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Sep 19 · 300
two seeds (a love story)
we were planted in each other’s lives
for a reason
and ever since, our hearts
have been beating
I want to grow with you,
no matter the season

we are two seeds, independent
destined to grow into beautiful creatures
we are filled with love and harmony,
two plants growing into a romance,
tasting each other carefully.

you are the sun I need,
and I am the rain that waters your seed.
together we will bloom,
as we wear flowers as our costume.

we are two seeds, planted for each other
happiness is what we seek,
we are destined to love,
destined to suceed.

- gio
Sep 12 · 385
slowly falling
your strong shoulders make me feel safe,
I look into your eyes, admire your face
and slowly, I might be falling
for the way you hold me,
and the jokes you make.
I lay on your chest and rest
I listen to your heartbeat,
no time to be stressed.
and slowly, I might be falling
for the nights and our vibe,
it’s hard to describe
and I don‘t know where this is going
but baby, let‘s just keep it flowing.

- gio -
Jun 23 · 932
earth tones
she has these hazel-coloured eyes
with a tip of hope,
it‘s like visiting another universe,
dreaming through a telescope.

she carries mother earth in her iris,
but her element is fire

she stands strong through her roots
and is grounded in nature
oh dear, what a beautiful creature

she feels home
between palm trees and sunsets,
where the skies of the world align,
where they shine
in a warm orange light.
and trust me,
these green-coloured eyes
will set all your worries aside.

- gio
Jun 23 · 324
a dancer’s heart
a dancer’s heart
can not be ripped apart

it moves to the sound of a saxophone
a lovely noise of jazzy notes
that warms you like a winter coat

it swings to the melodies
and receives all these remedies

it carries the passion in every step,
moves slowly and feels holy

a dancer’s heart can’t fall apart
it’s filled with peace and joyfulness
it carries love and is sweet like a ****.
a dancer’s heart is a piece of art.

- gio
Jun 23 · 223
as I close my eyes I paint a picture.
it is you, again.
my pencils are filled with colour,
a perfect mixture

and it seems,
as if these shades
only exist in my dreams

I draw you, line by line
I play with the thought,
you might wanna be mine

I draw your skin,
you’re smiling eyes,
your chin

I draw the lips I’d like to kiss,
but what is this?

you’re not here,
not even close

and if you read this;
I am painting.
for you, 
I’m still waiting.

- gio
Jun 23 · 332
a seed.
there’s a seed I planted a while ago.
I have watered it every day,
some days more, some days less.

there have been heat waves and thunderstorms,
heavy rains and snow.
and as the seasons change,
the flower has become stronger,
it continues to grow.

and as I look at my roots today,
I realise I‘m no longer just a seed,
here I am, in full bloom, indeed.

- gio
Jun 23 · 226
sometimes I wonder why we met
and perhaps I will never find the answer,
I might never get to know.

seems like we’re two dancers
and although we have similarities,
our hearts don’t beat the same melodies.

so I still wonder why we met,
and yet,
there’s only one thing I’m sure of;
you’re hard to forget.

- gio
Feb 17 · 565
a letter to "the one"
hello dear,
I hope you’re on your way, 
hope you’re somewhere near.

I’m getting better, day by day,
and I just want you to know,
that I’m tired of waiting,
but I’m doing okay.

and I know that soon we will meet
and our souls will fall in love,  
so our life can be complete.

so dear, 
I hope you’re on your way, 
hope you’re somewhere near.

and if you’re currently working on yourself too,
you might be my man, my hubby, my boo.

so please don’t give up,
just keep moving.
I’m writing these lines,
because I know there is someone for me, too,
just like in the movies.

so let’s keep going,
keep growing
until the day we can water each other.

I’m searching for you, lover.

and I’m always excited,
while the story extends,
‚cause my favourite movies,
are the ones with happy ends.

- gio -
Nov 2020 · 3.9k
brown eyed lover
and I keep dreaming of a simple admirer,
someone of whom I will never tire,
gentle, kind and sweet like a toffee,
with eyes, made of coffee.

