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  Jan 2015 Riley
Flowing down
hot and steamy
as you pound into
my skin to the
deepest level of
relaxation calming
ever pore you touch

You wash away
my pains and fears
with kisses placed
upon my mouth
and cheek and
make me forget everything
as you **** away my breath

You fit next
to my body filling
inn all the open
space as you lay
beside me with
your head on my
shoulder and eyes on mine
  Jan 2015 Riley
He was different
yet he was the same
as everyone else
in every way with
the looks and the
hair to the way
he thought and

She was the same
yet she was different
she tried not to fit
in with anyone she
pushed everyone away
she laughed at peoples
attempts to talk to

He got to her
he did talk to her
getting away with
saying things that
she’d **** others
for saying and doing
things no one else
could imagine doing
for her

She let him
she didn’t want
him to leave her
he made her smile
and laugh and stop
thinking about all the
bad things that could
ever trouble her and
she loved it
Riley Jan 2015
To have

My head on your chest

Beneath your comforting arms

My hand on your stomach 

Moving with the rhythm

Of your breathing

The silence being pierced
By your wonderful heart beating

Is truly

The best feeling
Of pure happiness

That I will ever experience
  Sep 2014 Riley
Jackeline Chacon
At morning I begin to feel
At night I begin to think
My heart starts to drown
My life starts to sink

I get images in my head
Confusion I cannot define
Jealousy ruining my life
Wanting you all mine

At morning I begin to think
At night I begin to feel
Are you really mine?
Is this fake or is this real?

I just don't understand
Why you could love me
A girl so deeply insecure
In a world of  jealousy
Riley Sep 2014
You left me
nothing but torn,
standing outside
in the raging storm.
I finally went
inside for shelter,
way deep down
hidden in the cellar.
I hid my face
and all of my fears,
I'm trapped inside
broken and in tears.
The daylight hurts
my narrow eyes,
the ones that leak
all of my cries.

Riley Sep 2014
The long winter months
passed by so slow.
You were falling out
without me to know.
Constant lies to
to get me by.
I used to think
i'd rather die.
Its funny how
she came along,
and everything I did
I was doing wrong.

Riley Sep 2014
My world has faded
to the color gray.
I shouldn't have
to feel this way.
My heart is broken
and I begin to cry.
These tears just
don't seem to dry.
My life seems to be
going down the drain,
and you obviously
don't see my pain.
My hopes and dreams
are long and gone,
what have I ever
done so wrong?
My world is fading
to the color of gray,
why must I
feel this way?

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