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ktle Dec 2019
I’m always trying to outrun the demons.
They take the form of you leaving
And they keep me awake by whispering
About a future without you.

But sometimes I wonder what would happen
If we ever outrun them.

Maybe one day,
I will wake up to the sunshine peeking through
My sheer, white curtains on a saturday morning
And the weight I carry will no longer be
The possibilities of you leaving
But the weight of your arm resting across my body.

Maybe one morning,
I’ll be lucky enough to be the one who awakens
Next to your sleeping face
And I’ll watch as the sun tickles your skin
And your eyelids flutter as you rest.

Maybe I’ll be able to reach out and run my fingers
Along the side of your face and when you
Don’t disappear before my eyes,
I’ll take in a shaking breath of disbelief
That we actually made it.

to the futures I dream of.
to the hope that you are the one.
ktle Nov 2019
Once more.

Press your lips against mine
And let us allow time to take a rest
As the reds and greens of the traffic lights
Caress our cheeks while we pass silently in the night.
I’ll let you take my hand in one of yours
And I’ll let you hold my heart in the other.
Breathless. Light. Euphoric.
I am drowning in the taste of you.

And I can't help but find myself
Eagerly waiting for a once more.
thoughts on a kiss
ktle Nov 2019
I won’t ask you to buy me roses
Or pay for my meals.
I don’t ask that you only look my way
Even if I’m only looking yours.
No need to sing me to sleep
Or kiss me in the morning.

But I will choose to
Climb to the treetops
So I can reach out and
collect the stars for you—
Take them all, they glow more in your arms.
Don’t fret my problems
I didn’t fall in love you to have you share
The weight of my anxieties and insecurities.
You can even leave.
If you told me you wanted something more
Than the stars that I pick for you,
I would climb towards the night sky once more,
Pick out the finest in the sky,
And place them into the palm of your hands
Hoping that I can leave you with something
That you can take with you before you leave.

I love you so much that I would never burden you
With my cries asking you to stay.
I will love you in my silence hoping
That you can walk straight with the weight
Of what you never had to carry.
And even if I am one day left in the darkness
Of my starless sky,
I will still love you in all my emptiness.
So for now, all I ask is
Please, let me love you now.
to the boy i love
ktle Sep 2019
Bring it back.
Return to me the time I spent with you on my mind.
Gather up the seconds I spent with you,
Go back to find the laughter,
The stolen glances, and
The feelings we shared.
No need to wrap or tie them neatly,
Just bring them back.

Let me hold them in my hands one last time
Before I toss them to the flames.
Before I loosen my grasp
And let the poetry I wrote for you
Be carried away by the winds.

Let me look at you one more time.
Let me smile at you one more time.
Let you see the love for you in my eyes
Once more. No more.
I will turn my back to you leaving ashes and scattered poetry.
You will watch me leave before turning your way as well.

And with our futures in our hands,
And our paths clear of each other,
Let us run so fast that we have no time to look back.
here's to our new future
ktle Sep 2019
you make me wish
i could stretch the seconds flat
so that my time with you can last forever.

we don’t know if we’ll still
hold each other close every morning
or have each other to lean on
years from now.

a year
a second

we might last forever
or we might become memories we ponder
when we reach a forever without each other.

but i will try
i will try to grasp your hand
as tightly as i can
as we approach the time ahead.

and even though we might not have a lifetime,
let us try to make it through what time has in store.
and if we don’t end  together
i pray that we can still glance at each other
from miles apart and still smile
at something that made
us dream about the slightest possibility
of a forever.
even if you’re not the one, i’m glad you’re here now
ktle Aug 2019
I remember the days.
The days when being with you was a habit
And not a distant memory.
I remember being a part of your happiness
And you being a part of mine.

But then you went and left me.

You took my trust
And threw it to the flames.
I gave you my empathy
But you gave me no sympathy
When you cut me with the glass from a mirror.
A mirror
That once reflected our friendship
And the love I had for you.

Yet I still carried my brokenness to your side.

I gave you the last piece of the love that I had for you.
I willingly carried all the hate you had
Hoping that I can somehow help carry the weight of your burdens.
And after,
I held out a shaking hand, hoping we could return
To the days when we were okay.
You didn’t take it,
You pushed me away.

So now I will leave.

I will no longer dwell on the days
When you meant something to me.
I will never look back with sadness—
You have deprived me of everything I ever felt for you.
I will leave the pieces of me you took and broke apart,
I don’t want them anymore.
I won’t wonder how you are,
Why you hurt me,
Or what could’ve been.

I have left you
And you have lost me.
ktle Jul 2019
I love the silence with you.
When our minds don’t think
And our hands start to
Gracefully and slowly
Gravitate towards each other
Only to stop an inch apart,
Craving touch
Too much
To shy away.
Then our hands meet
And the slight touch
Sends a shock through my bones.
And just when i thought that was as far
As our courage could take us,
You hold my hand in yours and
I feel my soul drown in euphoria
And I would rather find myself breathless
Again and again
Than to ever let go.
put fear aside and allow yourself to be vulnerable
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