- gio
Nov 2020 · 892
I‘m never scared of losing you
because whenever I can‘t find you,
I just look into my chest,
I open up my heart
and there you are.
you‘ve got the key
to the most precious ***** I carry,
and some emotions might vary,
but my love for you has no limit.
and once you entered my heart,
you will forever stay in it.

- gio
Nov 2020 · 262
heart talk
yesterday I had a talk with my heart
the last few days have been hard
I tried to explain what was going on
what we will work upon
couldn’t put it into words
there are plenty of concerns
but it’s going to be okay
and the worries will go away
and if I choose to be my own lover
my heart and I, we will recover.

- gio
Nov 2020 · 336
wild flower
your DNA is wild
so please,
take care
of your inner child

you may pass some challenging phases
although people don’t want you
to grow in certain places

so grow through concrete
in the middle of the street
grow in a litter bin
grow from dirt
grow in different directions
grow with imperfections

because your roots are strong
and you aim up high
until you reach the sky

so grow in every angle you want to
because there’s a wildflower in you.

- gio
Nov 2020 · 671
inner storm
sometimes it’s not the world that is loud,
there’s no rain, no grey cloud,

sometimes it’s a storm inside of me,
where the wind is strong,
like a very cold breeze.

sometimes it’s the rain in my soul,
pouring emotions, telling me to let go,

sometimes it’s not the
outside world,
that is loud,
it’s my inner peace
that whirls around and
has been gathering war clouds

because sometimes
there’s too much stress,
to many thoughts, an excess

it’s not life’s best part
but sometimes
there’s a storm in my heart.

there are lightning’s, even thunder,
and I feel like I’m going under

but I better calm down,
there’s no need for me to drown.

I pick myself up, piece by piece
it’s not a fight without cease

there’s no need for preoccupation,
as long as I am, my own salvation.

- gio
Jun 2020 · 348
dancing with your ghost
the day you left,
you forgot to close the door

you didn’t say goodbye,
and you left my heart sore

I’ve kept on wondering
why, from you, I got no consideration,
why you had to leave me in devastation

first, it seemed obscure
but now I see, you’re just a boy
trying to grow up, so immature

and I might push other men away
because of the scars you’ve left on me
because I’m afraid that just like you, 

they will use my feelings to play

so, in order to give myself some closure
I’m going to close that door
and you might have won the battle,
but I have won the war.

- gio, 16.06.2020
Jun 2020 · 3.6k
I'm not black, but I see you
I'm not black, but I hear you
I'm not black, but I’m near you
I'm not black, but I stand with you

you are all a blessing
so let’s stop messing

let’s cut the silence
and cut the violence

our organs are the same
the blood types won’t change
but still, this is no fair game

I see too many privilege
depending on your village

we make huge difference
let’s prove your innocence,
cut the ignorance

we are all the same,
only different names

guided by authorities,
but let’s set priorities

of humanity?
I see 0 percent
we need to stand up,
be a movement

we are hating and killing
this is not okay,
this is not fulfilling

your worth is defined by a colour,
it’s worth only some dollars?

what the **** are they thinking?
these racists are winning

where are human rights?
they only count, if you’re white?

this only causes damage
in different ages,
on different pages

people get hurt
we should be concerned

the future is equal? ha! *******

how should today’s children,
be tomorrow’s change,
if we teach them rage

how to hate one another,
not to value your brother,
how to be violent,
how to be silent,
how to watch,
follow the system,
how to be a victim

but now for real,

it affects anybody
in America,
the cops have their hands ******

A.C.A.B. but not all are *******
there are some,
with really good standards

we should all be
on the same team,
make love our religion
that would be supreme

why fight each other
when we share a mother?

mother earth wouldn’t like all this hatred,
that we created

I don’t understand,
how can you be so mean?
how can we heal?
is there a vaccine?

