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Sap Jan 19
The sun, the stars, the planets and the moon
A suspended out of this world
In the deep and endless universe
Amongst the millions of galaxies

The possibility of going
Of being able to see
The twinkling lights in person
The thought makes me spaced

Thousands of years
Our ancestors have looked up
At the same stars as you
Has led to this moment in time

The endless possibilities
To see dark matter and supernovas
In person, in space
Is enough to leave to breathless
yuki Feb 2017
there are some days
when the absence of stars
turns the horizon into
a beautiful void

there are some days
when my ears deafen
not from brilliant supernovas
but the beating of my heart.
just a footnote,
i don't want to write about love. don't get me wrong, i love writing about it, i just don't 'want' to, maybe some time to time but  i realized i've been making metaphors, rhymes, and alike for the sake of writing about it. there are other things i'm interested in but i guess i'm just scared for the transition? i don't really know. i try to please my readers, i forget to please myself.
Marlo Cabrera Jun 2015
Here you are again,
sitting on your bed,
but it seems this time I see the sea running down your face coming from the holes where the universe lies, and the galaxies sit.
Words fly across the room,
self destructing.
Explosions like super novas,
caused by accumulated energy and increasing gravitational pressure.
You collapse. With nothing but a light that outshines any star in your wake. 

Take a deep breath. Breathe in all the stardust that surround you.

Don't even think that you're lesser than these galaxies, for you create them by merely smiling. 

Crank up that hyperdrive,
and blast off to another solar system,
learn new things,
teach yourself to once again fall in love,
like learning to ride a bike,
but always remember the constellations that are burned into your eye lids.
Reminding you not to pass through astroid fields.

Remember this,
when you feel like your oxygen is running low don't hesitate in plugging your tubes into my lungs,
and I will breathe into you all the reasons why I love you.

Know this,
that your mistakes are like the stars that glimmer at night,
they may seem like they're just floating there constantly ,
but know this,
that just like these star, they are nothing but phantom lights, 
They no longer exist.

But don't compare me to any of them,
for I am like the moon.
You may see me clearly at night But I am not a phantom light,
I am always here,
like the moon in early hours of the morning. 

As much as I like you learning and experiencing new things
Don't forget that I am back here on earth, 
I wanna let you know that, 
I miss you.

I miss your long black hair,
and how it stretches like the vastness of space.
Your face that shines like the morning sun.

I will be here,
stirring your favorite cup of hot cosmos,
with a few pieces of comets because I know you don't like it too hot. 

Waiting to hear your stories of adventure, and wanting to go back to them.

It may take lightyears for you to come back, but I will be patient.

I will be here, 

Waiting for your arrival.

This is a goodbye letter to a friend, a lover, or someone that you never had the chance to be friends with and stared at them from a distance.

— The End —