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Danna Jan 2019
Is this more than you bargained for?
Was I too much of an explosion?
Too risky an adventure?

You should have known
I would be too much
For your weak hands to handle

I have an entire universe within me

Warm summer days
A serene ocean breeze
And stunning sunsets

But I also carry

The weight of the night
The loneliness of the moon
And the ache of a storm

What I'm saying is

I hold the beauty
And I'm worth the chaos

You're just too small for it
Danna Aug 2017
Someday when you wake up
My memory will be so overwhelming
That you will feel me everywhere

In your morning cup of coffee
As you´re stuck in the oncoming traffic
Wandering through empty streets
And in the bruises I left under your skin

You will realize
How much you miss my lips
And my eyes will haunt your dreams

The emptiness inside of you
Will be suffocating
And you will feel the hands of my ghost
Around your neck
Danna Aug 2017
I want to be
The holy sin
Across your unmade bed
Tangled sheets,
Under hidden skies

Forbidden moments of synchronicity
Exchanged between us
And your heaven-like lips

A devilish prayer
With god in our moans

*While your hands say **** religion
Danna Jul 2017
There are hidden worlds
Inside the cosmos of your existence
And I've fallen in love
With each and every one

I saw them,
Inside the constellations of your eyes
I felt them,
On the taste of your lips
It was like waging war on heaven

I swear the back of a car
Had never felt so poetic
You made it feel
As if sunlight were kissing my neck
While the night grabbed my waist

*And the moonlight sang to us
Danna Jul 2017
You always think you are over it, until you see him again, with another girl in his arms. And you're brought back to every time he said "I love you" and to the day he said "Maybe we're better off without". Accompanied by the feeling of never being good enough and always trying too hard.
  Jul 2017 Danna
now we're in the backseat,
and my stomachs turning.
maybe i just want people in my life
in an un-romantic way.
i like to get under their skin,
and steal their souls story.
i love how everyone is different,
and i can't hate a single thing,
because it makes them human;
the girls who steal bikes at midnight,
and the guys who offer their apartment
out at night.
i find myself in the wrong crowd,
i find myself in these situations,
in the backseat,
with someone who's speaks a
language far from consent
and it's all desperation.
his hands on my neck,
and there's no attraction,
mentally he has a way of making
my head spin faster than the
and i'm not sure if i'm
kissing him sober,
or if the night itself is drunk,
and i'm waiting for the sun to shine
a light on my mistakes,
as it always does.
i take their stories, they take mine,
but i'm not sure what part of it's true.
the girl in the backseat,
the girl shaking,
the rigid lips and bites.
maybe we won't speak,
maybe he'll lecture me again,
for using my body as a token
to pay my way.
love is an expensive thing.
© copyright
Danna Jun 2015
I fell in love with his mind
Even though it was not romantic
But rather raw and unforgiving
There was nothing sweet in his eyes
Or in the way he looked at me
They weren't filled with honey
But with something rather deep
That kind of resembled whiskey
I could never decide
If it was god on his lips
Or the devil in his smile
I just know I craved it
His fingertips across my skin
His lips against my neck
And the heart shaped bruises
He left there
Were almost a toxic combination
Like raging fire
Only non consuming

But rather devouring
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