I know life can be joyless,
so let’s raise our voices

let’s stay strong,
and be clever

let’s learn how to care,
how to love,
how to share

let’s be a game changer,
cut out the danger

make it safe for everyone
no need to use a gun

less violence, decrease
let’s be good, find peace

we come in different shapes, colours, sizes
now this problem finally arises

we need to find a cure
it’s urgent, I’m sure

bring some clarity,
embrace the difference,
cherish similarity

we are all human
let’s find a solution
create a revolution

more or less melanin?
doesn’t matter,
'cause we all need
the same medicine.

- gio 31.05.2020
with everything that's going on in America right now, I couldn't stay quiet. Let's not repeat our mistakes over and over again. We are all the same.

I understand, that I will never understand, however, I stand.

If you have a voice, then raise it.

Jun 2020 · 305
heart of rooms
you have been
catching my vibe
since day one
a life without you
is like the earth
with no sun

I know
what we have
is real
by not knowing
what we want or feel
we kinda made it
a big deal

imagine a heart
built of doors
you’ve got a
special place there
it is safe
and only yours

you dive in deeper
with every stare
room by room,
square by square

the private suite
is where I find you
you made your way
all the way through

your loving words
fill the room
you make me smile,
make me bloom

and this space?
you fill it with grace

and while you
sing me your songs
and I listen
to your lyrics
I realise,
that you,
are forever
my dearest.

- gio, 25.05.2020
Jun 2020 · 511
your loving arms
I wish I could lay in your loving arms
where I’m safe of all the storms
and on my lips, a smile forms.

- gio, 06.06.2020
Jun 2020 · 201
status quo?
maybe we should time travel
could be the way to win this battle

I won’t let you go
yet I don’t know status quo

I’m not sure of what I want,
not sure of what I need
but I know you won’t mislead

our paths were meant to cross
so here we are,
trying to read the map of a star

where will we end up?
well I don’t know
but I’m sure you meet my flow

I’m glad you’re here
glad you’re part of my days
so count me in, even if it rains

but as long as we’re together
the weather doesn’t matter

boy I love our equal energy
so don’t ever become just a memory

now I realise the infinity of an hour
because without you, life is sour.

- gio, 25.05.2020
May 2020 · 225
soul story
my soul feels at home
when you’re around
but how crazy must I sound?

I see a lot of signs
and I wonder,
why is your soul
so familiar to mine?

maybe we’ve already met
in another life, at another time
maybe that’s why, so hard, I try

I beg the universe to show me the path
I know how to count my blessings,
but I’m bad at maths

I tell my soul story
in an empty room, 
a huge auditory

I beg for a single listener
my thoughts made me a prisoner

I’m trapped in this journey
some days it might be stormy

but the beautiful moments,
the ones I capture
they are very much needed
for my manufacture

so I might be a work in progress
but I write these words off my chest,
I sit down and I confess

your soul is familiar to mine
I can’t ignore it nor decline

and I came to tell you
my soul story
even if you’re not
sitting in the auditory

because I’m not made of fear,
I’m full of glory.

- gio, 09.05.2020
May 2020 · 791
when two people are meant to be
we call that chemistry

and a single kiss
will leave them breathlessly

but some times in a laboratory
there is another story

so when two people are meant to be
they can also be like poison
there might be an explosion

so be careful when a kiss is breathtaking
your heart might still be aching.

- gio, 01.05.2020
May 2020 · 148
in vain
I was too real
now I need to heal

I exaggerated again
gave you love, in vain

and yet, my biggest burden
is to learn and accept
that I am the most important person

so before spreading all this love
I should put myself above

that’s why I made a pact
so I know for a fact
it’s me I have to protect

and I promised me
I would never again
give my love in vain.

gio, 01.05.2020
May 2020 · 152
happy end
goodbye my almost lover
guess we will never discover

discover what could have been
between us two
what we could have win
together, me and you

thought I could be your bae
still thinking about us
at the end of the day

I thought that if we vibe, we vibe
didn’t need words to describe

but I don’t understand
it turned out all different
as than I planned

so goodbye my almost lover
maybe one day we will recover

recover the days we’ve lost
the paths left uncrossed

because life is full of second chances
and I might get a happy end, romantic.

