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Carolin Feb 2017
I feel numb and cold. I
feel isolated and bored.
My hands have sinned
again. This body is no
longer holy without you
by its side. Without your
hands caressing my
arms and thighs.

I painted a map on the
wall. Planned to build a
raft to float across the
ocean hoping to land
on your shores.

I can't sleep alone
anymore. I have to
move next to you. I
forgot what is it like to
feel. Lost my appetitive
and will to survive. I
need you badly in my
bed sheets tonight. I
stained the walls
with geography.

Paint splattered on my
shirt. And now I'm left
with nothing to do but
to write you a love note
and head out to build
that boat.

I'll be kicking these
waves soon. By dawn
i'll be wrapped up in
your arms. And we'll
be kissing again under
the moon light. But now ,
i have these feral
waves to
fight ~
Carolin Feb 2017
I wanted suicide. My eyes
could tell about my living
hell. But letting go of all the
ugly and hurt was the key of
ending it all. Holding onto
beautiful things was the
only way to survive.

Holding onto love had me
living my life. Happy and
free it made me. My heart
felt what it was craving for
all along. It wanted to be
caressed and  adored.
My heart never asked
for more ~
Carolin Feb 2017
Dear readers , its that time
again for me to talk to you
and explain. I write from the
core of my heart. I write
because he exists from the
start. Its hard to weave all
these emotions under your
skin. Its hard to love in
silence because to others
your love might seem
as sin.

Dear readers , the heart
wants what it wants. No
culture or religion or God
can put a stop. We as living
human beings were created
from the same star dust.
Therefore setting no rules
for love should be a must.

Dear readers , love is a
mixture of pure emotions.
It's not just about being
***** and craving lust. It's
about that spark that's set
in the depths of your souls.
Its about that energy thats
created when we kiss and
touch. Its sacred and

Dear readers , don't
complicate love. Its a
blessing from the heavens
above. The best gift we
could ever have. Feel it ,
adore it , obsess it , hold
it. Plant it in your souls ,
plant it where ever you
go. Dear readers please
don't deny this and say
no. Carry love with you
on every road you
go ~
Carolin Feb 2017
He said I love you and
her clothes fell off. He
kissed her and their
tongues twisted and
twirled. His love took
her to another world.
Hand in hand they
fought the dark. He
stopped the blood that
was falling from her
cuts by patching them
up with flowers and
the petals blushed
as they witnessed
their endless
love ~
Carolin Feb 2017
Be the songs in my mind
when I feel down instead
of high. Be the blood that
flows in the marrow of my
bones. Lift up my chin when I
stoop down low. Soothe
my aches , because I can't
do this on my own. Cut
wide my skin and crawl
from within. Carry me over
these tides before they
drown me alive. Keep my
boat afloat before I turn
over and capsize. Save me
from the monster growing
inside. Patch my wounds
with leaves and twigs.
Mend my heart with a hug
and a kiss. Don't leave me
alone in the forest like this.
Save me now before the
wolves come out of their
dens and eat my pulsing
flesh one bite at
a time ~
Carolin Feb 2017
On a darkened night I
remember how you
found me. In dim lights
you found my shine.
With a whisper and a
kiss you set my soul
on fire. In less than
twenty four hours
you taught me what
lust and desire felt
like. You taught me
how to moan
and howl ~
Carolin Feb 2017
They said I could be
whatever I wanted to be.
So I decided to be a
poetess. I decided to be
wild and free. I broke out
of my skin. Dressed my
self up with my papers
and pen. Broke my walls
and burnt my bridges ,
stepped on my past and
took out my stitches. I
became a soul drenched
in chaos and raw emotions.
I became madly in love
with a man who became
my religion and god. With
a man who became
everything I've believed
in. I became madly in
love with a man who
washed me from sin
and made me holy
again the minute he
touched my back
and chest. The
minute he kissed
my lips and
hips ~
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