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She's my SIS
she is everything that i'm not
still we are in some ways alike

I hate how all those years passed where we barely spoke
we live in the same house but its like each one was alone

Sometimes even if we would talk it was to say something mean
so many things i regret i wish i could repeat those scenes

I know every brother and sister have their fights
but i still remember when you were afraid to sleep alone at night
We used to share the same room until i turned 14
Dont get me wrong
we had alot of fun memories
but as we got older we grew apart

i know its not your fault
its probably mine
i wasnt there for you almost all the time
you probably wont read this but its good to say how i feel
i dont talk much so this is my only relief

i never was a good Bro
i just want to hug you and never let go

I love you <3

Words Of Harfouchism
My one and only sis!
Blazing the pain
Waiting for the rain
Danger lies inside
Weird scenes in my mind

Burning desires in my brain
Riding the lysergic train
In the dark stuck in a maze
Wild girls lost in the haze

Children of the light
Waiting for the sun

Sweet child is born

The child is the dawn

Memories fade away
Strange land
Summer dance
Lucid dreams

We Are All Insane

Words Of Harfouchism
It hurts to set you free 
But you'll never follow me 
The end of laughter and soft lies 
The end of nights we tried to die 

This is the end

The End - The Doors
Give us lust
Give us bliss
Set us free
Play the music
For you and for me
Look to the stars
Follow me
Follow the line
Kiss me twice
We've been wasting time
Love me slowly
Kiss me again before you go
We will meet again
The world's insane

Are we alive?
Is this real?
Or is it just a dream?

Words Of Harfouchism
If you make me beg for it
I will make sure
You will be begging me to stop.
Handle me gently.
Mull it over in your mind
Until you find the words that match your intentions.
Say them quietly
So only I can hear.
Don't speak harshly.
Don't leave me hanging.
Don't blend into the background.
A word spoken is a word meant
So say what you mean
Because I meant what I said
And I'll say it again.
I love you times one million.
All my bad decisions were worth it
If my one right decision was you.
Im feelin low today
Not bound nor locked away

I just feel confused in my head
I just feel the urge to make you pay

Why must it be this way?
Why is it me to blame?

I like my life insane
Does it make me not okay?

When i feel this pain
I wrap myself within my brain
This place inside my mind
Where i like to hide
Where you become blind

Where i offer a sacrifice
Where i feel the peace
Where theres no need to bleed

Been bleeding way too long
I wanna show them your love
Leaving you seems so strange
I hate how the times change
Can you see into my soul?
Just show me where to go

Soon i ll be gone
These feelings will be gone...

Words Of Harfouchism
It might not make sense to you..
We are all connected i know that for sure.
Yet it seems that no body wants to believe that this is the truth.

Your joy, your pain we all feel the same.
Your wishes, your dreams they're like mine. Believe.

Though everyone is in a special way unique
Thats doesnt give you the right to feel superior over me

We are all alive
We are born to love
How did we got so distracted from this cause?
Love one another and spread joy
Help each other
Dont let anyone get you low
Put a smile on people's faces and feel the smile drawn in your soul

Magic is surronding all beings
All we have to do is see it

We all have problems but what does it mean?
We are all living and thats the important thing

We are here to grow and evolve
So we can finally shift to the next world

Its time for our conciousness to develop to its next level

So if you're reading this be open, be kind and remove the bad vibe
Free your mind
Free your soul
We are all divine
Feel the energy flow..

Words Of Harfouchism
Love & Peace
Don’t make me sad, don’t make me cry
Sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough
I don’t know why
Keep making me laugh
Let’s go get high
The road is long, we carry on
Try to have fun in the meantime
Not mine. Its a song by lana del rey
They tell me "Don't be bitter,"
"Cuz son we were the victors!"
But still my anger simmers,
I just can't find the cause.

Can't ever close my eyelids,
All I'll see is violence,
and many good men dying,
When will these nightmares stop?

Back home, there's no hope there,
The people do not care,
they all just stop and stare,
My soul's forever gone.
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