- gio, 01.05.2020
May 2020 · 310
come through
I have to be honest
thought you were flawless

turns out you’re not
and those imperfections
make you ******* hot

there’s no one like you
and it’s my heart I have to stick to

these other guys can’t bring me pleasure
for me, you’re the only real treasure

I have to be honest with me
it’s still you, all I see

so for peace at heart
I prefer falling apart

that’s my point of view
it’s better to crave your emotions
than knowing someone new

so baby, once you read this
and realize it’s about you
just come through.

- gio, 01.05.2020
Apr 2020 · 1.0k
only the moon knows
it’s already night
my room is full of light

as it’s coming from the moon
it will be gone by noon

I confess my emotions to the stars
they get lost in the dark
but the stars still spark

as I see the night sky
I sigh

wish you would be close
but my feelings, I suppose
are something only the moon knows

- gio, 12.04.2020
Apr 2020 · 308
the things I’d do to you
I would dance on your lap
take my clothes off, unwrap

make you go crazy
images; all hazy

so roll your eyes back
baby, relax

look at me and bite your lips
baby push me by my hips

you know what they say
about shy girls
let me guide you through
my curves

my body is your favourite view
meanwhile I talk ***** to you

good girl gone bad
I’m a freaky head
so put me to bed

let me turn you on
make love to you,
until dawn

this stare of yours
brings me to mars

baby boy what a shame
you didn’t meet my flame

can I give you a preview?
‘cause the things I‘d do to you
are long overdue.

- gio, 13.04.2020
Apr 2020 · 176
skin of caramel
you call me hottie
I know you’re naughty

kiss me once on my neck
and I’m yours in one sec

it’s your company I enjoy
where did you come from boy?

your kisses taste like fireworks
and in your eyes I see the universe

your skin of caramel
burns like hell

I’m a little concerned
never felt a touch that burned

but it’s alright
just hold me tight
we can do this all night

’cause my wish, my desire
is to set this place on fire

- gio, 12.04.2020
Apr 2020 · 164
the walls of my mind
can you leave, please?
I want to be alone and grieve

grieve for you
and the fact that
you don’t feel
the way I do

stop messing with me
I need some vitamin c

think I’m gonna pass out
you know what this is about

it could be a simple „sorry“
„can we start over
or write a new story?“

but this won’t happen
and if yes, in my dream
’cause we’re not even a team

I think about you every day
begging for a single replay

your name is written
on the walls of my mind
I can’t wipe it off
its like graffiti
and the paint is sticky

- gio, 10.04.2020
Apr 2020 · 167
be patient
and then again I hear them say
somebody will like you,
he’s on his way

but to wait for the right guy
is a lonely journey, can’t deny

and as the days go by
I look up in the sky

I tell myself to be patient
there’s no need to be racing

I’m longing for someone
a nice guy, can’t describe
somebody who will catch my vibe

I hope he’s coming
cause I need some real good loving

meanwhile I will do another rhyme
and just have trust in time

- gio, 12.04.2020
Apr 2020 · 255
as if I knew
I got this weird feeling about you, as if I knew
that one day you would be my boo

I chase other boys
to fill up the void
the empty space you left
as you began to ignore my text

I still crave you
do you want me too?

emotion against brain cell
is this heaven or hell?

feels like I’m stuck in between
I can’t escape what could have been

so I will just wait for you
maybe one day you’ill have it too
this weird feeling about me being your boo

- gio, 10.04.2020
Apr 2020 · 424
no time for hate
I got no time for hate
it’s a heavy weight

I actually could,
but it’s no good

and even if I don’t like you
I still wish you great
everyone has their fate

I’m too busy living my life
too happy to be alive

so you can leave,
there is the door
’cause I’m too busy loving the ones
my heart beats for.

