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 Feb 14 Danica
I tried to forget

Does my longing
not reach you?

who abandoned my trembling hands,
it is my dreams you will not leave

But tell me,
is there a cure for longing?
 Jun 2020 Danica
you inhale tragedies
and exhale poetry
From where do you get your perseverance?
 Jun 2020 Danica
Shofi Ahmed
Wounded by one
same stone
crying in many tones!
 Jun 2020 Danica
Left Foot Poet
If she didn't color her hair,
what color would it be,
I ask,
making early morning holiday
bed talk

Gray, she replies

disputation, I say,
for I see yet much
brune underneath,
nary a single hairy grayling

smiling with affection,
she salutates:

appearances of a changeling,
I am or always be,

like one of your new poems,
using old words for new colors,
my rainbow always ends,

decorating our bed
I would love to find the perfect answer
even though nothing is really perfect.

(Not really a poem)
Without repost
You can’t spell presto
Reposts are magical
 Jun 2020 Danica
Blue skies sunny day
A yummy carrot cupcake
Taste just like heaven

My son gf makes the most amazing cakes she made me and my family some delicious carrot cupcakes I ate two lol so nice x anyway growing up anything that tasted delicious we always use this saying and still do today  ‘Taste just like heaven’ and with the weather being so sunny made me think of this one  ** 🧁🧁
Looking into your eyes
Everything falls into the right places

Holding your hands
Everything now seems perfect

You by my side always
Was all the protection I needed

a felling I would never forget
But now they are all memories
When I think of you all i can do is cry
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