugas ay mga kamay at dugo, dugo na ang tanging nakakapag linis ng katawan at ng kaluluwa mo.

Mula ulo hangang hangang sa talampakan ng iyong mga paa.

At sa kabila ng lahat gusto niya pa din tawagin mo siyang Ama.

At sa imbis na pangdidiri ang kaniyan nadarama,
Pag mamahal ang kaniya sayo ay pinadama.

Siya ay pinako sa mga kamay na ginagamit sa pag linis saiyo. Sa mga dumi na mas madumi pa sa jebs.

Ang iyong mga kasalanan.

Siya ay isinakripesiyo para ay ikay manatiling malinis, at iligtas ka sa lugar kung saan umaapaw ang jebs. At dalhin kung saan ang kalsada ay gawa sa ginto, at makasama ka magpakaylanman.
May seem really stupid at the beginning, but it gets better. I promise.
Jun 2015 · 1.8k
Dear Astronaut
Marlo Cabrera Jun 2015
Here you are again,
sitting on your bed,
but it seems this time I see the sea running down your face coming from the holes where the universe lies, and the galaxies sit.
Words fly across the room,
self destructing.
Explosions like super novas,
caused by accumulated energy and increasing gravitational pressure.
You collapse. With nothing but a light that outshines any star in your wake. 

Take a deep breath. Breathe in all the stardust that surround you.

Don't even think that you're lesser than these galaxies, for you create them by merely smiling. 

Crank up that hyperdrive,
and blast off to another solar system,
learn new things,
teach yourself to once again fall in love,
like learning to ride a bike,
but always remember the constellations that are burned into your eye lids.
Reminding you not to pass through astroid fields.

Remember this,
when you feel like your oxygen is running low don't hesitate in plugging your tubes into my lungs,
and I will breathe into you all the reasons why I love you.

Know this,
that your mistakes are like the stars that glimmer at night,
they may seem like they're just floating there constantly ,
but know this,
that just like these star, they are nothing but phantom lights, 
They no longer exist.

But don't compare me to any of them,
for I am like the moon.
You may see me clearly at night But I am not a phantom light,
I am always here,
like the moon in early hours of the morning. 

As much as I like you learning and experiencing new things
Don't forget that I am back here on earth, 
I wanna let you know that, 
I miss you.

I miss your long black hair,
and how it stretches like the vastness of space.
Your face that shines like the morning sun.

I will be here,
stirring your favorite cup of hot cosmos,
with a few pieces of comets because I know you don't like it too hot. 

Waiting to hear your stories of adventure, and wanting to go back to them.

It may take lightyears for you to come back, but I will be patient.

I will be here, 

Waiting for your arrival.

This is a goodbye letter to a friend, a lover, or someone that you never had the chance to be friends with and stared at them from a distance.
May 2015 · 9.6k
Bulaklak at Libro.
Marlo Cabrera May 2015
Pitasin mo ako,
At ilagay mo ako sa gitna mo at isara mo ito.

Alam ko,
Alam ko na hindi ko lugar Ito.
At sabi nila na akoy nararapat kung saan akoy pwedeng mabasa at masilawan ng araw.
Kung Saan akoy pwedeng mabuhay, at maalagan.

Pero, paano ako mabubuhay kung akoy nawawalay sa piling mo.

Alam ko, na ako ay mabubuhay sa piling mo,
Akoy nararapat na kasama mo, hahayaan ko ang pagmamahal mo ang bumasa saakin, at ang mga ngiti mo ang sumilaw saakin, parang araw sa umaga, sa hapon at hangang sa magdilim.
At hangang mag bukang liwayway.

Ako ay isang bulaklak, na pinitas ng isang umiibig na binatang lalake at ikay isang libro na Pag aari ng isang dalagang babae na sinisinta.

Kaya uulitin ko,

Pitasin mo ako,
Ilagay mo ako sa gitna ng mga pahina,
Sa gitna kung saan nakahimlay ang puso mo.
Doon akoy mananatili para sayo.
Ito ay para sa lahat ng mga bulaklak na inipit sa gitna ng mga pahina.
Dec 2014 · 3.9k
Marlo Cabrera Dec 2014
Ikay' isang bata,
at ako...
hindi ko alam kung ano ako.
Pero, sa pag trato mo sa akin
ako ay mistulang laruan.
Ang aking damdamin, iyong kinatutuwaan,
ginagawang libangan.
Ako'y nasasaktan,
Natatakot kase kahit,
ganito sa akin ang Iyong trato,
takot mawala ka.
Sapagkat ika'y akin sinisinta.
At sa kabila ng lahat ng aking dinanas,
sa mapaglaro ****' palad.
Ika'y aking parin mahal.
O' aking Maria Clara.
Naipong galit at pighati.
Mar 2014 · 36.9k
Marlo Cabrera Mar 2014

Salamat, sa napakamasayang pagsasamahan natin,


sa pagmamahal na ipinadama niyo sa akin.


Ako ay nag-papasalamat sa pag gabay niyo sa akin.

Salamat, ako'y inyong sinamahan sa lahat ng beses na ako'y humaharap sa hamon ng buhay.


sa pag-tangap sa akin bilang kaibigan.


kase kayo ay para saakin di' kaibigan ang turing
kayo'y Pamilya para saakin.


