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joe perez Nov 2014
Why do we leave the womb?
Why do we go astray into depths unknown,Only to come back with a diffrent understanding
Of what you already knew
And isolate ourselves if all we seek is company
It is the knowledge the wind wispers just out of reach
So we misinterpret it all but ask yourself
If a theory is tought in an institution
Does it make it any truer?
Truth should be defined individually by what the heart feels
Not by the ideals of your peers
So the real question is 
 What do i find true?
Does one ever find the purpose in there existence
Or do wift like leaves in the wind
In a way we're all like waves
Taking of in a burst of fury
But as soon as we reach the shallows we fall
And crash against each other,
The only shure outcome is that we'll return from where we came
And all that remains is the calm.
joe perez Nov 2014
Your fallacies were let known
So as your walls crumbled so did your facade
and as looked through the rubble and dust,
I saw a child 
Its only possesion a golden whistle
This child stould for hours in the sun,
But no matter how much the whistle shone
  He was never found
And for the days that he attempted to be heard
  His s.o.s. was to no allure
And so i witnessed this bieng build a shelter of flesh,and once in he seldom came out
But the living become animalistic once enclosed
 And society does not take kindly to beasts.
joe perez Nov 2014
Tired of the sleepless nights
Thinking if my percieved reality is a
Of my desires
Or if we stand here flesh and bone
Paranoia making fresh wounds of the scars
From the last time i adored false idols
But the song of the siren drew me from the
And it fed me the nectar of its fruit
So her venom now flows through my veins
My every thought laced with the poison
whoms cure lies in the sirens cloak.
joe perez Nov 2014
Your glare weathered my coccoon
Leaving pores within my walls
So with each palpatation 
My thoughts bled out
i remain an empty shell till
U return the substance sustaining ur ego
And refrain from abusing my 
joe perez Nov 2014
Its dangerous to believe in the illusion
That is cast by your ego and altered by the masses
You buy the clothes and drive the cars
You sip the drink you **** the girl
But in all this 
Where are you?
When did you lose sight of your dreams
When did you stop learning about yourself and where is your happiness
Not the alcohol induced smile of consumed ignorance 
But A moment of genuine gratitude of life
Society has lost its heart, too afraid to feel again
So they masquerade as monsters
But i know these beasts well
And they also bleed when wounded
The stains will wash away 
but the metallic scent lingers
joe perez Nov 2014
Within creased paper lie binded souls
Firmly held within my clutch ,
Ideology hemorrhaging as non-opposables only bend so much.
Thirsty i reached for a swig of your cup 
Open palmed 
This vessel mishandled 
the contents soaked through bedrock
Its remains a drink for the decrepit.
joe perez Nov 2014
ive unearthed all my demons
They glare at me with no face
Those sins carried off with redemption
Shall my death come of your embrace?
            How will i go?
fiery eyed the tale unfolds
All these lies
Recurrent truths of who you once were
Reminiscing on the times we weren't a slumber
Now i remain outnumbered
Sitting on the edge looking down at the well
Asking my cigarette if i should go for a swim

— The End —