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Niel Nov 2020
Don’t listen
And not to be contrary
But so that you can really hear
Because when we focus on listening
Drastic distortion
Valour’s whip
The strain confounds aurally
Open up to the forms
Waving in and out
Learn to be and you’ll see , hear , all that
Crisp and tender
In the lower jaw, throatish area
Kind of lysergic, if y’ve been there
But really,
                     really learn to listen
          Get blown away
Jonathan Surname Aug 2018
For some reason I felt compelled to share with others, strangers I guess, I never met them.
Strangers then. Compelled to share with them you. To prove to people who never knew us that I loved you. That we were lovers.
I wonder if I harp on that word too often. Bet I do.

I do.

I connected the misery of your loss into The Antlers - Hospice.
In some cowardly preoccupation with signaling the virtues of  a luminous man I pretended in due process. Much of me as you must understand.

You were a woman and a girl.
And I forced myself under to suffer in some actual mourning.
So a world built on my word.
My hands need rest.
My mind needs rest.
I want to stop.

I'd swallow a breathful of Plath-itudes.
If it'd quieten the lore of some rolling hill of you.
Somewhere scrawled in a red oak desk,
Borders and plyings a mess.

I likened you to a spectre.
For a literal in lieu

Why can't I let up off myself.
Why won't I accept love.

You are the woman protagonist in a fiction
And only your performance merits applause.
listened to The Antlers - Hospice while on LSD
and wrote this poem about a darling woman i abused
and lost
Graham C Gibbs May 2015
Lucy is so electric
Her skin is paper perforated dripping with her liquid blood
Her love is like the world hard and true
Deep black eyes and lips are plumes of color that bleed through themselves and back again
She is restless in my skin and pulses through my flushing face
Smiling and connecting all things
When I kiss her
It all melts
I can't see and can't spell
I can't tell time
And I'm okay with dying
Harley Hucof Oct 2014
Blazing the pain
Waiting for the rain
Danger lies inside
Weird scenes in my mind

Burning desires in my brain
Riding the lysergic train
In the dark stuck in a maze
Wild girls lost in the haze

Children of the light
Waiting for the sun

Sweet child is born

The child is the dawn

Memories fade away
Strange land
Summer dance
Lucid dreams

We Are All Insane

Words Of Harfouchism
It hurts to set you free 
But you'll never follow me 
The end of laughter and soft lies 
The end of nights we tried to die 

This is the end

The End - The Doors

— The End —