- gio, 10.04.2020
Apr 2020 · 159
your loss
choose people who choose you
this is what I’m gonna do

reciprocal relationships
is what I’m looking for
don’t want to be hurt
and disappointed no more

expectations from wrong relations
I should be more patient

so you made your choice
and it wasn’t me
there was a lot of noise
inside of me

heart over mind;
it’s a problem
for mankind

could have given you the world, wow
but it’s okay,
I get it now

you don’t want to be loved by me
so I will go and set you free

but there is something
I want you to know

a truth that wants to glow
a fact I’m sure of
this right here
is your loss.

- gio, 09.04.2020
Apr 2020 · 231
we met in springtime.

while kissing my lips
with your sweet taste
of pollen,
you made me blossom
one more kiss from you
and I had fallen

but when my leaves began to wilt,
you left, free like a hummingbird.

and as my petals were tumbling down,
my beauty was fading away.
I cried so you would stay,
but our love was already
laying on the ground.

I saw you kissing a rose,
without ever cutting yourself on its thorns.

how stupid of me,
to think I was the only flower in your garden.
that’s when I knew for sure,
that I would no longer be your guardian.

that you would be the one dying in the next storms,
while I would be in he one with thorns.

- gio
Apr 2020 · 202
as paredes do coração
de tantas pessoas cinzas
que há no mundo
ninguém me tocou
de verdade, profundo

repentino aparece alguém
é você, meu bem

uma pessoa com boas energias,
que vai me trazer muitas alegrias

você é uma inspiração,
quero conhecer a cor
do seu coração

cada alguém carrega outras cores
elas crescem por dentro como flores

saiba que a pessoa colorida,
facilmente se tornará a sua
pessoa preferida

ela espalhará essa coloração,
pintará as paredes do seu coração

com cada beijo, cada abraço
delicadamente, traço a traço

e eu me encanto,
e amo tanto,
como ela pinta cada canto.

- gio, 10.04.2020
Apr 2020 · 145
you nourish relationships that don’t want to grow
maybe you should leave, you should just go

you put energy into so many people
that in reality sting you like a needle

they can’t give you anything in return,
nothing that sets your heart on fire
or makes it burn

and if you only would know
that those people don’t want to glow,

or at least not with you,
then maybe you should
adapt your crew

so stop watering death plants,
maybe you should just replant.

- gio, 10.04.2020
Apr 2020 · 348
my mother‘s perfume
as I walk through the house
there‘s this familiar scent
it’s always around me,
always present.

a sweet air fills my nose,
so lovely, it smells like a rose

a flower that reminds me of home,
a fragrance that makes me bloom.
I smile when I notice,
it‘s my mother’s perfume.

- gio, 28.03.2020
Apr 2020 · 733
right next to you
sometimes it’s right next to you
but you’re not having a clear view

you can be in the right place
and still feel like you’re loosing the race

but why do you rush? why do you hurry?
it makes all the images come out so blurry

take it easy, slow down a bit
it’s simple, yes I admit,
it will just make your mind split

now you’re counting pro and contra
trying to find your personal mantra

you are good thoughts and bad ones
you decide what energy your body runs

so slow down a bit
take a breath and don’t quit

happiness is right next to you,
so relax your mind and enjoy the view.

- gio, 03.04.2020
Apr 2020 · 156
saw you online again
wish it could be plain

I tried to escape the society we live in, promise
tried to show you I like you, be honest

I could send you a message
but don‘t won‘t to seem obsessive

I‘m afraid of being rejected
it’s so sad we disconnected

these days we have to be as cold as ice
semms like we don‘t even try to be nice

you have to keep yourself busy
to stay attractive
*******. how can I be interactive?

to show that you care means you’re weak
if you do, you’re going to be antique

nowadays true feelings are overrated
or maybe they’ve even been confiscated

- gio, 03.04.2020
Apr 2020 · 761
to two strong ladies
I know two strong ladies
wish I could see them daily

they are brave and smart
where do I even start?

