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Batool Feb 2016
Five years of
studying and learning
how to save
a life and
How to ease their pain

Five years of
endless laughter
silly smiles
and golden friendship

Five years of
wandering soul
trying to find

Five years of
building self
just being me

Five years of
ends ...
pc Jan 2016
She can cut diamonds.

There will always be
Some hard elements
Scattered along the way
But she will be at it
Because she can cut diamonds.
This is the write-up I submitted for my Med School yearbook.
Camila Jul 2013
Hour 20:
The white walls soffocating me,
I'm a walking zombie
and a hero wannabe.

The background sounds
beep, beep, beep
and I just wanna sleep.

I have a worried mother
whose child has fever,
and a not-so-hurt drunk driver
that tonight became a killer.

A 40 year old that's been coughing a few days
and thought of coming to the ER at 4am
because, hey, they are probably not so busy anyways.

I like my job,
and I love saving lives,
but God knows I have to put in order mine.

A heart has stopped in bed number nine,
chest compressions and meds don't make it beat,
I don't want to, but I gotta call it.

A teenager needs stitches,
she's making a mess,
apparently her scar is more important than anyone else.

A few more hours and I can go home,
time is passing slowly.
*Hey, look! There is the sun!

— The End —