Sa kabila ng lungkot at kaligayahan; ako'y hindi niyo kailanman iniwan.


Simula sa araw na ito, tayo man ay magkaibang landas ang tatahakin,
sama-sama nating haharapin ang kinabukasan na nasa harapan natin.

hawak ang kamay ng isat' isa, sabay-sabay na nag-lalakad papunta sa paraiso
na para sa atin ay naka-laan.

Salamat sa lahat.


Salamat, aking mga Kaibigan.
Grade 11, Sa puso koy' mananatili habang buhay.
Mar 2014 · 674
Marlo Cabrera Mar 2014
Born into this world, we were called to live

Not knowing what to do with ourselves

Going about with every breath drawn in

We were placed in different shelves

Experiencing our own trial and strife

Amidst this difference,  we were united by one goal

Appointed to take that certain path

Everyone unsure

About facing the world’s wrath

But do we ever find the cure?

We are only students

Day breaks but night falls

Shadows (sins) are present everywhere

In every area of our lives, our vitality.

Shadows of laziness, insult, lust

Greed, and gluttony

Ships sail, but how many land?

New Years’ resolution,

Faith goals that came with tenacity

Spirit willing, but flesh weak.

Revealing vulnerability

Forever drowning in the ocean

Of hate and insecurity

Forever craving the essence

Of peace and serenity

And tranquility

Endlessly quarreling

About the littlest things

And controversies

Talking Apple vs Samsung vs Sony

How unnecessary!

We are only students.


As the seasons brush by

And each day slips past

We start to accept

God has no purpose and plan for me...

Thoughts of

will I ever get into a university?
do I have a bright future ahead me?

That is the Beauty of God.

No matter how many times you have sinned against Him

how many times you have ran away

He still say’s “Come to Me those who are burdened and weary”

from Mrs. Rocha to Ms. Linny,

Teachers that train and Mold

the world changers of the 21st century  

Jeremiah 29:11: “ For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Deuteronomy 31:16
Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Those two verses has something in common

put your trust in Him, You will surely never come to ruin!

We are students.

prepared to take on every single challenge

to expand the kingdom

here on earth

future teachers

future Preachers

future servant leaders of this nation!


for we are not just students but ambassadors

ambassadors of Christ

called to reach out

and change the system of sin!

to be the salt and light and be the very foundation,

for the coming generation and the next

so they may no longer see to hesitation

hesitation to do what is good,

and what is pleasing,

hesitation to to serve the King!

cause for every slumber there is an Awakening!

so wake up from this blasted dream,

and let Him wipe away every spec of sin!

for He is the only one!

So go forth! go forth and be leaders,

leaders that will lead the lost through the darkness that is upon them.

So that the Father can save them.

So He Can fix them!

Chapel might end today, but never stop praising Him!
This is the last spoken word poem that we wrote for our school wide chapel service, with the help of Jeremy Carlos and TJ Castillion.
This will be our letter for the coming batch of Grade 11 SY2014-2015
For as we leave the compounds of Victory Christian International School,
They will be the next leaders. Thank you for the wonderful 4 years of High School Guys! I am blessed that God put you guys in my life, Thank you...
Sep 2013 · 605
Marlo Cabrera Sep 2013
Don't mind them,
when they say you're not good enough.
Don't mind them,
that's their way of showing a bluff.
Don't mind them,
please don't mind them.
they're just there, nothing but a problem.
Don't mind them.
You know why you shouldn't mind them?
Because you are better than them,
no matter what they say to you,
don't budge.
cause you know what?
its not their job to judge,
you are much more than anyone thinks of you.
Yeah you maybe filthy,
And overall not worthy.
Someone almighty,
Came down and said that you have beauty.
this is why you shouldn't mind them,
So turn your head, open your eyes and focus on
Hebrews 12:2 "fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God."
Sep 2013 · 821
This Is Home.
Marlo Cabrera Sep 2013
I've been here,
Walking around,
Looking for a place,
A place that I can call my own.
A place that I may no longer feel alone,
A place that I can call Home.
I've been wandering around,
looking for something that slightly resembles it,
but still i haven't found it.
When will I find it?
When will I be able to feel it,
its warmth?
When will I be able to see the people in it?
The people that I call family.
When will I?

But then I realize,
the thing that I have been looking for,
the thing that I have been longing for,
the thing that I have been waiting,
and fantasizing of,
was here.
In where I have been standing on all along.

I made it!
This is it!

This is Home.
Sep 2013 · 465
Marlo Cabrera Sep 2013
This ain't you,
this is me.
The one who isn't him.
The one who failed his test because he wasn't you, but
The very person who is in need of a remedy,
For his aching body.
who was been longing to be happy,
who has been wanting to be free
From this pain and agony.
Somebody help.
Help Me...
Sep 2013 · 1.1k
Marlo Cabrera Sep 2013
You came from dust.
Hard to believe huh?

That someone like you come from dust?
Someone so intelegent,
And overall magnificent,
Come from dust.

Since the begininning of time, the past.
From your ancestors, to the last.
They all had one destination.

From dust you came from, to dust you shall return.
Sep 2013 · 399
Marlo Cabrera Sep 2013
From the moment you opened your eyes for the first time,
He was there.
From the moment you learned how to speak,
He was there.
From the moment you learned how to walk,
He was there.
He was there.

— The End —