sometimes life gives them trouble
and they just smile back double

I want to be there for them
celebrate their victories
and heal them after injuries

gratitude and happiness
is what I feel when we come together
an amazing friendship, what a pleasure

with those two strong ladies I know
I keep shining, I grow

I wish life won’t tear us apart
because our friendship warms my heart

- gio, 30.03.2020
Apr 2020 · 179
before I sleep
before I sleep
I think of you
what are you going through?
how is life treating you?

before I sleep
I remember us
I’m laying on your chest
you could be the guy
I’m gonna marry

before I sleep
my mind is filled
with thoughts of you
I’m feeling thrilled

before I sleep
I wear a smile
I beg you, 
please stay a while

before I sleep
I‘m overflowing with love
and as I close my eyes
it‘s you I dream of.

- gio, 02.04.2020
Mar 2020 · 325
the way you called me baby
I still remember our first date
we talked for hours, it was great

I still remember your cute smile
now I haven’t seen it for a while

I still remember your silly jokes
they made me wrinkle my nose

I still remember our first kiss
those soft lips I already miss

I still remember your hands in mine
and how you kissed me down my spine

I still remember the way you called me baby
your eyes looking at me like I am your lady

- gio, 31.03.2020
Mar 2020 · 239
still on my mind
you‘re still on my mind
and maybe this idea of love makes me blind

I guess, for you, I really fell
your name is the only one I can spell

still remember your smell
hoping you’re doing well

so if you’re reading this,
can’t you get me a kiss?
wait, what do you mean
“you’re not the girl I miss“?

you’re still on my mind
should I really leave it behind?

you could at least come back
and explain what made us crack

or we could start over,
maybe get a lil’ closer

because hope is the last to die
and I don’t want to say goodbye

- gio, 22.03.2020
Mar 2020 · 233
dear soulmate
dear soulmate, please hurry up
how many men have to ruin my makeup,
until you finally find your way to me,
so that I can be free?

free of suffering, free of heartbreaks
tell me how many days it takes

or is it years?
a billion tears?

dear soulmate, please hurry up
how many times do I have to stand up,
after falling to the ground,
where my heart full of scars has been found?

dear soulmate, please hurry
for I, no longer have to worry

my desire is to heal
so tell me, how many weeks does it take until you reveal,
until you show your true face to me,
so that we both can be free?

and how much time will I spend,
waiting for amor to send
an emotion that is true,
so I can live forever loving you?

- gio, 27.03.2020
Mar 2020 · 213
a chave
no início você me beijava tão suave
para abrir esse portão só você tinha a chave

e mesmo possuindo o meu coração
você fez eu perder a respiração

não estou falando de alegria

várias vezes foi você quem me magoou
até que a chave se quebrou

eu parei de me iludir
a única coisa que eu quero agora é fugir

e saiba que a porta do meu coração
para você nunca mais irá se abrir

- gio, 2018

Mar 2020 · 149
o portão da alma
quando o teu olhar caiu no meu,
me encontrei de novo em outro céu.

descobri o portão da alma
e toquei teu coração com calma.

nos teus olhos eu me perdi
e me apaixonei pelo que vi.

apreciei estas cores,
para quais não existem nomes.

nem nos meus sonhos achei estes tons.

e naquele segundo,
estava olhando nos olhos
mais lindos do mundo.

- gio, 23.07.2017
Mar 2020 · 323
coffee brown eyes
through your coffee brown eyes
I forget how time flies

kissing your soft rosy lips
feels like a lunar eclipse

put your hands around my hips
‘cause I enjoy your gentle finger tips

your strong shoulders hold me tight
it’s where I feel home, where I’m alright

so stay with me for a while
‘cause I like your charming smile

and I forget how time flies
while I look into your coffee brown eyes.

