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Christian Hicks Jul 2018
You said I left you alone in the dark
But you were screaming with the lights on
You said you didn't know where we were
But you knew right from the start
That we would crash and burn
Like falling stars, we were crossed
We were the enemy of the night
But now we're lighting matches
To help guide us home
Christian Hicks Jul 2018
I want to jump in, swim in the river
That runs beneath your porcelain skin
I'll only come up for air
I promise, I'll fill your lungs
I'll be the medicine that you need
I want to pump through your veins
Like the drugs that you crave
I want to be there when
It all comes crashing down
Christian Hicks Jun 2018
That I saw the end coming
Was nothing more than a curse
I was helpless to to fix it all
Unable to make meaningful change
You opened dark, wanton doors
You knew you couldn't close
Picking instruments of torture
From the bodies you didn't resist

My objections were met with cruelty
You brought forth sick resolution
Consequences that needed no bearing
The only choice given to me to make
Was which poison I would swallow
With but a smile and tranquil eyes
It's true, I am the one who left you
But you are the one who left scars
Christian Hicks Jun 2018
To show that a part of you cared
When I fell apart at your knees
Was all that I ever asked for
But the contrast of other
Sickly bodies against yours
Was too alluring a thought
For your hungry, depraved mind
Christian Hicks Jun 2018
Tonight I can feel the winter in my bones
A calling yet for something I don't know
Her soothing voice resides in my wounds
A hollow resonance in the stillness
Against an angry sky, she weeps
For all that has been lost,
All that hides away in the depths of the dark
Until the bitterness of the morning light
Can show once again that I am still alive

— The End —