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Love Dec 2017
Lips as warm as the heat in summer,
Fingers as gentle as a breeze,
Voice like a roar of the ocean,
The essence of a getaway,
Rolled into a human.
  Dec 2017 Love
Pablo Neruda
Drunk as drunk on turpentine
From your open kisses,
Your wet body wedged
Between my wet body and the strake
Of our boat that is made of flowers,
Feasted, we guide it - our fingers
Like tallows adorned with yellow metal -
Over the sky's hot rim,
The day's last breath in our sails.

Pinned by the sun between solstice
And equinox, drowsy and tangled together
We drifted for months and woke
With the bitter taste of land on our lips,
Eyelids all sticky, and we longed for lime
And the sound of a rope
Lowering a bucket down its well. Then,
We came by night to the Fortunate Isles,
And lay like fish
Under the net of our kisses.
Love Dec 2017
You lie tangled up in me,
a beautiful sight to see,
you hold me close,
don't let me go.

Two lives intertwined,
finally lying side by side,
battles fought and won,
just to lie tangled with you.

Kisses when we wake,
hot breath on skin,
sweat dripping down,
diluted eyes on mine.

We know where we lie,
arms, legs, hands intertwined,
we're all we need,
tangled together, the promise we breathe.
Love Dec 2017
Your touch is warmth send from the above,
to a body that's cold and seven feet under the ground.
Love Nov 2017
"Why are you the one crying when I'm the one hurting?"

I didn't know.

But I knew there was a stab in my heart and it hurts. It bleeds red and physical pain would ease the ache, because physical wounds can heal but these don't. Knowledge of breaking promises, of promising to keep you safe, to save you from more scars but effectively scaring you again.

I wanted to say it all, to hug you and hold you. I'm so sorry.

But I saw the look in your eyes. I saw the same look mirrored back to me from my parents when I was younger, when I used to cry.

Training saves you, it teaches you how to survive.

So I did.

So I closed up. I forced the tears to stop because you're sick of it. I'm weak. I'm frustrating. I'm emotional.

I've heard it all before.

You didn't want lies so I told you part of the truth.

"I don't know."
I'm still sorry.
Love Nov 2017
Like a loaded gun,
there's a smile on his lips,
waiting to be released,
and when it bursts,
it's infectious.
Love Nov 2017
The more we talk about the past,
the more I realize we weren't an accident,
there were more hands at work,
when it came to bringing the two of us together,
and if the universe wanted us to be together,
there was no way we'd both be able to run from it.

Or well, there was no way you'd leave and never come back.
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