- gio, 26.03.2020
Mar 2020 · 310
estrela do mar
seu cabelo sempre cheiroso

seu jeito tão charmoso 

carinhosa e corajosa

ela ama o oceano 
e sonha com golfinhos 

os beijos dela são suaves 
e cheios de carinho 

mulher forte e linda

no meu coração sempre bem-vinda

quero te ver bem de saúde
ser sua filha me enche de gratitude 

cada detalhe seu tão delicado como 
uma estrela do mar

hoje eu quero te agradar e prometo para sempre te amar.

- gio, 10.12.2018
Mar 2020 · 2.1k
too much for you
I’m sorry boo,
maybe I’m too much for you.

my mind keeps thinking too much
and you’re afraid of my touch

I’m too heavy, too intense
or maybe you’re too weak, no offense

I’m too smart, too elegant
don’t want to sound arrogant

I’m too emotional, too loud
and hell yes, I’m ******* proud

too this, too that
I don’t want to chitchat

so I’m sorry boo,
but maybe I’m just too much for you.

- gio, 22.03.2020
Mar 2020 · 189
like every petal
everyone is fighting a battle.

individuals, all made of metal
still, they are soft and breakable
everyone has a spot where pain leaks
mostly it happens when truth speaks
don’t mix it up with weakness
the word I’m searching for is uniqueness

everyone is fighting a different battle.
sometimes it makes us feel like metal
we are hard, and still so soft
just like a tulip, like every petal

- gio, 01.03.2019
Mar 2020 · 509
dia das mães
Eu te amo com todo meu coração, 
você simplesmente é uma benção.

Obrigada por tudo que você me deu
e que sempre me entendeu.

Obrigada por tudo que você me ensinou,
por tudo que você me mostrou.

Obrigada por sempre estar ao meu lado, 
e por nunca me deixar abandonado(a).

Obrigada pelo carinho e pela companhia neste caminho.

Obrigada por secar minhas lágrimas e depois de cada chorinho, 
deixar tudo de novo certinho.

Obrigada pelo seu amor que enche o meu coração de cor.

Obrigada por segurar a minha mão
e também cuidar do meu irmão.

Obrigada por me abraçar, me beijar e me cuidar.
Você me mostrou o que significa “amar”.

Obrigada pelas brigas.
Elas me disseram que apesar de tudo somos amigas.

Em dias nublados você precisou lutar,
mas depois da tempestade o sol sempre voltou a brilhar.

Obrigada pela sua coragem e seu esforço durante esta viagem.
Já notou que isso é uma homenagem?

Obrigada por ser você, por ser linda, maravilhosa, inteligente e forte
Tenho uma mãe fantástica e já nasci com sorte!

Dizem que não há amor maior do que o amor de uma mãe, e é verdade.
mas esqueceram que uma filha pelo amor da mãe cresce em paz, gratidão e liberdade.

Não existe pessoa que merece mais estas minhas palavras do que você.

Hoje sou uma mulher jovem, bonita e inteligente.
mas o que disso tudo eu seria sem você presente?
Pois tudo que eu sou, eu devo a você.

Obrigada mamãe.  

- gio, 13.05.2018
Mar 2020 · 86
Somos melancias.
Algumas são grandes outras pequenas.
Tem aquelas que são mais amargas e outras mais doces.
Algumas já caíram no chão e estão machucadas. Outras sempre foram tratadas com delicadeza.
Tem aquelas que estão prontas, outras que ainda não estão maduras.
Somos melancias, de várias cores, tipos e sabores.
Cada uma um pouco diferente, pois cada uma bonita.
Estamos em um caminhão. Estamos viajando.
O caminhão anda e anda.
As vezes mais rápido, as vezes mais devagar. Ele passa por cima de morros, pontes e rios. Por tempos quentes e tempos frios.
Durante esta viagem cada melancia troca de lugar. Ela muda de forma, muda de cor, muda de sabor.
Pelo caminho tudo vai se ajeitando e ao chegar no destino, cada melancia achou o seu lugar.
Um pouco como na vida: Somos melancias e estamos aqui para navegar.  

- gio, 06.07.2019
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