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 Jan 2016 Carla Michelle
 Jan 2016 Carla Michelle
I am glad I lived to love you.
 Jan 2016 Carla Michelle
She can cut diamonds.

There will always be
Some hard elements
Scattered along the way
But she will be at it
Because she can cut diamonds.
This is the write-up I submitted for my Med School yearbook.
 Sep 2015 Carla Michelle
 Sep 2015 Carla Michelle
There's something about dark mornings,
That make kissing so exquisite,
and how my hands reach for your curves,
Like you are air,
and my lungs are starved of it,
I can't wait to touch you,
Breathe life into your neck,
and watch your legs part,
Because you can't resist,
How much I love you
How much I need you,
Because you can't resist,
Being **Mine
 Jul 2015 Carla Michelle
in the process of trying to fall in love with you
because i believed i needed to
i fell for someone else instead
i fell so effortlessly
i didn't even notice it
until you pointed out
that i've been smiling
more so than i ever had around you
no, not until
i had to chide myself
every time
i compared you two
tonight i drowned out the silence with the sound of your voice
i watched your hands touch the darkness & turn it into light
i felt your eyes burn holes down the curve of my spine
i tasted years of sadness in the warmth of your mouth
i felt love move inside me when your skin touched mine
please love,
don't ever stop
making me,
 Jun 2015 Carla Michelle
I fell in love with his mind
Even though it was not romantic
But rather raw and unforgiving
There was nothing sweet in his eyes
Or in the way he looked at me
They weren't filled with honey
But with something rather deep
That kind of resembled whiskey
I could never decide
If it was god on his lips
Or the devil in his smile
I just know I craved it
His fingertips across my skin
His lips against my neck
And the heart shaped bruises
He left there
Were almost a toxic combination
Like raging fire
Only non consuming

But rather devouring
I can't get over you*
      But I hate you.
  You hardly come around.
I used to date you when your time frame was more abrupt
    You'd show up with a kiss and a hug
  Give me the gift of love
With no glove on, just pure touch
      Pushing your button and gripping you tight
   We used to get by
You'd always take me back
  For the very last time
Stuck between whether it's wrong or its right
     Being this naked
We'd always fight and when it was amazing, even they loved it.
       From cover to cover, our bed was made up and it read like this:
"Here lies Poetry and her Poet, God rest their souls on crumpled paper"*
      If we make it
And our love is a mainstream instrumental, will you come back and talk to me or will you choke me on your lies,
All your promises meeting their demise in a pair of telling deceitful eyes that I couldn't draw
    The paper might rip in these hands made of straw
      But the years will drag on with me gripping two halves beyond repair trying to grasp the reality of your infidelity
 Jun 2015 Carla Michelle
I met a boy who's shy
as a fox. He has hair thick
as it's fur. Eyes big ,
round and glow. I met a
boy who's free and wild
like the untamed wolves
who roam around the woods
in the silver moonlight. He's
the boy I love. The boy that
i saved from shapeshifting
in the dead of night. One kiss
before midnight stopped his
body from aching and shaking.
It stopped his bones from
cracking and breaking. One
kiss was all it took to cure his
curse. But he will always remain
my little wolf boy. The boy I
met when I was wondering lost
in the dark. The boy i touched
before he shifted into the
creatures of the night who
hunt for prey and mark their
territories with their paws
and claws* ~
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